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Abbott, Joshua W.  Director
office phone: 480/965-2465   email address: josh.abbott@asu.edu

Ahern, Kevin   Faculty Associate
email address: kta@bowwlaw.com

Alberts, Jason Patrick  Faculty Assoc
email address: jason.alberts@asu.edu

Altman, Kurt Michael  Spring 2017 Fa/Adjnuct
email address: kmaltma1@asu.edu

Amaro, Rafael Paolo  Visiting Scholar
building/room: Sandra Day O'Connor College Of Law
email address: rafael.amaro@asu.edu

Ames, Victoria E  Executive Director; Clinical Legal Education Program
office phone: 480/965-6631   building/room: LAW 219
email address: victoria.ames@asu.edu

Anderson, Linda Susan  Fac Assoc
email address: linda.susan.anderson@asu.edu

Anderson, Donald Edwin  Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: donald.e.anderson@asu.edu

Arias, Jalayne J.  -
email address: jalayne.arias@asu.edu

Artigue, Cameron   Faculty Associate
office phone: 602/256-4418   email address: cameron.artique@asu.edu
web site: http://www.gblaw.com/attorney.asp?AttorneyID=23

Asper, David Alan  Faculty Assoc
email address: david.asper@asu.edu

Ayers, Charles Keith  Faculty Associate
email address: charles.ayers@asu.edu

Bales, Scott   Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/452-3534   email address: wbales@asu.edu
web site: http://www.supreme.state.az.us/azsupreme/bales.htm

Barnard, Catherine Tonsich  Faculty Assoc
building/room: - -
email address: catherine.barnard@asu.edu

Barnard, Michael David  Faculty Assoc
email address: michael.d.barnard@asu.edu

Barraza, Leila F.   Uofa Subcontractor/Public Health La
office phone: 480/727-2091   email address: leila.barraza@asu.edu

Batchelor, Clifton H.  Faculty Associate
email address: clifton.batchelor@asu.edu
web site: http://www.ExpertNegotiator.com

Baum, Redfield   Sum/Wtr Faculty Teaching
office phone: 602/376-7663   email address: redfield.baum.1@asu.edu

Beauchamp, Keith   Faculty Associate
web site: www.csblaw.com

Bebo, Naomi Y.  -
building/room: - -
email address: naomi.bebo@asu.edu

Becker, MR John R.  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 480/240-4020   email address: john.becker@asu.edu
web site: http://www.beckerandhouse.com

Belanger, James -  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 602/381-5485   email address: james.belanger@asu.edu
web site: jbelanger@csblaw.com

Berch, Jessica Jeanne  Visiting Associate Professor
email address: jessica.berch@asu.edu

Birnbaum, Gary   Adjunct Professor
email address: garybirnbaum@asu.edu

Blommel, Denise M  Faculty Assoc
email address: denise.blommel@asu.edu

Bodmer, Steve Michael  Graduate Service Asst
email address: steve.bodmer@asu.edu

Bodney, David J.  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602-798-5452   

Buns, Robert Michael  Faculty Assoc
email address: robert.buns@asu.edu

Burns , Paul E.   Adjunct Professor of Law
building/room: Law 118
email address: paul.burns@asu.edu
web site: http://www.procopio.com/attorneys/paul_burns.htm

Cabot, Howard   Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602-351-8235   email address: howard.cabot@asu.edu
web site: http://www.perkinscoie.com

Cabou, Jean-Jacques "J" Jacques  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: -   building/room: - -
email address: jcabou@asu.edu

Campbell, Colin Francis  Fall 2016 Adjunct - Acls Access
email address: cfcampb3@asu.edu

Campbell, Colin   Adjunct Professor

Carey, Robert Bruce  Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: robert.b.carey@asu.edu

Carter, Ruth B.  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 602/631-9100   building/room: - -
email address: ruth.carter@asu.edu

Church, Anthony William  Faculty Associate
office phone: 602/506-6523   

Claus, Scot L.  Faculty Associate
office phone: 602/404-2343   email address: scot.claus@asu.edu

Clemency, John   Faculty Associate

Clifton, Gregg   Faculty Assoc
building/room: - -
email address: gclifto1@asu.edu

Cohen, Larry J  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/266-2995   email address: larry.cohen@asu.edu

Collmer, Veda   Research Professional Fsc
office phone: 480/965-9741   email address: veda.collmer@asu.edu

Corbett, Alicia Michelle  Of Counsel, Gallagher & Kennedy
email address: acorbett@asu.edu

Corcoran , Aubrey Joy   Faculty Assoc
email address: aubreyjoy.corcoran@asu.edu

Coury, Jonathan Albert  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: -   building/room: - -
email address: jonathan.coury@asu.edu

Curci, Frank X.  Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: frank.curci@asu.edu

Curley, Sarah Sharer  Adjunct Professor
office phone: 602/682-4146   building/room: - -
email address: sarah.curley@asu.edu

Curtin, Victoria Gruver   Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 480-998-3547   

Curtin, Mary Margaret  Faculty Assoc
email address: mary.curtin@asu.edu

Dalton, Jennifer Michelle  Faculty Assoc
email address: jennifer.dalton@asu.edu

Davis, Helen -  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 480/786-1331   email address: helen.davis.1@asu.edu

Detwiller Digiacomo, Shelley   Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/640-9358   email address: shelley.detwiller@asu.edu

Duran, Lisa Dibbern  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/230-0228   email address: lisa.duran@asu.edu

Dworkin , Judith M.   Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-6181   email address: judith.dworkin@asu.edu
web site: http://www.sackstierney.com/attorneys/dworkin.htm

Edgell, Michael F.  Faculty Assoc
email address: michael.edgell@asu.edu

Erickson, Sandra Ortland  Fac Assoc For Fall B 2016
office phone: 480/965-6847   email address: sandra.o.erickson@asu.edu

Everroad, John David  Faculty Associate

Facciola, Tamra Sue  Adjunct Professor of Law
building/room: - -
email address: tamra.facciola@asu.edu

Feeney, Michele   Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/549-0378   building/room: - -
email address: michele.feeney@asu.edu

Feigal, Ellen G  Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: ellen.feigal@asu.edu

Feigal Jr. , David W.  Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: david.feigal@asu.edu

Fields, Kenneth Leon  Faculty Associate
email address: kenneth.fields@asu.edu

Flood, Kelly Joyce  Faculty Associate
office phone: 602/251-3622   email address: kelly.flood@asu.edu

Forst, Bradley   Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/758-2432   building/room: BA367L
email address: bradley.forst@asu.edu

Foster, Troy Patrick  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/627-3504   building/room: Wilson Administration -
email address: troy.p.foster@asu.edu

Fox, Geoffrey Edward  Faculty Assoc
email address: geoffrey.fox@asu.edu

Friedman, Stanley D  Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: stanley.friedman@asu.edu

Fromholz, Julia   Professor of Practice and Director of the Rule of Law and Governance Program
email address: julia.fromholz@asu.edu

Fulcher, Thomas Ray  Faculty Assoc
email address: thomas.fulcher@asu.edu

Gamble, Alastair J.  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/474-3638   email address: alastair.gamble@asu.edu

Gammage, Grady   Gammage & Burnham PLC
office phone: 480/774-2901   email address: grady.gammage@asu.edu

Giancola, Paul   Faculty Associate
email address: pgiancola@swlaw.com

Gibson, Don E  Faculty Assoc
email address: don.gibson@asu.edu

Gibson, Scott Franklin  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 480/633-8100   email address: scott.f.gibson@asu.edu

Giff, Jennifer Kay  Faculty Assoc
email address: jennifer.giff@asu.edu

Goodwin, Nicole M.  Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: nicole.m.goodwin@asu.edu

Gordon, Andrew S  Faculty Associate
office phone: 602/381-5460   building/room: Business College C Wing
email address: andrew.s.gordon@asu.edu

Goulder, Jeffrey J.  Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: jgoulder@stinson.com

Haines, Randolph J.  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/682-4240   email address: randolph.haines@asu.edu

Halaby, Andrew F.  Faculty Associate
office phone: 602-382-6277   email address: andrew.halaby@asu.edu
web site: http://www.swlaw.com/attorneys/andrew_halaby

Hanson, Darrell Roy  Faculty Assoc
email address: darrell.hanson@asu.edu

Harris, Brett Rocky  Instructional Professional
email address: rocky.harris@asu.edu

Harris, Dee Riddell  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 602/266-8660   building/room: Armstrong Hall -
email address: dee.harris@asu.edu

Harris, Gregory Yale  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/262-5311   email address: gregory.y.harris@asu.edu

Harrison, Mark I.  Faculty Associate
office phone: 602/640-9324   email address: mark.i.harrison@asu.edu

Heeley, Steven J W  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 520/562-6200   email address: steve.heeley@asu.edu

Henry, Robert   Faculty Associate
email address: bhenry@swlaw.com

Hicks, Bethany -  Superior Court Judge
email address: bethany.hicks@asu.edu

Higdon, Philip Richard  Faculty Associate
email address: philip.higdon@asu.edu

Himmelstein, Ben J.  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 602/606-9316   email address: ben.himmelstein@asu.edu

Holden, Michael J  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602-508-6220   email address: michael.holden@asu.edu

Holm, Bradley Dean  Faculty Associate
email address: bradley.holm@asu.edu

Holsman Tetreault, Jennifer Lynn  Adjunct Professor
office phone: 480/965-5275   email address: jholsman@asu.edu

Howell, Kirk Simpson  Faculty Assoc
email address: kirk.howell@asu.edu

Hubach, Connor Norton  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 602/614-6158   email address: connor.hubach@asu.edu

Huber, George F  Senior Attorney for Strategic Planning
U.S. Department of Justice
Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training

email address: george.f.huber@asu.edu

Hurwitz, Andrew D.  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/271-0911   email address: andrew.hurwitz@asu.edu

Ivan, Alex David  Student Worker Iv
email address: alex.ivan@asu.edu

Jackson, Jeffrey Matthew  Faculty Assoc
email address: jeffjackson@asu.edu

James, Charles Albert  Faculty Associate
email address: charles.a.james@asu.edu

Jay, Caleb Edward  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/462-6500   building/room: - -
email address: caleb.jay@asu.edu

Jaynes, Andrew   Executive Director, Center for Law and Global Affairs
office phone: 480/965-8238   building/room: LAW 103A
email address: andrew.jaynes@asu.edu

Jones, Abigail Lee  Faculty Assoc
email address: abigail.l.jones@asu.edu

Kappes, Jon E.  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/614-4060   email address: jon.kappes@asu.edu

Kittredge, C. Mark   Adjunct Professor of Law
web site: http://www.perkinscoie.com/mkittredge/

Krattiger, Anatole Francois V  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 480/620-6550   email address: anatole@asu.edu

Kroop, Jordan Andrew  Faculty Associate

Lagarde, Lynne A.  Faculty Associate
office phone: 480/991-4833   email address: lynne.bonanno@asu.edu

Leach, Travis J.  Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: travis.leach@asu.edu

Lebowitz, Bethany Jean  Faculty Assoc
email address: beth.lebowitz@asu.edu

Lefere, Jennifer Louise  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 602/852-5580   email address: jennifer.lefere@asu.edu

Lehtman, Nicole   Adjunct Professor of Law

Liburdi, Michael T.  Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: mliburdi@asu.edu

Lindor, Rachel A  Faculty Assoc
email address: rachel.lindor@asu.edu

Lisa, Steven   Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: steven.lisa@asu.edu
web site: www.PatentIt.com

Long, Frank Garrett  Faculty Associate
email address: frank.long@asu.edu

Loquvam, Stephanie K.  -
building/room: - -
email address: stephanie.mccoy.loquvam@asu.edu

Lowrance, Dan   Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/506-1341   email address: dan.lowrance@asu.edu

McGinnis, Mark A.  Salmon, Lewis & Weldon, P.L.C.
email address: mark.mcginnis@asu.edu

McGregor, Ruth   Faculty Associate
email address: rrmcgregor@msn.com

McIntosh, Daniel Wayne  Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: daniel.mcintosh@asu.edu

McKnight, John Carter  Faculty Assoc
building/room: None
email address: john.mcknight@asu.edu

Meyerson, Bruce E.  Adjunct Professor of Law; Fellow, Lodestar Mediation Clinic
office phone: 602/279-9646   building/room: LAW 261
email address: bruce.meyerson@asu.edu

Miller, David H.  Faculty Assoc
email address: david.h.miller@asu.edu

Mohamed, Raeesabbas -  Faculty Assoc
email address: raeesabbas.mohamed@asu.edu

Mokwa, Michael   Pat Tillman Foundation Distinguished Professor of Leadership & Marketing, WP Carey School of Business; Associate Director, Innovative Sports Law & Business, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law

Morris, Roger   Faculty Associate
office phone: (602) 229-5269   

Murphy, James   Faculty Associate
office phone: 617/515-3557   email address: james.murphy.1@asu.edu

Nadeau, Mark   Faculty Associate
email address: mark.nadeau@asu.edu

Nicholas, Susan Joan  
office phone: -   building/room: - -
email address: susan.joan.nicholas@asu.edu

Noblitt, Daniel J.  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 480/994-9888   email address: daniel.noblitt@asu.edu
web site: www.ngtechlaw.com

Nomkin, Joel W  Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: joel.nomkin@asu.edu

Ondersma, Chrystin D.  Faculty Associate
email address: chrystin.ondersma@asu.edu

Osborn, Jones   Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/640-9338   email address: jones.osborn@asu.edu

Otis, Erin Ann  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 480/612-8285   email address: erin.a.obrien@asu.edu

Pagel, Bruce Allan  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 480/965-7614   email address: bruce.a.pagel@asu.edu

Paige, David   Faculty Associate
office phone: (602) 230-5568   

Paiva, Kristin   Sum/Wtr Faculty Teaching
email address: kristin.paiva@asu.edu

Palumbo, Anthony J   Faculty Associate
email address: tpalumbo@palumbowolfe.com

Pate, Rickey Ray  Adjunct Professor of Law

Peck, Deana S.  Adjunct Professor of Law
building/room: - -
email address: deana.peck@asu.edu

Plunkett, Paul E.  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 480/348-0613   email address: paul.plunkett@asu.edu

Pollman, Terrill   Visiting Professor of Law
email address: terrill.pollman@asu.edu

Polt, Michael   Senior Director, ASU’s McCain Institute for International Leadership

Pontrelli, Marlene A  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602-285-5081   email address: marlene.maerowitz@asu.edu
web site: http://www.dickinson-wright.com

Potenza, Austin D.  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/252-6555   email address: austin.potenza@asu.edu

Preudhomme, Jodi Rene  Instructional Professional
office phone: 480/965-0696   email address: jodi.preudhomme@asu.edu

Ranger, Edward M.  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 480/784-6886   email address: edward.ranger@asu.edu

Rapp, Kevin Michael  Faculty Assoc
email address: kevin.rapp@asu.edu

Rees, Clifford   Research Professional Fsc
email address: clifford.rees@asu.edu

Renaut, Samuel -  Asst Director, Sports Law And Business Program
office phone: 480/965-7435   building/room: LAW 244
email address: samuel.renaut@asu.edu

Rhodes, James Scott  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 480/890-1699   email address: scott.rhodes@asu.edu

Richards, William August  Faculty Assoc
building/room: - -
email address: william.a..richards@asu.edu

Ricks, Ryan -  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 480/965-9629   email address: ryan.ricks@asu.edu

Rosenbaum, David   Faculty Associate
email address: drosenbaum@omlaw.com

Roth, Mollie D.  Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: mollie.roth@asu.edu

Royal, K   Faculty Assoc
office phone: 480/727-8979   email address: k.royal@asu.edu

Rubin, Mike   Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: (480) 285-5008   

Sage, Linda Anne  Instructor (Fsc)
office phone: -   building/room: - -
email address: lindaasage@asu.edu

Salerno, Thomas J.  Faculty Associate

Sallen, Patricia Annette  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 480/290-4841   building/room: - -
email address: patricia.sallen@asu.edu

Sands, Jon M.  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 602/382-2742   email address: jon.sands@asu.edu

Sandweg, William H.  Faculty Associate
email address: william.h.sandweg@asu.edu

Scharff, Spencer Garrett  Sum/Wtr Faculty Teaching
email address: spencer.scharff@asu.edu

Schay, Daniel   Faculty Associate

Scheurich, Michael R.  Adjunct Professor of Law
web site: http://www.mwmf.com/attorneys/MichaelRScheurich.html

Schneider, John W.  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 480/884-1994   email address: john.schneider@asu.edu

Schrage, Jennifer Meyer  Faculty Assoc
building/room: - -
email address: jennifer.schrage@asu.edu

Schriro, Dora B.  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 602/542-8599   email address: dora.schriro@asu.edu

Schulman, Robert   Adjunct Professor of Law

Schwartz, Jonathan Henry  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: -   building/room: - -
email address: jonathan.h.schwartz@asu.edu

Schweitzer, Nicholas   Asst Professor
building/room: Psy246a
email address: njs@asu.edu

Selig, Bud   Commissioner Emeritus of Major League Baseball;Professor of Practice
email address: allan.selig@asu.edu

Shely, Lynda C  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 480/905-7237   email address: lynda.shely@asu.edu

Shufeldt, John Joseph  Faculty Associate
office phone: 480/221-8059   email address: john.shufeldt@asu.edu

Silver, Roslyn Olson  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 602/997-0057   email address: roslyn.moore-silver@asu.edu

Slack, K. Thomas   Faculty Associate
email address: tslack@beale-micheaels.com

Spurlock, Robert Joe  Faculty Associate
office phone: 602/910-8468   email address: robert.spurlock@asu.edu

Stafford, Karen C.  Faculty Assoc
building/room: - -
email address: karen.sadler@asu.edu

Stanton, Nicole France  Faculty Associate
web site: www.quarles.com

Stuart, Gary Lester  Sr Policy Advisor To Dean Col
office phone: 480/727-8573   email address: gary.stuart@asu.edu

Swisher, Keith   
email address: keith.swisher@asu.edu

Thomas, Pilar M.  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 520/629-4455   email address: pilar.thomas@asu.edu

Tiffen, Anne Lorraine  Faculty Assoc
email address: anne.tiffen@asu.edu

Tuchi, John J.  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 602/514-7500   email address: john.tuchi@asu.edu

Twist, Steve J.  Adjunct Professor of Law; Victims in Criminal Procedure
office phone: 480/767-0448   email address: steven.twist@asu.edu

Uffens, David Pierce  Faculty Assoc
email address: david.uffens@asu.edu

Ulicki, Jalae Amy  Faculty Assoc
email address: jalae.ulicki@asu.edu

Verdier, Debora Lynn  Faculty Associate
office phone: 480/756-2574   email address: debora.verdier@asu.edu

Vick, Kenneth Nolen  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 602/741-9440   email address: kenneth.vick@asu.edu

Walker, Elizabeth A.  Faculty Associate
email address: elizabeth.c.walker@asu.edu

Warlick, James B  Former United States Ambassador to Bulgaria
email address: james.warlick@asu.edu

Webb, Stephen Thomas  Instructional Professional
email address: stephen.t.webb@asu.edu

Whitten, Christopher T.  
building/room: - -
email address: christopher.whitten@asu.edu

Wilk, Lawrence Eric  Faculty Associate
email address: lawrence.wilk@asu.edu

Williams, Daryl   Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: darylwilliams@bwglaw.net

Williams, Samantha Courtney  Assistant director of development
office phone: 480/965-5290   building/room: LAW 267
email address: samantha.c.williams@asu.edu

Williamson, John Clint  Professor Of Practice
email address: john.c.williamson@asu.edu

Wolf, Van   Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: vanwolf@asu.edu

Wolf, George Van Velsor  Faculty Assoc
office phone: 602/801-9075   building/room: - -
email address: vanwolf@asu.edu

Wong, Glenn   Distinguished Professor of Practice Sports Law
email address: glenn.wong@asu.edu

Wood, Nicholas Joseph  Partner, Snell & Wilmer;Adjunct Faculty
email address: njwood3@asu.edu

Worischeck, Mark G.  Adjunct Professor of Law
email address: mark.worischeck@asu.edu
web site: http://sandersandparks.com/CM/Custom/MarkWorischeck.asp

Zettler, Hugo F.  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-6181   building/room: LAW 106
email address: hugo.zettler@asu.edu

Zimmerman, Joshua R.  Faculty Assoc
office phone: -   building/room: - -
email address: joshua.r.zimmerman@asu.edu

Zweig, Jay Alan  Faculty Associate
email address: jay.zweig@asu.edu