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Abbott, Kenneth   Jack E. Brown Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-5917   building/room: 364
email address: ken.abbott@asu.edu

Banks, Angela Marie  Charles J. Merriam Distinguished Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-9024   building/room: 684
email address: angela.m.banks@asu.edu

Bender, Paul   Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-2556   building/room: 670
email address: paul.bender@asu.edu

Berch, Jessica Jeanne  Lecturer
office phone: 480/965-4859   building/room: 460
email address: jessica.berch@asu.edu

Bodansky, Dan   Foundation Professor of Law
office phone: 480/727-8577   building/room: 366
email address: daniel.bodansky@asu.edu

Bowman, Diana   Associate Professor of Law
office phone: 480/727-4519    building/room: 370
email address: diana.bowman@asu.edu

Bradshaw, Karen   Associate Professor of Law
office phone: 480/727-0616   building/room: 570
email address: kbradshaw@asu.edu

Calleros, Charles   Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-4761   building/room: 458
email address: charles.calleros@asu.edu
web site: http://homepage.law.asu.edu/~charlesc/

Carter, Andrew   Clinical Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-0396   building/room: 680
email address: andrew.carter.1@asu.edu

Chesler, Susan   Clinical Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-2554   building/room: 682
email address: susan.chesler@asu.edu

Chodorow, Adam Stanton  Assoc. Dean for Strategic Planning & Professor of Law
office phone: 480/727-8574   building/room: 586
email address: adam.chodorow@asu.edu

Clinton, Robert N.  Foundation Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-3501   building/room: 372
email address: robert.clinton@asu.edu
web site: http://www.robert-clinton.com

Cohen, Jason Keith  Clinical Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-1300   building/room: 560
email address: jayco@asu.edu

Coordes, Laura   Associate Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-8976   building/room: 582
email address: laura.napoli@asu.edu

Cruz, Evelyn Haydee  Clinical Professor of Law
office phone: 480/727-9275   building/room: 672
email address: evelyn.cruz@asu.edu

Dauber, Bob   Brewer Professor of Trial Advocacy & Clinical Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-7359   building/room: 456
email address: bob.dauber@asu.edu

Demaine, Linda J.  Pedrick Scholar & Professor of Law
office phone: 480/727-8571   building/room: 482
email address: demaine@asu.edu

Fellmeth, Aaron Xavier  Pedrick Scholar & Professor of Law
office phone: 480/727-8575   building/room: 480
email address: aaron.fellmeth@asu.edu
web site: http://www.fellmeth.net/aaron/

Ferguson-Bohnee, Patty   Clinical Professor of Law
office phone: 480/727-8580   building/room: 378
email address: pafergus@asu.edu

Forst, Bradley   Adjunct Professor of Law
building/room: BA367L
email address: bradley.forst@asu.edu

Fromholz, Julia   Professor of Practice and Director of the Rule of Law and Governance Program
email address: julia.fromholz@asu.edu

Gartner, David   Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-9138   building/room: 692
email address: david.gartner@asu.edu

Gibson, Don E  Professor of Practice
office phone: 480/965-5173   building/room: 564
email address: don.gibson@asu.edu

Grey, Betsy J.  Alan A. Matheson Fellow & Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-6021   building/room: 466
email address: betsy.grey@asu.edu

Gubler , Zachary J.   Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-2498   building/room: 476
email address: zachary.gubler@asu.edu

Herrera, Tamara   Clinical Professor of Law
office phone: 480/727-7194   building/room: 468
email address: tamara.herrera@asu.edu

Hinshaw, IIArt   Bouma Fellow & Clinical Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-3109   building/room: 676
email address: art.hinshaw@asu.edu

Hodge Jr., James G.   Professor of Law
office phone: 480/727-8576   building/room: 686
email address: james.hodge.1@asu.edu

Holst, Kimberly   Clinical Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-1144   building/room: 668
email address: kimberly.holst@asu.edu

Humetewa, Diane J.  Professor Of Practice
office phone: 480/965-5793   email address: diane.humetewa@asu.edu

Jarvis, Stephanie Ann  Director, Sports Law & Business
office phone: 480/965-0105   building/room: 556
email address: stephanie.a.jarvis@asu.edu

Jones, Abigail Lee  Lecturer
office phone: 480/965 5806   building/room: 484
email address: abigail.l.jones@asu.edu

Kappes, Jon E.  Lecturer
office phone: 480/965-6557   building/room: 654
email address: jon.kappes@asu.edu

Kittrie, Orde   Professor of Law; Faculty Fellow, Center for Law, Science & Innovation; Faculty Fellow, Center for Law and Global Affairs
office phone: 480/727-8572   building/room: DC
email address: orde.kittrie@asu.edu
web site: http://homepages.law.asu.edu/~okittrie/

Kramer, Zachary   Associate Dean for Faculty & Professor of Law
office phone: 480/727-0300   building/room: 492
email address: zachary.a.kramer@asu.edu

Langenfeld, Amy   Clinical Professor of Law
office phone: 480/727-8726   building/room: 470
email address: amy.langenfeld@asu.edu

Larson, Rhett   Morrison Fellow & Associate Professor of Law
office phone: 480/727-7465   building/room: 568
email address: rhett.larson@asu.edu

Lindquist, Stefanie   Deputy Provost; VP for Academic Affairs; Foundation Professor of Law and Political Science
email address: sl@asu.edu

Luna, Erik   Lewis Professor of Constitutional Law
office phone: 480/965-2847   building/room: 472
email address: erik.luna@asu.edu

Lynk, Myles V.  Kiewit Professor of Law & the Legal Profession
office phone: 480/965-0433   building/room: 394B
email address: myles.lynk@asu.edu

Matsumura, Kaiponanea T.  Associate Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-7419   building/room: 584
email address: kaiponanea.matsumura@asu.edu

Menkhus, Eric   Assoc. Dean for New Educ. Initiatives & Clinical Professor of Law
office phone: 480/727-8856   building/room: 572
email address: eric.menkhus@asu.edu

Miller, Robert J.  Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-4085   building/room: 374
email address: robert.j.miller@asu.edu

Murphy, Jeffrie G.  Regents' Professor
office phone: 480/965-5856   building/room: 678
email address: jeffrie.murphy@asu.edu

Noreuil, Chad L.  Clinical Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-9158   building/room: 666
email address: chad.noreuil@asu.edu

Rule, Troy Arthur  Joseph Feller Chair & Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-7553   building/room: 478
email address: troy.rule@asu.edu

Sahani, Victoria Shannon  Associate Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-8072   building/room: 462
email address: victoria.sahani@asu.edu

Saks, Michael J.  Regents' Professor
office phone: 480/727-7193   building/room: 580
email address: michael.saks@asu.edu

Scharff, Erin A  Associate Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-3964   building/room: 566
email address: erin.scharff@asu.edu

Sellers, Joshua   Associate Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-0838   building/room: 486
email address: joshua.sellers@asu.edu

Shah, Bijal   Associate Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-4151   building/room: 660
email address: bijal.shah@asu.edu

Sigler, Mary   Lincoln Professor of Law & Ethics
office phone: 480/965-3839   building/room: 574
email address: mary.sigler@asu.edu

Stinson, Judy   Executive Associate Dean;Clinical Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-8512   building/room: LAW 211
email address: judith.stinson@asu.edu

Weinstein, James   Dan Cracchiolo Chair & Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-1305   building/room: 658
email address: james.weinstein@asu.edu

Williamson, John Clint  Professor Of Practice
email address: john.c.williamson@asu.edu

Wong, Glenn   Executive Director, Sports Law and Business
office phone: 480/965-0304   building/room: 558
email address: glenn.wong@asu.edu