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French, Lynn   Senior Videographer
office phone: 480/965-6463   building/room: 538CB
email address: lynn.french@asu.edu

Harris Thirsk, Melissa Allene  Executive Director, Marketing & Communications
office phone: 480/965-6503   building/room: 501B
email address: mharrist@asu.edu

Sifuentes, Xavier   Web Content Editor
office phone: 480/727-5578   building/room: 538CD
email address: xavier.sifuentes@asu.edu

Sung, Karen   Senior Director of Communications
office phone: 480/727-9052   building/room: 538DA
email address: karen.sung@asu.edu

Villa, Matthew   Marketing & Communications Coordinator
office phone: 480/965-8702   building/room: 538BA
email address: matthewvilla@asu.edu

Wang, Wendy   Interactive Designer
office phone: 480/965-2487   building/room: 538CC
email address: wendywang@asu.edu

Wells, Jessica Ann  Marketing Manager
office phone: 480/727-5458   building/room: 538CA
email address: jessicawells@asu.edu