Construction Law

SLN #: 13893
Course Prefix: LAW-691
Course Section: 004
Credit Hours: 2
Instructor(s): Holden

Course Description:
The construction of ASU’s new law school is the “laboratory” for this year’s course. The case studies presented in class each week will be based on actual “real time” events occurring on the ASU law school project. In addition, the class will visit the project site to see the practical application of construction law issues. The course is being taught by an experienced practicing lawyer. Topics that will be covered include: types of construction contracts; the basic relationships among the owners, architects/engineers, general contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers on a project; express and implied warranties; the role of the schedule and claims related to scheduling; change orders and concealed site condition claims; mechanics' liens, stop notices and other payment remedies; types of insurance and insurance coverage disputes on construction projects; proving damages; and the trial of a construction case and the use of expert witnesses. Extensive student participation during class is expected.

Additional Information:
Credit Hours: 2
Grading Option: Letter Grade Only
Graduation Writing Requirement: No
Flexible Writing Requirement: No
Skills Requirement: No
Experiential Learning: No
Special Withdrawal Course: No
Final Exam Given: Yes
Final Exam Type: In-Class - Completely Secure
Attendance Policy: Per Statement Of Student Policies

* The law school has a policy that Is used To calculate credit hours. Please see the Statement of Student Policies.