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Abbott, Joshua W.  Director
office phone: 480/965-2465   email address: josh.abbott@asu.edu

Ames, Victoria E  Executive Director; Clinical Legal Education Program
office phone: 480/516-4756   building/room: 130
email address: victoria.ames@asu.edu

Baier, Chris   Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Dean of Business Operations
office phone: 480/965-6925   building/room: 530
email address: christopher.baier@asu.edu

Barnes, Jennifer   Director of the Externship Program
office phone: 480/727-7331   building/room: 426
email address: jennifer.barnes@asu.edu

Burkhart, Lauren Apri  Asst Director
office phone: 480/965-2465   building/room: 392
email address: lauren.burkhart@asu.edu

Burnette, Loni Ann  Admin Professional
office phone: 480/727-7895   building/room: 422
email address: loni.burnette@asu.edu

DiFelice, Beth   Associate Director, Ross-Blakley Law Library & Head Of Public Services
office phone: 480/965-4871   building/room: 350C
email address: beth.difelice@asu.edu

English, Ray   Asst Dean, Student Career Success
office phone: 480/965-6758   building/room: 401D
email address: ray.english@asu.edu

Ferguson-Bohnee, Patty   Faculty Director, Indian Legal Program; Director, Indian Legal Clinic; Clinical Professor of Law
office phone: 480/727-8580   building/room: 378
email address: pafergus@asu.edu

Harris Thirsk, Melissa Allene  Exec Director Of Communications & Marketing
office phone: 480/965-6503   building/room: 501B
email address: mharrist@asu.edu

Herbert, Anne   Director for Undergraduate Education; Senior Lecturer in Law
office phone: 480/965-8072   building/room: 462
email address: anne.herbert@asu.edu

Jaynes, Andrew   Executive Director, Center for Law and Global Affairs
office phone: 480/965-8238   building/room: 368
email address: andrew.jaynes@asu.edu

Mamaghani, Leslie K.  Assistant Dean of Educational Programs
office phone: 480/965-9042   building/room: 524
email address: leslie.mamaghani@asu.edu

Menkhus, Eric   Associate Dean, New Education Initiatives; Clinical Professor of Law; Faculty Fellow, Center for Law, Science & Innovation
office phone: 480/727-8856   building/room: 572
email address: eric.menkhus@asu.edu

Montelongo, Lydia   Director for Career Services
office phone: 480/727-7667   building/room: 388
email address: lydia.montelongo@asu.edu

O'Brien, Katie W.  Executive Director of Research and Program Funding
office phone: 480/965-6847   building/room: 390
email address: katherine.howlandobrien@asu.edu

Rosier, Kate M.  Director
office phone: 480/965-6204   building/room: 376
email address: kathlene.rosier@asu.edu

Sigler, Mary   Professor of Law; Willard H. Pedrick Distinguished Research Scholar; Lincoln Professor of Law & Ethics;
office phone: 480/965-3839   building/room: 574
email address: mary.sigler@asu.edu

Stinson, Judy   Associate Dean for Academic Affairs;Clinical Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-8512   building/room: LAW 211
email address: judith.stinson@asu.edu

Sylvester, Douglas J.  Dean and Professor of Law; Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law; Arizona State University
office phone: 480/965-6188   building/room: 501F
email address: douglas.sylvester@asu.edu

Trotta, Tory   Associate Dean for the Ross-Blakley Law Library
office phone: 480/965-2521   building/room: 350D
email address: victoria.trotta@asu.edu

Van Wicklin, Jim   Director of Development
office phone: 480/727-0645   building/room: 522
email address: james.vanwicklin@asu.edu

Williams, Tom Thruston  Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and the Institution
office phone: 480/965-1302   building/room: 501E
email address: thomas.t.williams@asu.edu

Williams, Samantha Courtney  Assistant director of development
office phone: 480/965-5290   building/room: 523BA
email address: samantha.c.williams@asu.edu

Wissler, Roselle   Research Director, Lodestar Dispute Resolution Program; Faculty Fellow, Center for Law, Science & Innovation
office phone: 480/965-0646   building/room: 360
email address: roselle.wissler@asu.edu