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Engdahl, Edward   Student Worker I
email address: edward.engdahl@asu.edu

Hahne, Josephine   Executive Assistant
office phone: 480/965-3096   building/room: 520AD
email address: josephine.hahne@asu.edu

McLallen, Emily J  Student Worker I
email address: emily.mclallen@asu.edu

Moore, Julia L  Director of Alumni Relations
office phone: 480/965-3112   building/room: 523BB
email address: julia.l.moore@asu.edu

Norwood, Andrew Christopher  Director of Alumni and Annual Giving
office phone: 480-965-5329    building/room: 523BC
email address: andrew.norwood@asu.edu

Sanger, Christina Maria  Receptionist and Research Specialist
office phone: 480/727-6979   building/room: 523AA
email address: christina.sanger@asu.edu

Van Wicklin, Jim   Senior Director of Development
office phone: 480/727-0645   building/room: 522
email address: james.vanwicklin@asu.edu

Williams, Samantha Courtney  Assistant Director of Development
office phone: 480/965-5290   building/room: 523BA
email address: samantha.c.williams@asu.edu