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Barnes, Jennifer   Director of the Externship Program
office phone: 480/727-7331   building/room: LAW 101A
email address: jennifer.barnes@asu.edu

Burnette, Loni Ann  Admin Professional
office phone: 480/727-7895   building/room: LAW 101C
email address: loni.burnette@asu.edu

Landry, Carolyn   Academic Services Coordinator Associate
office phone: 480/965-4862   building/room: LAW 101
email address: carolyn.landry@asu.edu

Mamaghani, Leslie K.  Assistant Dean of Educational Programs
office phone: 480/965-9042   building/room: LAW 265
email address: leslie.mamaghani@asu.edu

Williams, Tom Thruston  Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and the Institution
office phone: 480/965-1302   building/room: 101E
email address: thomas.t.williams@asu.edu