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2021 Fall - In-Person Courses(Session A: 8/19/2021 - 10/8/2021, Session B: 10/13/2021 - 12/3/2021, Session C: 8/18/2021 - 11/29/2021)
SLine #PrefixCourse TitleSectionHoursProfessorTimeDaysRoomTeaching MethodSession
74348LAW 791"Dangers" of the Modern Adm... 0012Shah10:05AM - 12:00PMWeA696In PersonC
72609LAW 69114th Amendment 0013Wurman1:35PM - 3:00PMTuThA644In PersonC
81110LAW 609Administrative Law 0013Shah3:40PM - 5:05PMMoWeA650In PersonC
81131LAW 736Adv Legal Research 0013Mospan10:35AM - 12:00PMMoWeA546In PersonC
72623LAW 791Adv Legal Writing: ADR 0022Holst1:35PM - 3:30PMMoA352In PersonC
70965LAW 791Adv Legal Writing: Creating... 0032Bowman3:40PM - 5:35PMMoA352In PersonC
70966LAW 791Adv Patent Law Clinic 0041-3LisaIn PersonC
97978LAW 791Adv Research - Intellectual... 0371ReedIn PersonC
95413LAW 702Alternative Dispute Resolution 0012Meyerson8:00AM - 9:55AMMoA550In PersonC
85074LAW 676Amateur Sports Law 10013Gibson1:35PM - 3:00PMMoWeA250In PersonC
81084LAW 601Antitrust 0013Gordon1:35PM - 3:00PMTuThA546In PersonC
81061SLB 593Applied Project-MSLB 0011-6JarvisRemotelyC
72610LAW 691Arizona Administrative Law 0022Harris10:05AM - 12:00PMMoA555In PersonC
70958LAW 691Arizona Criminal Law 0032Lowrance; Whalen6:00PM - 7:55PMThA352In PersonC
70967LAW 791Biodiversity Law 0052Bradshaw3:35PM - 5:30PMMoA655In PersonC
88973LAW 714Biotechnology:Science, Law ... 0013Marchant; Cardineau1:35PM - 3:00PMTuThA450In PersonC
70959LAW 691Blockchain & Cryptocurrenci... 0042Marchant; McCarville; Suzuki10:05AM - 12:00PMTuA550In PersonC
91626LAW 494Business Crimes 0013Forst4:30PM - 5:45PMWeTempe CampusC
81117LAW 654Business Organizations 0013Jones3:40PM - 5:05PMTuThA442In PersonC
81446LAW 654Business Organizations 0023Gubler 8:30AM - 9:55AMMoWeA442In PersonC
77334LAW 480Business Organizations - UG 0013Markos4:30PM - 5:45PMTuThTempe CampusC
85576LAW 480Business Organizations - UG 0023Barnard4:30PM - 5:45PMMoWeTempe CampusC
82999LAW 773Civil Litigation Clinic 0016Barnes; Myers1:35PM - 3:00PMTuThA555In PersonC
10:05AM - 12:00PMFrA555In PersonC
81186LAW 518Civil Procedure 0014Berch10:05AM - 12:00PMMoWeA240In PersonC
81187LAW 518Civil Procedure 0024Miller8:00AM - 9:55AMTuThA240In PersonC
81188LAW 518Civil Procedure 0034Dauber10:05AM - 12:00PMTuThA240In PersonC
81189LAW 518Civil Procedure 0044Franklyn1:35PM - 3:30PMMoWeA240In PersonC
95514LAW 602Civil Procedure II 0013Berch10:05AM - 11:30AMTuThA442In PersonC
70960LAW 691Civil Rights Litigation 0052Selmi1:35PM - 3:30PMMoA555In PersonC
81070LAW 624Community Property 0012Davis10:05AM - 12:00PMTuA250In PersonC
81064LAW 585Comprehensive Patent Practice 0015Gross5:15PM - 7:10PMTuThA267In PersonC
73730LAW 691Comprehensive Patent Practi... 0074Gross5:15PM - 7:10PMTuThA267In PersonC
81177LAW 515Contracts 0014Matsumura8:00AM - 9:55AMWeFrA240In PersonC
81178LAW 515Contracts 0024Coordes10:05AM - 12:00PMTuThA644In PersonC
81180LAW 515Contracts 0034Calleros1:35PM - 3:30PMWeFrA644In PersonC
81181LAW 515Contracts 0044Banks3:40PM - 5:35PMMoWeA240In PersonC
70968LAW 791Corporate and Business Law ... 0061-3Gubler ; CoordesIn PersonC
77770LAW 691Corporate Counsel Law D011Liburdi6:00PM - 8:00PMTuA240In PersonD
70969LAW 791Creative Writing for Lawyers 0071Feeney8:15AM - 9:55AMWeA243In PersonC
77491LAW 791Criminal Evidence: Practica... 0093Altman3:40PM - 6:35PMTuA555In PersonC
70962LAW 604Criminal Procedure 0013Sands; Woehr3:40PM - 6:35PMMoA450In PersonC
85119LAW 604Criminal Procedure 0023Luna1:35PM - 3:00PMMoWeA442In PersonC
81136LAW 653Debtor/Creditor & Bankruptc... 0013Magnuson1:35PM - 3:00PMTuThA250In PersonC
81068LAW 618Decedent's Estates 0013Becker8:30AM - 9:55AMTuThA450In PersonC
83045LAW 618Decedent's Estates 0023House3:40PM - 5:05PMMoWeA250In PersonC
88959LAW 634Election Law 0013Sellers1:35PM - 3:00PMMoWeA650In PersonC
95516LAW 630Employment Discrimination 0013Selmi10:05AM - 11:30AMTuThA650In PersonC
85122LAW 629Employment Law 0013Coffman9:00AM - 11:55AMFrA450In PersonC
97809SDO 531Employment Law - Masters B10053BoydRemotelyB
97810SDO 531Employment Law - Masters B10063BoydRemotelyB
82148LAW 619Energy Law & Policy 0013Rule10:35AM - 12:00PMTuThA450In PersonC
95523LAW 631Environmental Law 0013Bradshaw10:35AM - 12:00PMMoWeA450In PersonC
96845LAW 791Equity in Education 0342Hustace10:05AM - 12:00PMThA655In PersonC
81066LAW 611Estate and Gift Tax 0012Becker1:35PM - 3:30PMThA650In PersonC
81109LAW 605Evidence 0013Baier10:35AM - 12:00PMMoWeA442In PersonC
85120LAW 605Evidence 0023Ybarra Maldonado5:30PM - 6:55PMMoWeA442In PersonC
70964LAW 785Externship 0011-6EnglishIn PersonC
81067LAW 612Family Law 0013Cohen; Pontrelli3:40PM - 5:05PMMoWeA442In PersonC
95515LAW 613Federal Courts 0013Hurwitz; Nomkin4:30PM - 5:55PMTuThA250In PersonC
95547LAW 791Federal Advocacy for the Tr... D012BeetsoDCIn PersonD
89275LAW 691Federal Criminal Practice &... 0193Sands; Williams3:40PM - 5:35PMWeA546In PersonC
85160LAW 606Federal Income Taxation 0014Scharff10:05AM - 12:00PMTuThA150In PersonC
81111LAW 632Federal Indian Law I 0013Miller10:05AM - 11:30AMMoWeA650In PersonC
70972LAW 791Feminist Judgments Reading ... 0111Holst; Bowman6:00PM - 7:55PMTuA450In PersonC
95633SDO 598Financing Early Stage Ventu... C10013Hool; Lorenz II6:05PM - 8:00PMTuA352In PersonC
70973LAW 791First Amendment Clinic 0121Leslie3:40PM - 4:35PMTuA696In PersonC
73083LAW 791First Amendment Clinic Clie... 0132-5Leslie3:40PM - 4:35PMThA696In PersonC
97805SDO 518Fundamentals of Contract La... B10053LopezRemotelyB
97806SDO 518Fundamentals of Contract La... B10063LopezRemotelyB
73084LAW 791Gideon Fellowship 0146In PersonC
96896LAW 791Global Environmental Justice 0352Anozie10:05AM - 12:00PMTuA655In PersonC
82998LAW 650Health Law and Policy 0012Hodge JR.8:00AM - 9:55AMMoA450In PersonC
88977LAW 731High-Tech Licensing 0012Noblitt1:35PM - 3:30PMWeA267In PersonC
97801SDO 541HR & Employment Law - Masters B10053RemotelyB
97803SDO 541HR & Employment Law - Masters B10063RemotelyB
96897LAW 791Immigration Clinic Client C... 10361-3OrdonezIn PersonC
70963LAW 781Independent Study 0011-3C
81080LAW 776Indian Legal Clinic 0016Burtis1:35PM - 3:30PMMoWeA546In PersonC
10:05AM - 12:00PMFrA243In PersonC
88974LAW 726Indian Legal Research 0011Difelice; Herrera9:00AM - 9:55AMWeA696In PersonC
81081LAW 777Innovation Adv. Clinic 0012Coury4:30PM - 6:25PMMoA555In PersonC
73736LAW 791Innovation Adv. Clinic Clie... 0154MohamedIn PersonC
76170LAW 664Intellectual Property 0013Kappes1:35PM - 3:00PMMoWeA450In PersonC
95894LAW 791International Arbitration 0322Sahani1:35PM - 3:30PMTuA650In PersonC
95544LAW 768International Business Tran... 0013Kittrie1:30PM - 4:20PMWeDCIn PersonC
88975LAW 727International Legal Research 0011Difelice9:00AM - 9:55AMMoA352In PersonC
90951LAW 784Internship (Paid Externship) 0011-6EnglishIn PersonC
81129LAW 709Int'l Human Rights 0013Fellmeth8:30AM - 9:55AMTuThA550In PersonC
74803LAW 210Intro to American Legal System 0013Deatherage6:00PM - 7:15PMTuThTempe CampusC
76991LAW 210Intro to American Legal System 0023Forst3:00PM - 4:15PMMoWeTempe CampusC
74360LAW 691Introduction to Internet Law 0083Beebe6:00PM - 7:25PMTuThA250In PersonC
75362LAW 691Issues in State and Local G... 0092Giles10:05AM - 12:00PMFrA650In PersonC
81134LAW 771Jurimetrics Journal 0011-3BowmanIn PersonC
88968LAW 688Jury Selection B011Sandweg; Slack; Cooper8:00AM - 10:00AMWeA546In PersonB
73744LAW 791Law and Democracy 0162Gartner5:30PM - 7:25PMMoDCIn PersonC
81133LAW 770Law Journal 0011-3ChodorowIn PersonC
73096LAW 791Law Journal for Social Justice 0171-3KramerIn PersonC
81470LAW 394Law of the Future 0013Deatherage4:30PM - 5:45PMThTempe CampusC
81128LAW 703Law, Science & Technology 0013Marchant; Cardineau3:40PM - 5:05PMMoWeA644In PersonC
81190LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0013Chesler10:05AM - 12:00PMTuA352In PersonC
81191LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0023Chesler10:05AM - 12:00PMThA352In PersonC
81192LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0033Fordyce-Ruff10:05AM - 12:00PMFrA550In PersonC
81193LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0043Langenfeld10:05AM - 12:00PMFrA352In PersonC
81194LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0053Langenfeld8:00AM - 9:55AMWeA352In PersonC
81195LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0063Carter8:00AM - 9:55AMWeA550In PersonC
81196LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0073Carter1:35PM - 3:30PMTuA352In PersonC
81197LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0083Dragnich10:05AM - 12:00PMFrA150In PersonC
81198LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0093Ching10:05AM - 12:00PMWeA352In PersonC
81199LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0103Stabler10:05AM - 12:00PMWeA544In PersonC
81200LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0113Holst3:40PM - 5:35PMTuA352In PersonC
81201LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0123Bowman10:05AM - 12:00PMFrA250In PersonC
81202LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0133McMahon1:35PM - 3:30PMTuA655In PersonC
83013LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0143McMahon1:35PM - 3:30PMThA655In PersonC
83014LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0153Ching1:35PM - 3:30PMFrA352In PersonC
96504LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0163Fordyce-Ruff10:05AM - 12:00PMThA250In PersonC
73113LAW 791Legislative Advocacy & the Law 0183Kittrie5:30PM - 8:20PMThDCIn PersonC
76169LAW 691Legislative Process and Pri... 0102Alarcon3:40PM - 5:35PMWeA352In PersonC
88905LAW 779Lisa Foundation Patent Law ... 0013Gross3:40PM - 5:05PMTuThA267In PersonC
85227LAW 791Med Malpractice Litigation D021Palumbo10:00AM - 12:00PMTuA696In PersonB
83000LAW 775Mediation Clinic 0014Hinshaw; Bulfinch1:35PM - 3:30PMTuThA243In PersonC
97802LAW 691Mergers & Acquisitions 0202Miner1:35PM - 3:30PMTuA150In PersonC
85066SLB 523MLB's Impact on Law and Soc... D011Gibson; Selig1:35PM - 3:30PMFrA550In PersonD
76213LAW 791Moot Court Teams 0191In PersonC
85073LAW 674NCAA Compliance, Infraction... 0013Webb1:35PM - 4:25PMTuTempe CampusIn PersonC
85068SLB 522NCAA Compliance, Infraction... 0013Webb1:35PM - 4:25PMTuTempe CampusIn PersonC
72611LAW 733Negotiation 0013Franklin1:35PM - 4:30PMThA352In PersonC
88988LAW 733Negotiation D012Fincher3:40PM - 5:40PMTuThA644In PersonD
72612LAW 645Patent Law 0013Kappes8:30AM - 9:55AMTuThA150In PersonC
81123LAW 691Patent Licensing and Moneti... 0114Winarski10:05AM - 12:00PMMoWeA243In PersonC
88963LAW 682Persuasive Speech 0012Weber; McFadzen8:00AM - 9:55AMMoA150In PersonC
95550LAW 791Plea Bargaining A011Rael6:00PM - 8:00PMWeA546In PersonA
81124LAW 691Police, Law, and Society 0123McJunkin3:40PM - 5:05PMTuThA650In PersonC
88906LAW 786Post-Conviction Clinic 0012Puzauskas; McDonald10:05AM - 12:00PMTuThA267In PersonC
73755LAW 791Post-Conviction Clinic Clie... 0202-4Puzauskas; McDonaldIn PersonC
89051LAW 724Privacy 0012Kroop10:05AM - 12:00PMThA555In PersonC
81074LAW 657Private Property Rights 0013Claus; Cloar; Patel8:30AM - 11:25AMFrA442In PersonC
85072LAW 670Pro Sport Team Ops/Legal Is... 0013Jay6:00PM - 8:55PMTuA150In PersonC
95537LAW 734Products Liability 0012Grey10:05AM - 12:00PMWeA555In PersonC
83220LAW 596Professional Legal Writing ... 0013Mospan1:35PM - 3:00PMMoWeA696In PersonC
81071LAW 638Professional Responsibility 0013Halaby; Perkins5:30PM - 8:25PMTuA650In PersonC
81146SLB 512Professional Sports Law: MSLB 0013Hooper1:35PM - 4:30PMThA150In PersonC
74361LAW 791Prosecuting Trademark Appli... 0213Sapp10:05AM - 11:30AMTuThA546In PersonC
81079LAW 774Prosecution Clinic 0013Vick5:35PM - 7:30PMTuA550In PersonC
5:35PM - 7:30PMThA546In PersonC
74362LAW 791Prosecution Clinic Client C... 02238:00AM - 5:00PMTuThOff CampusIn PersonC
81078LAW 772Public Defender Clinic 0012Lowrance6:00PM - 7:55PMTuA546In PersonC
77510LAW 791Public Defender Clinic Clie... 0234RothIn PersonC
81125LAW 691Public Interest Litigation 0132Brody; Riches3:40PM - 5:35PMThA450In PersonC
82997LAW 615Public Int'l Law 0013Fellmeth1:35PM - 3:00PMTuThA550In PersonC
95552LAW 791Real Estate Litigation D031Henry5:30PM - 7:30PMWeA655In PersonD
95376SLB 598Regulatory Issues in the Sp... 0013Garagiola3:40PM - 6:35PMThA550In PersonC
81130LAW 691Remedies 0142Sukenic6:00PM - 7:55PMWeA450In PersonC
95535LAW 717Reproduction, Reproductive ... 0012Matsumura1:35PM - 3:30PMWeA655In PersonC
95373SLB 516Revenue Generation in Sport... 0013Rao9:00AM - 11:55AMThTempe CampusIn PersonC
83353LAW 622Secured Transactions 0013Coordes2:05PM - 3:30PMTuThA442In PersonC
88961LAW 640Securities Regulation 0013Gubler 1:35PM - 3:00PMMoWeA150In PersonC
77511LAW 791Sex Crimes 0242McJunkin3:40PM - 5:35PMWeA550In PersonC
95989LAW 791Software Intellectual Prope... 0332Prasad1:35PM - 3:30PMThA267In PersonC
75459LAW 791Southwest Border Crimes 0252Rocha10:05AM - 12:00PMWeA655In PersonC
89041LAW 791Sports & Entertainment Law ... 0261 - 3Kappes; GibsonIn PersonC
85359SLB 518Sports Analytics: MSLB 0013McIntosh; Buser4:30PM - 5:45PMTuCOOR L1-88In PersonC
82952SLB 515Sports Business Strategy an... 0013Mokwa3:40PM - 6:35PMWeA150In PersonC
82953SLB 511Sports Career Strategies & ... 0013Wong; Jarvis; Hernandez3:40PM - 6:35PMMoA150In PersonC
81147LAW 691State and Local Government 0153Scharff10:05AM - 11:30AMMoWeA250In PersonC
81132LAW 745Supreme Court 0012Weinstein10:00AM - 11:55AMMoA655In PersonC
95360LAW 625Survey of Individual Rights... 0013Bolick8:30AM - 9:55AMWeFrA250In PersonC
95361LAW 625Survey of Individual Rights... 0023Gartner10:05AM - 11:30AMMoWeASUSYNCDRemotelyC
89042LAW 791Sustainability Law Research... 0271Rule1:35PM - 3:00PMWeA555In PersonC
81170LAW 735Teaching Assistant 0022In PersonC
88990LAW 637The Litigation Experience 0014Otis; Conlon; Diederich8:35AM - 10:00AMMoA546In PersonC
6:00PM - 8:25PMWeA352In PersonC
88991LAW 637The Litigation Experience 0024Conlon; Sammons; Williams; Diederich8:35AM - 10:00AMMoA546In PersonC
1:35PM - 4:00PMFrA250In PersonC
81164LAW 691The Moral Leader 0172Cabot10:05AM - 12:00PMTuA555In PersonC
88976LAW 728The State Attorneys General 0012Goddard; Segal3:40PM - 5:35PMTuA550In PersonC
81182LAW 517Torts 0014Demaine8:00AM - 9:55AMTuThA644In PersonC
81183LAW 517Torts 0024Jones10:05AM - 12:00PMMoWeA644In PersonC
81184LAW 517Torts 0034Grey1:35PM - 3:30PMTuThA240In PersonC
81185LAW 517Torts 0044Gould3:40PM - 5:35PMTuThA240In PersonC
81075LAW 738Trial Advocacy 0013Richards8:30AM - 9:55AMTuThA546In PersonC
89043LAW 791Truman Young Fellowship 0286In PersonC
89063LAW 791US and Int'l Election Law 0293Garber5:30PM - 8:20PMTuDCIn PersonC
85069SLB 581US Law & Analysis in Sports... 0013Jarvis10:35AM - 12:00PMMoWeA150In PersonC
89054LAW 691Utility Law & Regulation 0183Grabel3:40PM - 6:35PMTuA655In PersonC
88964LAW 686Victims in Criminal Procedure 0012Twist; Montgomery4:00PM - 5:55PMThA655In PersonC
95524LAW 643Water Law 0013Larson8:30AM - 9:55AMTuThA442In PersonC
89088LAW 791Women, Gender, and the Law 0303Beety1:35PM - 3:00PMMoWeA550In PersonC
89113LAW 791Writing for Judicial Clerks 0312Stabler8:00AM - 9:55AMTuA352In PersonC
83009LAW 626Writing for Law Practice 0013Dragnich1:35PM - 3:30PMWeA352In PersonC
81168LAW 735Writing TA 0012In PersonC
2021 Fall - Online Courses
SLine #PrefixCourse TitleSectionHoursProfessorStartEndRoomTeaching MethodSession
88543SDO 511Admin Agencies & Regulation... A10013TreonAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
88544SDO 511Admin Agencies & Regulation... A10023TreonAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
88545SDO 511Admin Agencies & Regulation... A10033DormadyAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
88546SDO 511Admin Agencies & Regulation... A10043DormadyAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
88568SDO 567Adv Criminal Law - Masters B10013DormadyOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
88569SDO 567Adv Criminal Law - Masters B10023DormadyOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
88573SDO 569Adv HR & Employment Law - M... B10013SniderOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
88574SDO 569Adv HR & Employment Law - M... B10023SniderOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
82974SDO 598Amateur Sports Law - Masters B10013UffensOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
82975SDO 598Amateur Sports Law - Masters B10023UffensOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
82976SDO 598American Indian Law - Masters B10033BurtisOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
82977SDO 598American Indian Law - Masters B10043BurtisOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
88560SDO 545Arbitration - Masters A10013MeyersonAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
88561SDO 545Arbitration - Masters A10023MeyersonAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
90419SDO 510Business Organizations - Ma... A10013QuezadaAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
90420SDO 510Business Organizations - Ma... A10023QuezadaAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
85710SDO 510Business Organizations - Ma... B10013MenkhusOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
85711SDO 510Business Organizations - Ma... B10023MenkhusAug-19-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
82970SDO 598Compliance & Ethics - Masters A10013GlassmanAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
82971SDO 598Compliance & Ethics - Masters A10023GlassmanAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
89869SDO 598Compliance & Ethics - Masters A10173WilliamsAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
89870SDO 598Compliance & Ethics - Masters A10183WilliamsAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
82978SDO 598Conflict Theory - Masters B10053VotrubaOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
82979SDO 598Conflict Theory - Masters B10063VotrubaOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
88678SDO 598Construction Law - Masters A10033HaysAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
88679SDO 598Construction Law - Masters A10043HaysAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
94477SDO 701Contract Review & Structure... B10013EricksonOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
94479SDO 701Contract Review & Structure... B10023EricksonOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
88547SDO 515Criminal Law - Masters A10013DaltonAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
88548SDO 515Criminal Law - Masters A10023DaltonAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
88549SDO 515Criminal Law - Masters A10033NguyenAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
88550SDO 515Criminal Law - Masters A10043NguyenAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
90421SDO 515Criminal Law - Masters B10013NguyenOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
90422SDO 515Criminal Law - Masters B10023NguyenOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
90423SDO 516Criminal Procedure - Masters A10013McDonaldAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
90424SDO 516Criminal Procedure - Masters A10023McDonaldAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
88551SDO 516Criminal Procedure - Masters B10013DaltonOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
88553SDO 516Criminal Procedure - Masters B10023DaltonOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
88554SDO 516Criminal Procedure - Masters B10033DickinsonOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
88555SDO 516Criminal Procedure - Masters B10043DickinsonOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
82980SDO 598Data Privacy & Protection -... B10073TreonOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
82981SDO 598Data Privacy & Protection -... B10083TreonOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
82972SDO 598Divorce & Family Mediation ... A10053AuritAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
82973SDO 598Divorce & Family Mediation ... A10063AuritAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
96947SDO 598Divorce & Family Mediation ... B11003AuritOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineRemotelyB
96948SDO 598Divorce & Family Mediation ... B11013AuritOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseRemotelyB
90425SDO 551Duties,Obligation and Right... A10013SniderAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
90426SDO 551Duties,Obligation and Right... A10023SniderAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
88562SDO 551Duties,Obligation and Right... B10013EdgellOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
88563SDO 551Duties,Obligation and Right... B10023EdgellOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
88564SDO 552Employment Discrimination -... B10013FriesOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
88565SDO 552Employment Discrimination -... B10023FriesOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
88566SDO 552Employment Discrimination -... B10033Holsman TetreaultOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
88567SDO 552Employment Discrimination -... B10043Holsman TetreaultOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
88419SDO 531Employment Law - Masters A10013EdgellAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
88536SDO 531Employment Law - Masters A10023EdgellAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
88537SDO 531Employment Law - Masters A10033BoydAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
88538SDO 531Employment Law - Masters A10043BoydAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
84668SDO 598Energy Law & Policy - Masters B10093Oct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
84669SDO 598Energy Law & Policy - Masters B10103Oct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
83477SDO 598Environmental Law - Masters A10073AlbertsAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
83488SDO 598Environmental Law - Masters A10083AlbertsAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
95973LAW 605Evidence 0033JonesAug-18-2021Nov-29-2021iCourseRemotelyC
88558SDO 544Evidence - Masters A10013TaylorAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
88559SDO 544Evidence - Masters A10023TaylorAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
90064SDO 544Evidence - Masters B10013TaylorOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
90065SDO 544Evidence - Masters B10023TaylorOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
94495SDO 598Fact Investigation and Repo... A11033BiegelmanAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
94496SDO 598Fact Investigation and Repo... A11043BiegelmanAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
94499SDO 598Fraud Examination - Masters B11043BiegelmanOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
94500SDO 598Fraud Examination - Masters B11053BiegelmanOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
84697SDO 518Fundamentals of Contract La... A10013PrinceAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
84698SDO 518Fundamentals of Contract La... A10023PrinceAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
88534SDO 518Fundamentals of Contract La... B10013HohOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
88535SDO 518Fundamentals of Contract La... B10023HohOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
90062SDO 518Fundamentals of Contract La... B10033BurnetteOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
90063SDO 518Fundamentals of Contract La... B10043BurnetteOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
94497SDO 598Government Contracts - Masters A11053SantoAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
94498SDO 598Government Contracts - Masters A11063SantoAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
90427SDO 541HR & Employment Law - Masters A10013EnglishAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
90428SDO 541HR & Employment Law - Masters A10023EnglishAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
88556SDO 541HR & Employment Law - Masters B10013EnglishOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
88557SDO 541HR & Employment Law - Masters B10023EnglishOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
84670SDO 598Immigration Law - Masters A10093MaciasAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
84671SDO 598Immigration Law - Masters A10103MaciasAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
94501SDO 598Indian Gaming II - Masters B11063HoenigOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
94502SDO 598Indian Gaming II - Masters B11073HoenigOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
84673SDO 598Intellectual Property - Mas... A10113SappAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
84675SDO 598Intellectual Property - Mas... A10123SappAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
90142LAW 210Intro to American Legal System B013BarnardOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
88570SDO 568Legal Principles & Business... A10013MenkhusAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
88571SDO 568Legal Principles & Business... A10023MenkhusAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
95731SDO 535Negotiation - Masters A10013BurkhartAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineRemotelyA
95732SDO 535Negotiation - Masters A10023BurkhartAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseRemotelyA
84676SDO 598Organization & Workplace Di... B10113FacciolaOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
84677SDO 598Organization & Workplace Di... B10123FacciolaAug-19-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
90058SDO 598Organization & Workplace Di... B10403GennaOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
90059SDO 598Organization & Workplace Di... B10413GennaOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
84680SDO 598Patent Law - Masters B10133KappesOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
84681SDO 598Patent Law - Masters B10143KappesOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
88653SDO 598Professional Communication ... B10383BeckmanOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
88655SDO 598Professional Communication ... B10393BeckmanOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
88649SDO 598Professional Writing - Masters B10363BevierOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
88650SDO 598Professional Writing - Masters B10373BevierOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
84684SDO 598Property Law - Masters B10193RuleOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
84688SDO 598Property Law - Masters B10203RuleOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
95216SDO 598Psychology of Conflict - Ma... A11073VotrubaAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineRemotelyA
95217SDO 598Psychology of Conflict - Ma... A11083VotrubaAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseRemotelyA
84692SDO 598Risk Assment & Management -... B10233SantoOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
84693SDO 598Risk Assment & Management -... B10243SantoOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
84690SDO 598Sports Career Plan & Busine... B10213HernandezOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
84691SDO 598Sports Career Plan & Busine... B10223HernandezOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
84694SDO 598Sports Law - Masters A10133JarvisAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
84695SDO 598Sports Law - Masters A10143JarvisAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
85103SDO 598Sports Law - Masters A10153LamarAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
85104SDO 598Sports Law - Masters A10163LamarAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
84699SDO 525Tort Law - Masters B10013HimmelsteinOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021ASU OnlineB
84700SDO 525Tort Law - Masters B10023HimmelsteinOct-13-2021Dec-03-2021iCourseB
94481SDO 598Tribal Self-Governance I - ... A11013SpaanAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
94483SDO 598Tribal Self-Governance I - ... A11023SpaanAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA
84701SDO 501US Law & Legal Analysis - M... A10013Erickson; Gellman; CarstensAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021ASU OnlineA
84702SDO 501US Law & Legal Analysis - M... A10033Erickson; Gellman; CarstensAug-19-2021Oct-08-2021iCourseA