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Barraza, Leila F.   Public Health Law Joint Uofa Acsess
office phone: 480/727-2091   email address: leila.barraza@asu.edu

Collmer, Veda   Research Professional Fsc
office phone: 480/965-9741   email address: veda.collmer@asu.edu

Hodge Jr., James G.   Professor of Law
office phone: 480/727-8576   building/room: 686
email address: james.hodge.1@asu.edu

Morcelle, Madeline   Research Scholar (Fsc)
email address: madeline.morcelle@asu.edu

Rees, Clifford   Research Professional Fsc
email address: clifford.rees@asu.edu

Wetter, Sarah A  Research Scholar (Fsc)
office phone: 480/727-2091   building/room: 340AA
email address: sarah.wetter@asu.edu