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Boyd, Candice F.  Director of Judicial Clerkships
office phone: 480/965-0319   building/room: 401F
email address: candice.boyd@asu.edu

Cook, Veronica Jeanne  Director College Of Law, Career Services
email address: veronica.cook@asu.edu

Dunne, Sarah   Employer Relations Coordinator
office phone: 480/965-2305   building/room: 401AB
email address: sarah.dunne@asu.edu

Gallagher, Whitney   Director Of Career Services
office phone: 480/727-6653   email address: whitney.gallagher@asu.edu

Hoh, Pamela J  Director, Employment & Alumni Services
office phone: 480/965-1035   building/room: 401E
email address: pamela.hoh@asu.edu

Hunter, Maria D.  Program Coordinator
office phone: 480/965-5808   building/room: 401AA
email address: maria-d-hunter@asu.edu

Kay, Heather B  Admissions Assistant
office phone: 480/965-0367   building/room: 420AA
email address: heather.kay@asu.edu

Landry, Carolyn   Student Services Coordinator Associate
office phone: 480/965-4862   building/room: 420BA
email address: carolyn.landry@asu.edu

Lopez, Sonia Magali  Student Worker I
email address: sonia.m.lopez@asu.edu

Wallace, Kira Nichole  Student Worker I
email address: kira.wallace@asu.edu