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CALI (The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction)
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"CALI is a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit consortium of law schools that researches and develops computer-mediated legal instruction and supports institutions and individuals using technology and distance learning in legal education." Authorization Code for College of Law Students. College of Law faculty should contact a librarian to obtain the faculty authorization code.

California Case Law - FindLaw
This site has California Supreme Court and California Court of Appeal decisions from 1934 to the present.

Canada Treaty Information
The Treaty Law Division of the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade website lists all treaties to which Canada is a party. It has both basic and advanced search functions.

Canadian Constitutional Documents
This Canadian Department of Justice website provides access to important documents related to the Canadian Constitution. It also offers a Table of Contents view of the Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982.

Canadian Judicial Council
The Canadian Judicial Council is a federal body which promotes efficiency, accountability, and quality in the superior courts of Canada. The Judicial Council’s website has a Resource Centre which offers information on how the Canadian court system is organized and where to find Canadian case law.

CanLII is a non-profit organization managed by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada that makes Canadian federal and provincial law available for free on the internet. The CanLII website provides access to court cases, tribunal decisions, statutes, and regulations from all Canadian jurisdictions. Materials can be both browsed and searched. Coverage varies – see the Database Scope table for specific jurisdictions.

Capital Defense Network
The Capital Defense Network segments its Web site into two separate sections covering habeas corpus proceedings and capital prosecutions.

Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations
Cardiff University maintains this index to abbreviations for legal publications covering international and comparative law. The website contains English language and foreign language publications.

(2047Hits)  (Law Library only)
CaseTrack is a database of United Kingdom, European Union and Irish statutes and case law. From the Justis homepage, click on the Casetrack Academic Users link, and, then, on the next page, select the "Continue" button.

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications
The new and improved CGP currently offers more than 500,000 records to both historical and current Government publications. These records have been created or updated since July 1976. Plans are underway to include records for publications dating back to the late 1800s.

CCH Federal Securities Law Reporter
(618Hits)  (On-campus use. Remote access-ASU students & staff)
This eight volume treatise is kept up to date by pocket parts and provides comprehensive coverage of the federal laws and rules that regulate securities. The Reporter includes relevant statutory and regulatory law, explanations that discuss and explain the law, the full text of court opinions deciding issues of federal securities law, and SEC documents.
The Reporter is also available electronically:

CCH IntelliConnect
(6645Hits)  (On-campus use. Remote access-ASU students & staff)
Access to the following libraries of official source documents, news, and analysis:
  • Securities
  • Exchanges and SROs
  • Corporate Governance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • International Business
  • Banking
  • Antitrust and Trade Regulation
  • Products Liability and Safety
  • Government Contracts
  • Intellectual Property Computer & Internet Law
  • Federal Energy Guidelines
  • Transportation Law.

CCH Labor & Employment (Westlaw database)
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This Westlaw database provides access to current CCH Labor & Employment content.

CCH Labor Law Journal
The CCH Labor Law Journal is a quarterly journal that reviews the relationship of law, labor, management, and the economy. The journal publishes scholarly articles, includes special staff features that feature appointments of interest to government, union, and management positions, and highlights important decision, regulations, and new developments in the area of labor and employment.

CCH Tax Research Network
(4890Hits)  (On-campus use. Remote access-ASU students & staff)
Access to the following libraries of official source documents, news, and analysis:
  • Federal tax
  • State tax
  • Financial and estate tax.

Chemical Regulation Reporter - Current Reports®
Covers the regulation of every stage in the chemical life cycle, includes news, HAZMAT guidance, and links to full-text documents

CIA World Factbook
Includes basic information about each country’s legal system. Available on HeinOnline. CIA World Factbook

CIAO: Columbia International Affairs Online
(1512Hits)  (On-campus use. Remote access-ASU students & staff)
Columbia International Affairs Online is a research resource for international affairs. The CIAO website contains working papers for university research institutes, occasional papers series from NGOs, foundation-funded research projects, proceedings from conferences, books, journals and policy briefs from 1991 forward.

City of Prescott Code
A Codification of the General Ordinances of the City of Prescott, Arizona.

City of Tempe Home Page
The homepage of the City of Tempe provides information on Tempe news and events, as well as access to city services and laws.

Class Action Litigation Report®
Tracks class action and multiparty litigation across the nation and across subjects, with analysis and practical guidance

Code of Federal Regulations
Codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government. sources for the CFR:

Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders
This online version of the out-of-print Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders contains presidential proclamations and executive orders from April 13, 1945 to January 20, 1989 (Truman through Reagan).

Cohen’s Handbook of Federal Indian Law
KF8205 .A33 2012. This treatise covers federal Indian law, focusing on the relationship among tribes, the states, and the federal government within the context of civil and criminal jurisdiction, as well as areas of resource management and government structure. This title is also available through LexisNexis online (password required). The 1941 edition of Cohens Handbook is available on the University of Oklahoma website.

Collective Bargaining Negotiations & Contracts
Provides "how-to" information and assistance in preparing for, negotiating, and administering collective bargaining agreements

Collegiate and Professional Sports Law Blog
This blog is edited by three attorneys from the firm Jackson Lewis P.C. who practice sports law.

Columbia Business Law Review
The Columbia Business Law Review is published by Columbia Law School. The journal publishes articles on all aspects of business law, both domestic and international.
  • HeinOnline (1986-present)
  • Westlaw (1986-present)
  • LexisNexis COLBUS database (1986-present)

Compilation of Presidential Documents
The Compilation of Presidential Documents is a collection of official documents issued by the President, such as Proclamations and Executive Orders. This site covers 1993-present.

Complete Guide to Divorce Practice: Forms and Procedures for the Lawyer (2017)
This book contains sample forms, letters, and contracts for the family law practitioner.

Computer Technology Law Report®
Provides coverage on legal developments in liability and insurance coverage issues relating to computers

Congressional Directory

Congressional Quarterly
(1332Hits)  (On-campus only)

Congressional Record
This Government Printing Office site has the Congressional Record from 1995 to the present. Also available on HeinOnline (on-campus or ASURITE)

Congressional Research Service Reports
This database of Congressional Research Service reports is maintained by the University of Marylands Thurgood Marshall Law Library.

Consolidated Acts of Canada
The Canadian Department of Justice website provides an official consolidation of federal Acts.

Consolidated Regulations of Canada
The Canadian Department of Justice website provides an official consolidation of federal regulations. Laws are available in both English and French.

Constitution Finder
This is an index of countries constitutions, charters, amendments, etc. that are available on the internet.

Constitution of the United States, Analysis and Interpretation
Prepared by the Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress.

Constitutional Sources Project
Housed at Winston & Strawns Washington D.Cs office, the Constitutional Sources Project has "the singular goal of creating and maintaining the first, free, fully-indexed, comprehensive online library of constitutional sources." Current collections include James Madisons Notes of the Constitutional Convention, the Federalist Papers, the Anti and Pro-Federalist Papers, State Ratification Debates for Seven States, Bill of Rights Legislative History and the Founders Papers. Check the site for future additions.

Construction Labor Report
Coverage of labor and employment issues to segments of the construction industry: union, non-union, or dual shop

Copyright Clearance Center Home Page
Copyright Clearance Center is a not-for-profit facility organized to aid compliance with U.S. copyright law.

Cornell Law School - Constitutional Law Page
Cornell Law Schools Constitutional Law Page has the text of the U.S. Constitution, Supreme Court opinions, historical documents and links to related sites.

Cornell Law School - State Law Collection
This site links to state statutes, constitutions, court opinions and administrative codes.

Corporate Accountability Report ®
Updates concerning corporate governance, financial reporting, corporate lawyers' changing roles and responsibilities

Corporate Compliance Library®
Materials relating to organizational compliance programs under the US Sentencing Guidelines for Organizational Defendants

Corporate Counsel Weekly
Provides insight on trends and developments affecting corporate practice with news and analysis

Corporate Governance Library®
Current news and reference materials relating to corporate governance, including Delaware corporations law and the Corporate Governance Manual

Corporate Law Daily
Coverage of major developments in judicial, legislative, regulatory, and tax issues that affect corporate practice

Corporate Practice Library
Consists of portfolios and primary materials on topics relevant to corporate counsel, including antitrust, securities, and Sarbanes-Oxley

Corporation Law Hornbook
By Franklin A. Gevurtz (2000)
Corporation Law is written for law students and legal practitioners. The hornbook covers formation, financial structure, governance, duties of directors and officers, closely held corporations, securities fraud and regulation, and mergers and acquisitions.

Country-by-Country Guide to Foreign Law Research
This website, maintained by the Yale University Law School Lillian Goldman Law Library, provides country-by-country research guides meant to connect users to the best research resources and databases for each country.

Court and Court Related Web Sites
This site by the National Center for State Courts links to federal and state court web sites.

Court Forms - FindLaw
This site includes federal and state forms.

Court Rules, Forms and Dockets
This site is part of and has links to sources for state and federal court rules, forms and dockets.

Court Statistics Project
The Court Statistics Project is a joint project of the National Center for State Courts and the Conference of State Court Administrators. The Project publishes caseload data for all 50 states and provides information by case type: civil, criminal, juvenile, domestic relations, traffic, and appellate.

Courts of British Columbia
The Courts of British Columbia website gives information about the British Columbia Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, and Provincial Court. Judgments from each court can be both searched and browsed.

Courts of Newfoundland
The Courts of Newfoundland website provides information on the Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court and Provincial Court.

Courts of Novia Scotia
The Courts of Novia Scotia website provides information on the provincial court system and access to judgments from the Novia Scotia Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, and Provincial Court.

Courts of Quebec
The Courts of Quebec website provides information on the Quebec courts and access to their judgments.

Courts of Saskatchewan
The Courts of Saskatchewan website provides access to judgments from the Saskatchewan Court of Queens Bench, the Court of Appeal, and the Provincial Court. The site also offers information on court policies and rules.

Criminal Law Reporter
Reports on significant developments, trends, and emerging patterns in criminal law
(221Hits) is a free web based repository of Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports. Reports can be searched by keyword.