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Bevier, Andrea Jo  Online Program Coordinator and Instructional Designer
office phone: 480/727-8727   building/room: 520BB
email address: andrea.bevier@asu.edu

Campbell, David Eugene  Program Coordinator, Rule Of Law And Governance Program
email address: david.e.campbell@asu.edu

Erickson, Sandra Ortland  Director Of Graduate Law Programs
office phone: 480/727-7820   email address: sandra.o.erickson@asu.edu

Fernandez, Krystle Marie  Admin Professional (Fsc)
building/room: - -
email address: krystle.fernandez@asu.edu

Garcia, Renee   Manager Of Clinical Programs
email address: r.garcia@asu.edu

Marohn, Christopher G  Program Manager, Professional Education
office phone: 480/965-8454   building/room: 520BA
email address: christopher.marohn@asu.edu

Montelongo, Lydia   Director, Data Analysis
office phone: 480/727-7667   building/room: 388
email address: lydia.montelongo@asu.edu

Renaut, Samuel   Assistant Director, Sports Law & Business
office phone: 480/965-7435   building/room: 554
email address: samuel.renaut@asu.edu

Williams, Jen Holland  ILC Legal Assistant
office phone: 480/727-0420   building/room: 310AB/394AE
email address: jennifer.h.williams@asu.edu