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2016 Spring - In-Person Courses(Session C: 1/11/2016 - 4/18/2016)
SLine #PrefixCourse TitleSectionHoursProfessorTimeDaysRoom
LAW 0001L Open Block 8:00AM - 9:55AMMoGreat Hall (113)
23740LAW 600Administrative Law 0013Larson3:30PM - 4:55PMTuTh114
30204LAW 736Adv Legal Research 0013Difelice10:00AM - 11:55AMMoLib Class (L102)
11:00AM - 11:55AMWeLib Class (L102)
30267LAW 791Adv Research: LSI - Emergi... 0441Marchant
30268LAW 791Adv Research: LSI - Law & ... 0451Silver
30269LAW 791Adv Research: LSI - Person... 0461Marchant
30270LAW 791Adv Research: LSI - Sustai... 0471Rule
20413LAW 610Advanced Criminal Procedure 0013Sands3:30PM - 5:25PMMo118
12756LAW 660Advanced Estate Planning 0012Becker1:30PM - 3:25PMTh110
17516LAW 791Amateur Sports Law 0483Leach4:00PM - 5:55PMTuL1-23
SLB 510Amateur Sports Law (SLB stu... 3
29535SLB 510Amateur Sports Law (SLB stu... 0013Leach4:00PM - 5:55PMTuL1-23
11931LAW 691Appellate Advocacy 0023Carter10:00AM - 11:55AMMo110
SLB 593Applied Project (MSLB Only) 1-3
29566LAW 701Arbitration 0012Meyerson8:00AM - 9:55AMMo118
11950LAW 658Arizona Constitutional Law 0013Bender1:30PM - 2:55PMMoWeLib Conf (L101)
16151LAW 791Attorneys' Fees, Costs and ... A011Ayers8:00AM - 10:00AMFr110
23774LAW 791Banking Law 0342Gilman10:00AM - 11:55AMMo111
13376LAW 791Bar Prep 0032Noreuil1:30PM - 3:25PMFrLib-119
LAW 000Block 6:00PM - 9:00PMWe116
24033LAW 791Building Justice Institutions 0393Huber6:00PM - 8:50PMWeDC
11954LAW 654Business Organizations 0013Chodorow3:30PM - 4:55PMMoWe116
30041LAW 654Business Organizations 0023Gubler 1:30PM - 2:55PMTuTh105
19015LAW 480Business, Law & Society 0023Herbert6:00PM - 7:15PMWeBA341
17487LAW 655Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 0013Coordes8:30AM - 9:55AMTuThCourtroom (115)
11934LAW 691Civil Pretrial Practice 0032Turk5:30PM - 7:25PMTu114
17515LAW 791Claims Against Governmental... B011Gaughan5:30PM - 7:30PMMoLib Class (L102)
13894LAW 791Colloquium in Transnational... 0041Bodansky; Jaynes11:00AM - 11:55AMFr114
29268LAW 603Conflict of Laws 0012Higdon6:00PM - 7:55PMMoHLTHN 220
11947LAW 522Constitutional Law I 0013Eckstein10:00AM - 11:25AMMoWe114
11957LAW 522Constitutional Law I 0023Bender3:30PM - 4:55PMTuTh116
11959LAW 522Constitutional Law I 0033Clinton1:30PM - 2:55PMMoWeGreat Hall (113)
11961LAW 625Constitutional Law II 0014Weinstein10:00AM - 11:55AMTuTh114
13893LAW 691Construction Law 0042Holden6:00PM - 7:55PMTuLib-119
13891LAW 691Contemporary Issues in Trib... D012MorganSpring Break
31890LAW 598Contract Review & Structure... B052Erickson10:00AM - 11:55AMWeFr111
27869SLB 514Contracts:Negotiation & Dra... 0013Smith4:00PM - 5:55PMWeL1-23
11937LAW 691Corporate Governance Law 0052Lynk1:30PM - 3:25PMWe118
13895LAW 791Creative Writing for Lawyers 0051Stuart10:00AM - 11:55AMTh109
11917LAW 516Criminal Law 0013Dressler8:30AM - 9:55AMTuTh114
11930LAW 516Criminal Law 0023Saks3:30PM - 4:55PMMoWe114
29577LAW 516Criminal Law 0033Luna3:30PM - 4:55PMTuTh105
11949LAW 604Criminal Procedure 0013Dressler1:30PM - 2:55PMTuTh116
25062LAW 691Cross-border Investigations... D021HodgsonSpring Break
23756LAW 737Cults & Alt Religions 0012Demaine1:30PM - 3:25PMWe110
20424LAW 785DC Rule of Law Externship 0031-9Barnes; WilliamsonDC
13915LAW 691Death Penalty 0063Baich5:30PM - 8:25PMMoLib-119
11933LAW 618Decedent's Estates 0013Becker8:30AM - 9:55AMTuTh105
11936LAW 691eDiscovery and Digital Evid... 0072Holm6:00PM - 7:55PMMo111
13918LAW 721Education & the Law 0013Herf1:30PM - 2:55PMMoWeCourtroom (115)
30727LAW 691Effective Meeting Management 0191Feeney8:15AM - 9:55AMWe109
12750LAW 629Employment Law 0013Tiffen8:30AM - 11:25AMFrL1-23
11926LAW 791Ending School-to-Prison Pip... 0063Buel8:30AM - 9:55AMMoWeLib-119
11940LAW 691Entertainment Business Cont... 0083Mableson5:30PM - 8:25PMWe111
30106LAW 631Environmental Law 0013Bradshaw1:30PM - 2:55PMTuThL1-23
11921LAW 605Evidence 0013Buel10:30AM - 11:55AMTuTh105
11922LAW 785Externship 0011-12Barnes
11952LAW 785Externship (3L Bar) 0021-6Barnes
11916LAW 612Family Law 0013Matsumura10:30AM - 11:55AMTuTh116
25433LAW 613Federal Courts 0013Hurwitz; Nomkin4:30PM - 5:45PMTuThCRONK453
30458LAW 691Federal Economic Regulation... D031GerardenSpring Break
11939LAW 606Federal Income Taxation 0014Scharff10:00AM - 11:55AMMoWe105
14645LAW 704Federal Indian Law II 0013Miller8:30AM - 9:55AMMoWe111
13896LAW 791First Amendment 0072Weinstein10:00AM - 11:55AMWe109
11938LAW 791Foreign Relations Law 0082Gordon5:30PM - 7:25PMWeLib-119
28413LAW 315Foundations of American Bus... A013Herbert6:00PM - 8:45PMMoCPCOM213
11942LAW 691Foundations of Canadian Law 0093Asper
18172LAW 530Fundamentals of Contract La... 0013Cheslericourse
11941LAW 791Gender & Family Policy 0092Ellman1:30PM - 3:25PMMo110
29561LAW 617Genetics and the Law 0013Marchant; Stevens1:30PM - 2:55PMMoWe116
13344LAW 791Gideon Fellowship 0126
16206LAW 791Health Care Fraud Investiga... A021Giancola5:30PM - 7:30PMMo110
11951LAW 791Healthcare Entrepreneurship... 0102Coury4:30PM - 6:25PMMo109
13316LAW 791Healthcare Entrepreneurship... 0114Shufeldt
14643LAW 791HealthTechnologies, Innovat... 0132Marchant; Schneider6:00PM - 7:55PMTu110
12754LAW 778Immigration Law & Policy Cl... 0013Cruz10:00AM - 11:55AMMoWeFrCourtroom (115)
14726LAW 791Immigration Law & Policy Cl... 0153Cruz
30280SLB 592Independent Research (MSLB ... 0011-3Smith
11913LAW 781Independent Study 0011-3
30202LAW 720Indian Gaming Law 0012Clinton1:30PM - 3:25PMTuLib-119
30377LAW 720Indian Gaming Law 0023Clinton1:30PM - 3:25PMTuLib-119
12752LAW 776Indian Legal Clinic 0016Ferguson-Bohnee3:30PM - 5:25PMMoWeCourtroom (115)
10:00AM - 11:55AMFr110
14727LAW 791Infractions/Compliance in I... 0162Webb4:00PM - 5:55PMThL1-23
28907SLB 598Infractions/Compliance in I... 0012Webb4:00PM - 5:55PMThL1-23
11960LAW 791Innovation Adv. Clinic Clie... 0174Mohamed
12753LAW 777Innovation Adv.Clinic Class... 0012Coury4:30PM - 6:25PMMo109
13987LAW 691Insurance Law 0162Bryson1:30PM - 3:25PMWeLib-119
23759LAW 768International Business Tran... 0013Fellmeth10:30AM - 11:55AMMoWeL1-23
14730LAW 791Int'l Environmental Law 0183Bodansky8:30AM - 9:55AMTuTh110
14821LAW 791Int'l Law of Armed Conflict 0193Pagel4:30PM - 7:25PMTh111
11935LAW 771Jurimetrics Journal 0011-3Fellmeth
14831LAW 791Juvenile & Family Justice C... 0202Dahlstedt1:30PM - 3:25PMTuCourtroom (115)
1:30PM - 3:25PMWe111
1:30PM - 3:25PMThCourtroom (115)
30577LAW 791Juvenile & Family Justice C... 0494Dahlstedt
29562LAW 636Land Use Planning 0012Gammage; Artigue1:30PM - 3:25PMTh118
14832LAW 791Law and Psychology 0212Demaine10:00AM - 11:55AMMo109
11923LAW 770Law Journal 0011-3Miller
14839LAW 791Law Journal for Social Justice 0221-3Kramer
13916LAW 691Law, Accounting, and Finance 0102Friedman1:30PM - 3:25PMThLib-119
19014LAW 210Law, Culture & Community 0013Herbert3:00PM - 4:15PMMoWeSCOB210
30199LAW 633Law, Litigation & Science 0013Saks10:30AM - 11:55AMTuThLib-119
11919LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0012Langenfeld10:00AM - 11:55AMTh118
11925LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0022Langenfeld10:00AM - 11:55AMTh118
11927LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0032Noreuil1:30PM - 3:25PMTu118
11929LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0042Chesler1:30PM - 3:25PMMo114
11962LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0052Chesler1:30PM - 3:25PMMo114
11944LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0062Carter10:00AM - 11:55AMFrLib Class (L102)
13888LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0072Herrera10:00AM - 11:55AMThLib Class (L102)
23739LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0082Williams10:00AM - 11:55AMFrLib-119
30100LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0092Holst1:30PM - 3:25PMFr118
30101LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0102Holst1:30PM - 3:25PMFr118
30102LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0112Williams3:30PM - 5:25PMWeLib-119
11945LAW 598Legal Analysis 0013Barnes1:30PM - 2:55PMTuThLib Class (L102)
14893LAW 791Lisa Foundation Patent Law ... 0233Gross10:00AM - 11:55AMTuFr109
11946LAW 705Media Law 0013Bodney6:00PM - 8:45PMThCRONK 256
11956LAW 775Mediation Clinic 0015Hinshaw; Pate1:30PM - 3:25PMMoWe109
14963LAW 791Moot Court Teams 0241-3
30428LAW 607Nanotechnology 0012Bowman3:30PM - 5:25PMWe118
30201LAW 639Natural Resources Law 0013Bradshaw8:30AM - 11:25AMTu118
31003LAW 733Negotiation 0013Winkelman8:00AM - 10:55AMTu111
20445LAW 791Neuroscience, Law & Ethics 0252Grey; Robert10:00AM - 11:55AMWe118
29540LAW 582Patent Drafting (MLS Patent... 0013Gross; Rowe8:30AM - 9:55AMTuFr109
11948LAW 691Patent Preparation & Prosec... 0112Noblitt3:30PM - 5:25PMWe111
16147LAW 791Philosophy of Crime and Pun... 0262Murphy3:30PM - 5:25PMWe110
24168LAW 791Policy Design Studio 0403Polt; Warlick2:00PM - 4:50PMFrDC
17518LAW 791Post Conviction Clinic Clie... 0282-4Puzauskas
17517LAW 791Post-Conviction Clinic 0272Puzauskas3:30PM - 5:25PMTuTh109
17513LAW 724Privacy 0012Coleman10:00AM - 11:55AMTh110
16272LAW 791Privacy, Big Data & Emergin... 0292Marchant; Royal5:00PM - 6:55PMWe109
17572LAW 791Professional Liability Liti... A031Rayes; Tryon5:00PM - 7:00PMTh118
11932LAW 638Professional Responsibility 0013Sturr; Stanton8:30AM - 11:25AMFr118
11955LAW 638Professional Responsibility 0023Yurk5:00PM - 7:55PMMo114
13314LAW 638Professional Responsibility 0033Bishop; Halaby5:30PM - 8:25PMTu116
30200LAW 638Professional Responsibility 0043Lynk8:30AM - 9:55AMTuTh116
30989LAW 638Professional Responsibility 0053Jones10:30AM - 11:55AMMoWe116
29914SLB 598Professional Sports Careers... A013Wong6:00PM - 8:20PMTu118
30305LAW 394Professional Sports Careers... A013Wong6:00PM - 8:20PMTu118
14641LAW 691Professional Sports Law 0173Gibson4:00PM - 5:55PMFr114
SLB 512Professional Sports Law (SL... 3
28910SLB 512Professional Sports Law (SL... 0013Gibson4:00PM - 5:55PMFr114
11915LAW 523Property 0014Herrera8:00AM - 9:55AMWeFr105
11928LAW 523Property 0024Kramer1:30PM - 3:25PMWeFr114
13887LAW 523Property 0034Larson10:00AM - 11:55AMMoWeGreat Hall (113)
23770LAW 791Prosecution Clinic 0303Vick6:00PM - 7:55PMWeCourtroom (115)
23771LAW 791Prosecution Clinic Client C... 0313
11958LAW 772Public Defender Clinic 0012Lowrance7:00PM - 8:55PMTuCourtroom (115)
23772LAW 791Public Defender Clinic Clie... 0324Roth
13890LAW 651Public Health Law and Ethics 0012Hodge JR.1:30PM - 3:25PMMoLib-119
30103LAW 615Public Int'l Law 0013Bodansky1:30PM - 2:55PMTuTh114
17488LAW 656Real Estate & Business Valu... 0012Birnbaum8:30AM - 10:25AMFr116
29579LAW 791Real Estate Foreclosure (A ... A051Wilk4:00PM - 6:00PMTuLib Class (L102)
20427LAW 791Real Estate Litigation (B S... B021Henry; Parker5:30PM - 8:00PMWe110
23773LAW 791Reproduction, Reproductive ... 0333Matsumura1:30PM - 4:25PMTu110
30677LAW 621Sales & Leases of Goods 0012Fitzgerald5:00PM - 6:55PMWe114
17486LAW 622Secured Transactions 0013Rule3:30PM - 4:55PMMoWe105
16105LAW 640Securities Regulation 0013Gubler 10:30AM - 11:55AMTuThL1-23
23848LAW 791Sports & Entertainment Law ... 0351 - 3Lynk; Smith
SLB 516Sports Business Development... 3
27870SLB 516Sports Business Development... 0013McIntosh4:30PM - 7:15PMMoL1-23
13924LAW 715Sports Law 0013Jay6:00PM - 8:55PMTu105
SLB 584Sports Law Intenship (MSLB ... 1-9
29910SLB 584Sports Law Intenship (SLB s... 0011-9Smith; Mokwa
SLB 517Sports Marketing (MSLB stud... 3
SLB 598Sports Venues:Legal, Financ... 3
16098LAW 691State and Local Tax 0123Scharff3:30PM - 4:55PMMoWeLib Class (L102)
31015SLB 511Strategic Career Planning (... 0011Renaut; Smith1:30PM - 3:25PMTh109
29532SLB 598Strategic Fundraising (MSLB... 0032Harris9:00AM - 10:55AMTuAthletics
14715LAW 735Teaching Assistant 0022
23760LAW 780The Litigation Experience 0014Dauber; Verdier; Ames; Beauchamp; Gross8:30AM - 9:55AMMoCourtroom (115)
9:30AM - 11:55AMTh111
23761LAW 780The Litigation Experience 0024Dauber; Flood; Booker; Ames; Gross8:30AM - 9:55AMMoCourtroom (115)
3:30PM - 5:55PMThLib Conf (L101)
23762LAW 780The Litigation Experience 0034Dauber; Zweig; Ames; Gross; Harrison8:30AM - 9:55AMMoCourtroom (115)
6:00PM - 8:25PMTh110
23763LAW 780The Litigation Experience 0044Dauber; Ames; Zimmerman; Gross; McKee8:30AM - 9:55AMMoCourtroom (115)
8:00AM - 10:25AMFr114
13917LAW 691The Moral Leader 0132Cabot10:00AM - 11:55AMTu110
11953LAW 691Trademark and Unfair Compet... 0143Long6:00PM - 7:55PMMoWe118
13892LAW 691Transition to Law Practice ... 0012Dauber10:00AM - 11:55AMTuThCourtroom (115)
24184LAW 791Transitional Justice Mechan... 0413Williamson5:30PM - 8:20PMThDC
11920LAW 738Trial Advocacy 0013Cabot5:00PM - 7:55PMThCourtroom (115)
11963LAW 738Trial Advocacy 0023Charlton; Rapp5:30PM - 8:25PMThCRONK 447
29571LAW 738Trial Advocacy 0033Sands5:30PM - 8:25PMMoCourtroom (115)
23935LAW 791Truman Young Fellowship 0376
13965LAW 691U.S. Asylum Law 0153Cruz1:30PM - 2:55PMMoWeL1-23
30051LAW 598Understanding the Watergate... A033Dean3:00PM - 5:45PMWeEDC117
14644LAW 581US Law and Legal Analysis (... 0013Royalicourse
24032LAW 791Victims in Criminal Procedure 0382Twist4:00PM - 5:55PMTh110
30265LAW 791Work-Life Law and Policy Cl... 0426Karin3:30PM - 5:55PMWeOther
3:30PM - 5:55PMFrCourtroom (115)
30266LAW 791Writing for Judicial Clerks 0432Langenfeld3:30PM - 5:25PMTu111
12751LAW 735Writing TA 0012Langenfeld
2016 Spring - Online Courses
SLine #PrefixCourse TitleSectionHoursProfessorStartEndRoom
23997LAW 598Adm Agencies & Regulation (... B013HowellASU Online
23998LAW 598Adv Topics in HR & Employme... B023PreudhommeASU Online
27775LAW 598Adv Topics in Sports Law (M... B033RenautASU Online
24214LAW 654Business Organizations (MLS... A013HubachASU Online
27774LAW 646Copyright Law (MLS Online O... A013CarterASU Online
23996LAW 598Duties, Obligations & Right... A013EdgellASU Online
30180LAW 592Independent Research (MLS O... 0011-3MenkhusASU Online
20414LAW 636Land Use Planning (MLS Onli... A013BradshawASU Online
27777SLB 512Professional Sports Law (ML... A013RenautASU Online
21115LAW 598Tort Law (MLS Online Only) A023HimmelsteinASU Online
24031LAW 691Trademark & Unfair Competit... B013KappesASU Online
27776LAW 598US Constitutional Law (MLS ... B043SilverASU Online
23847LAW 581US Law and Legal Analysis (... A013Holsman TetreaultASU Online
27778LAW 643Water Law (MLS Online Only) B013LarsonASU Online