Negotiation - Masters

SLN #: 95731
Course Prefix: SDO-535
Course Section: A1001
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor(s): Burkhart
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Course Description:
Negotiation is a critical leadership skill yet largely counter-cultural to many of us. Understanding our individual strengths and developing an intentional negotiation strategy will enable each of us to achieve more sustainable agreements in our work and life. This course examines all aspects of the negotiation process from preparation to writing up agreements. We will explore how neuroscience is teaching us to understand human reactions to risk of loss situations and navigate them more successfully. Students will learn negotiation principles, skills, and ethics by participating in a series of simulation exercises and through reading assignments. This course is designed to offer a basic introduction to the concepts, instruments, functions, and theories of modern negotiation. The purpose of this introduction is to give you some of the information needed to better understand the dynamics of interpersonal, business and legally related negotiation. First, we will begin with a discussion of negotiations as interpersonal communication. Second, we will examine avoiding exploitation in mixed-motive exchanges. Third, we will explore distributive bargaining strengths and weaknesses. Fourth, we examine the use of integrative bargaining techniques and those settings in which they might be best used. Finally, the landscape of legal jurisprudence will be reviewed in order to apply appropriate ideologies and techniques to the complex adaptive system of American business and personal interaction “in the shadow of the law.

Additional Information:
Credit Hours: 3
Flexible Writing Requirement: No
Skills Requirement: No
Experiential Learning: No
Seminar: No
Special Withdrawal Course: No
Attendance Policy: Per Statement Of Student Policies
Teaching Method: Remotely

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