Law and Democracy

SLN #: 73744
Course Prefix: LAW-791
Course Section: 016
Credit Hours: 2
Instructor(s): Gartner
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Course Description:
NOTE: This course is limited to students admitted to the Washington DC Program. The class will be held in the ASU Barrett & O'Connor Washington Center in DC.

Law and Democracy will examine the structure of democracy in the United States and also explore comparative approaches and reform proposals for strengthening democratic participation. Among the topics covered will be the right to vote, campaign finance regulation, redistricting, the Voting Rights Act, and the role of direct democracy. The course will also cover several important Supreme Court cases from recent terms on the issues of voter registration, the Voting Rights Act, and campaign finance.

Additional Information:
Credit Hours: 2
Grading Option: Letter Grade Only
Graduation Writing Requirement: No
Flexible Writing Requirement: Yes
Skills Requirement: No
Experiential Learning: No
Seminar: Yes
Special Withdrawal Course: No
Limited Enrollment Number: 16
Final Exam Given: No
Participation Points: Participation will be a central dimension of the course and will be important to the final evaluation of students for the course.
Attendance Policy: Per Statement Of Student Policies
Additional Attendance Policy: Attendance is required as elaborated in the Statement of Student Policies
Teaching Method: In Person

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