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2018 Fall - In-Person Courses(Session A: 8/15/2018 - 9/28/2018, Session B: 10/8/2018 - 11/26/2018, Session C: 8/15/2018 - 11/26/2018)
SLine #PrefixCourse TitleSectionHoursProfessorTimeDaysRoom
93003LAW 69114th Amendment 0213Weinstein-Tull8:30AM - 9:55AMMoWeA644
87425LAW 609Administrative Law 0013Wurman8:30AM - 9:55AMMoWeA442
92963LAW 662ADR and Employment Law 0012Meyerson8:00AM - 9:55AMMoA550
87470LAW 736Adv Legal Research 0012Trotta10:05AM - 12:00PMWeA352
73201LAW 791Adv Research: LSI - Law & ... 0021Silver
78770LAW 791Adv Writing -Indian Law 0273Burtis10:05AM - 12:00PMWeA267
87330LAW 610Advanced Criminal Procedure 0013Sands; Johnson3:40PM - 5:35PMMoA644
71200LAW 791Amateur Sports Law 0013Gibson1:35PM - 3:00PMMoWeA150
87491SLB 510Amateur Sports Law-MSLB 0013Gibson1:35PM - 3:00PMMoWeA150
76319LAW 210American Legal System and B... 0013Barnard4:30PM - 5:45PMTuThTempe Campus
79527LAW 210American Legal System and B... 0023Deatherage4:35PM - 5:50PMMoWeTempe Campus
87361LAW 601Antitrust 0013James3:40PM - 5:05PMMoWeA250
87325SLB 593Applied Project (MSLB & LLM) 0011-3
71194LAW 691Arizona Criminal Law 0042Lowrance; Whalen6:00PM - 7:55PMThA352
75605LAW 791Attorneys' Fees, Costs and ... B011Ayers8:00AM - 10:00AMMoA546
93139LAW 652Bioethics & Law 0012Stevens10:05AM - 12:00PMWeA650
71195LAW 691Biotechnology: Science, Law... 0053Marchant; Cardineau10:05AM - 11:30AMTuThA240
71196LAW 691Blockchain & Cryptocurrenci... 0062Marchant; McCarville; Suzuki3:40PM - 5:35PMTuA250
87436LAW 654Business Organizations 0013Forst6:00PM - 8:55PMTuA644
88367LAW 654Business Organizations 0023Lynk1:35PM - 3:00PMMoWeA644
80114LAW 480Business Organizations - UG 0013Forst3:00PM - 4:15PMTuThTempe Campus
91656LAW 480Business Organizations - UG 0023Markos4:30PM - 5:45PMTuThTempe Campus
92834SLB 511Career Strategies & Busines... 0013Renaut; Wong; Jarvis3:40PM - 6:35PMMoA240
92983LAW 773Civil Litigation Clinic 0016Dauber; Barnes1:35PM - 3:00PMTuThA655
10:05AM - 12:00PMFrA655
87595LAW 518Civil Procedure 0014Dauber10:05AM - 12:00PMTuThA442
87596LAW 518Civil Procedure 0024Berch8:00AM - 9:55AMWeFrA450
87597LAW 518Civil Procedure 0034Sahani1:35PM - 3:30PMMoWeA442
87598LAW 518Civil Procedure 0044Miller1:35PM - 3:30PMWeFrA450
74691LAW 691Civil Rights Seminar 0072Kramer10:05AM - 12:00PMMoA655
75620LAW 691Class Actions 0082Carey; Aragon3:40PM - 5:35PMWeA555
87338LAW 624Community Property 0012Davis10:05AM - 12:00PMThA150
87328LAW 585Comprehensive Patent Practice 0015Gross; Bennett5:15PM - 7:10PMTuThA243
77094LAW 691Comprehensive Patent Practice 0094Gross; Bennett5:15PM - 7:10PMTuThA243
87585LAW 515Contracts 0014Matsumura1:35PM - 3:30PMMoWeA650
87586LAW 515Contracts 0024Coordes8:00AM - 9:55AMTuThA450
87588LAW 515Contracts 0034Banks10:05AM - 12:00PMTuThA450
87589LAW 515Contracts 0044Calleros3:40PM - 5:35PMTuThA650
93016LAW 515Contracts 0054Bradshaw1:35PM - 3:30PMTuThA650
77130LAW 691Corporate Governance Law 0102Lynk10:05AM - 12:00PMTuA555
80808LAW 691Court Practice in Probate a... B011Garner3:40PM - 5:40PMTuA555
83605LAW 791Courtroom Ethics 0291Stuart10:05AM - 12:00PMThA267
71201LAW 791Creative Writing for Lawyers 0031Feeney8:15AM - 9:55AMWeA243
75603LAW 791Creditor Remedies A011Spurlock; Anderson10:00AM - 12:00PMThA655
71197LAW 604Criminal Procedure 0013Luna10:05AM - 11:30AMMoWeA644
71202LAW 791Criminal Sentencing Seminar... 0042Popko 6:00PM - 7:55PMTuA555
93148LAW 723Cultural Resources 0012Reed1:35PM - 3:30PMTuA555
73838LAW 785DC Externship 0029Kittrie
87477LAW 653Debtor/Creditor & Bankruptc... 0013Baum1:35PM - 4:30PMMoA352
87333LAW 618Decedent's Estates 0013Becker8:30AM - 9:55AMTuThA644
93113LAW 618Decedent's Estates 0023House3:40PM - 5:05PMMoWeA650
90747LAW 619Energy Law & Policy 0013Rule1:35PM - 3:00PMMoWeA250
87331LAW 611Estate and Gift Tax 0012Becker1:35PM - 3:30PMThA550
87422LAW 605Evidence 0013Berch1:35PM - 3:00PMTuThA644
71203LAW 791Executive Branch Regulatory... 0053Kittrie6:30PM - 9:30PMThDC
71199LAW 785Externship 0013-12English
87332LAW 612Family Law 0013Pontrelli3:40PM - 5:05PMMoWeA442
87437LAW 667FDA Regulation 0012Feigal JR. ; Morris; Shire6:00PM - 7:55PMMoA150
76791LAW 791Federal Advocacy for the Tr... D012ArtmanDC
87427LAW 632Federal Indian Law I 0013Miller10:35AM - 12:00PMTuThA650
94352SDO 598Financing Early Stage Ventu... 0133Hool; Lorenz II6:00PM - 8:45PMWeA555
83608LAW 791First Amendment Clinic 0321Leslie3:40PM - 4:35PMThA555
83609LAW 791First Amendment Clinic Clie... 0332Leslie
93124SDO 598Foundations in Conflict Res... D011ReichA696
71204LAW 791Gideon Fellowship 0066
71205LAW 791Government Relations 0072Harris3:40PM - 5:35PMMoA243
92982LAW 650Health Law and Policy 0012Hodge JR.10:05AM - 12:00PMMoA450
71206LAW 791High Technology Licensing 0082Noblitt1:35PM - 3:30PMWeA655
83825SLB 598History of MLB Since WWII -... B011Gibson; Selig1:35PM - 3:30PMFrA150
87359LAW 778Immigration Clinic 0013Cruz10:05AM - 12:00PMMoWeFrA546
80364LAW 791Immigration Clinic Client C... 0093Cruz
80743SLB 592Independent Research (MSLB ... 0011-3
71198LAW 781Independent Study 0011-3
87357LAW 776Indian Legal Clinic 0016Ferguson-Bohnee1:35PM - 3:30PMMoWeA546
10:05AM - 12:00PMFrA243
78317LAW 691Indian Legal Research 0111Difelice; Herrera9:00AM - 9:55AMThA352
71207LAW 791Innovation Adv. Clinic Clie... 0104Mohamed
87358LAW 777Innovation Adv.Clinic Class... 0012Coury4:30PM - 6:25PMMoA267
78318LAW 664Intellectual Property 0013Kappes8:30AM - 9:55AMTuThA442
71208LAW 791International Arbitration 0112Sahani3:40PM - 5:35PMTuA150
93657SDO 584Internship - LLM 0021-9
93207SDO 584Internship - Masters 0011-12
71209LAW 791Int'l Environmental Law 0123Bodansky10:35AM - 12:00PMTuThA550
87465LAW 709Int'l Human Rights 0013Fellmeth3:40PM - 5:05PMMoWeA150
87474LAW 771Jurimetrics Journal 0011-3Bowman
87451LAW 691Jurisprudence 0122Murphy1:35PM - 3:30PMWeA555
75606LAW 791Jury Selection B021Sandweg; Slack; Cooper8:00AM - 10:00AMWeA546
87339LAW 635Juvenile Law 0012Lemaire5:30PM - 7:25PMMoA655
87473LAW 770Law Journal 0011-3Miller
73839LAW 791Law Journal for Social Justice 0131-3Kramer
87464LAW 703Law, Science & Technology 0013Marchant; Cardineau1:35PM - 3:00PMTuThA450
87602LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0013Langenfeld1:35PM - 3:30PMTuA352
87603LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0023Langenfeld1:35PM - 3:30PMThA352
87604LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0033Herrera8:00AM - 9:55AMTuA550
87605LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0043Noreuil1:35PM - 3:30PMFrA650
87606LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0053Chesler10:05AM - 12:00PMTuA352
87607LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0063Carter10:05AM - 12:00PMThA352
87608LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0073Herrera1:35PM - 3:30PMTuA250
87609LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0083Holst10:05AM - 12:00PMFrA352
87610LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0093Holst1:35PM - 3:30PMFrA352
87611LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0103Cohen10:05AM - 12:00PMFrA550
87612LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0113Cohen1:35PM - 3:30PMFrA550
87613LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0123Noreuil10:05AM - 12:00PMFrA650
87614LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0133Carter3:40PM - 5:35PMTuA550
93020LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0143Chesler3:40PM - 5:35PMThA352
93021LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0153Dragnich10:05AM - 12:00PMThA250
73840LAW 791Legislative Advocacy & the Law 0143Kittrie6:30PM - 9:30PMWeDC
87452LAW 691Legislative Process and Pri... 0132Alarcon10:05AM - 12:00PMMoA555
93165LAW 691Legislative Process and Pri... 0252Seiden4:30PM - 6:25PMTuA655
74698LAW 791Lisa Foundation Patent Law ... 0153Gross3:40PM - 5:05PMTuThA243
83604LAW 791Med Malpractice Litigation 0282Cohen10:05AM - 12:00PMThA644
92985LAW 775Mediation Clinic 0015Hinshaw1:35PM - 3:30PMTuThA243
74716LAW 791Mindfulness and the Law 0162Kessler4:00PM - 5:55PMTuA352
73860LAW 791Moot Court Teams 0171-3
73183LAW 691NCAA Compliance, Infraction... 0013Webb1:30PM - 4:30PMTuTempe Campus
83664SLB 598NCAA Compliance, Infraction... 0013Webb1:30PM - 4:30PMTuTempe Campus
73185LAW 733Negotiation 0013O'Loughlin; Winkelman9:00AM - 11:55AMTuA150
73881LAW 791Neuroscience, Law & Ethics 0182Cohen; Robert1:35PM - 3:30PMThA150
88429LAW 394Non Profit Organizations 0013Barnard6:00PM - 7:15PMTuTempe Campus
73186LAW 645Patent Law 0013Kappes10:05AM - 11:30AMMoWeA150
75604LAW 791Persuasive Speech A021Goodwin; McFadzen8:00AM - 10:00AMMoA546
78375LAW 791Post-Conviction Clinic 0192Puzauskas10:05AM - 12:00PMTuThA696
74739LAW 791Post-Conviction Clinic Clie... 0202-4Puzauskas
87456LAW 691Practical Insurance:Handlin... B021Sonne1:30PM - 3:30PMTuA150
87350LAW 657Private Property Rights 0013Claus8:30AM - 11:25AMFrA442
73184LAW 691Pro Sport Team Ops/Legal Is... 0023Jay6:00PM - 8:55PMTuA550
93645LAW 596Professional Legal Writing ... 0013Mospan10:35AM - 12:00PMTuThA243
87340LAW 638Professional Responsibility 0013Tuchi5:30PM - 6:55PMTuThA442
71193LAW 691Professional Sports Law 0033Hooper4:00PM - 6:55PMThA240
87492SLB 512Professional Sports Law-MSLB 0013Hooper4:00PM - 6:55PMThA240
87356LAW 774Prosecution Clinic 0013Vick5:35PM - 7:30PMMoA550
5:35PM - 7:30PMWeA546
74777LAW 791Prosecution Clinic Client C... 0213
93142LAW 691Prosecutorial Ethics & Deci... 0242Charlton5:40PM - 7:35PMWeA550
87355LAW 772Public Defender Clinic 0012Lowrance6:00PM - 7:55PMTuA546
75621LAW 791Public Defender Clinic Clie... 0224Roth
92981LAW 615Public Int'l Law 0013Fellmeth10:05AM - 11:30AMMoWeA250
93114LAW 691Race and the Law 0232Overton10:05AM - 12:00PMTuA267
83606LAW 791Research Ethics and Law 0302Feigal JR. ; Feigal4:00PM - 5:55PMMoA555
87454LAW 691Research Methods in Int'l Law 0141Difelice9:00AM - 9:55AMTuA352
92961SLB 598Revenue Generation in Sports D0134:15PM - 6:45PMTuThTempe Campus
94049LAW 622Secured Transactions 0013Coordes3:40PM - 5:05PMTuThA450
87469LAW 691Separation of Powers 0152Bales3:40PM - 5:35PMMoA550
75622LAW 791Sports & Entertainment Law ... 0231 - 3Lynk
80680SLB 518Sports Analytics-Masters 0013McIntosh10:30AM - 11:45AMTuTempe Campus
88436SLB 518Sports Analytics-Masters 0023McIntosh10:30AM - 11:45AMThTempe Campus
92833SLB 515Sports Business Strategy:Ex... 0013Mokwa4:00PM - 6:55PMWeA240
87471LAW 745Supreme Court 0012Weinstein10:05AM - 12:00PMWeA655
80386LAW 791Sustainability Law Research... 0241Rule10:05AM - 12:00PMThA555
87552LAW 735Teaching Assistant 0022
91655LAW 394Technology Law 0023Juetten4:30PM - 5:45PMWeTempe Campus
87496LAW 691The Moral Leader 0162Cabot10:05AM - 12:00PMTuA655
87497LAW 691The State Attorneys General 0172Goddard; Segal3:40PM - 5:35PMTuA267
93031LAW 691Topics in Bankruptcy Law 0223Curley1:35PM - 4:30PMTuA240
87590LAW 517Torts 0014Jones10:05AM - 12:00PMWeFrA450
87591LAW 517Torts 0024Grey10:05AM - 12:00PMMoWeA442
87592LAW 517Torts 0034Jones1:35PM - 3:30PMTuThA442
87593LAW 517Torts 0044Demaine3:40PM - 5:35PMMoWeA450
87537LAW 691Trade Secrets & Restrictive... 0182Gibson6:00PM - 7:55PMWeA150
88062LAW 691Transactional Practice Read... 0193Gilman; Wood10:35AM - 12:00PMMoWeA550
87351LAW 738Trial Advocacy 0013Cabot5:00PM - 7:55PMThA546
87352LAW 738Trial Advocacy 0023Richards10:35AM - 12:00PMTuThA546
87353LAW 738Trial Advocacy 0033Sands5:45PM - 8:40PMMoA546
87354LAW 738Trial Advocacy 0043Rapp5:30PM - 8:25PMThA550
80387LAW 791Truman Young Fellowship 0256
87495SLB 598US Law & Analysis in Sports 0043Jarvis10:35AM - 12:00PMMoWeA240
88074LAW 691Utility Law & Regulation 0203Grabel8:30AM - 9:55AMThFrA655
77236LAW 791Victims in Criminal Procedure 0262Twist; Montgomery4:00PM - 5:55PMThA655
87435LAW 643Water Law 0013Larson1:35PM - 3:00PMMoWeA240
93195LAW 642White Collar Crime 0012Altman6:00PM - 7:55PMMoA250
93004LAW 626Writing for Law Practice 0012Dragnich1:35PM - 3:30PMTuA550
87550LAW 735Writing TA 0012
2018 Fall - Online Courses
SLine #PrefixCourse TitleSectionHoursProfessorStartEndRoom
92892SDO 598Administrative Agencies & R... 0013WaltonAug-16-2018Nov-30-2018iCourse
92876SDO 598Amateur Sports Law-Masters B013UffensOct-10-2018Nov-30-2018ASU Online
92884SDO 598American Indian Law-Masters B083BurtisOct-10-2018Nov-30-2018ASU Online
93510SDO 598American Indian Law-Masters B123BurtisOct-10-2018Nov-30-2018iCourse
92893SDO 598Arbitration - Masters 0023MeyersonAug-16-2018Nov-30-2018iCourse
92865SDO 598Compliance and Ethics-Masters A013Glassman; RyersonAug-16-2018Oct-05-2018ASU Online
92894SDO 598Conflict Theory-Masters 0033VotrubaAug-16-2018Nov-30-2018iCourse
92866SDO 598Criminal Law-Masters A023DaltonAug-16-2018Oct-05-2018ASU Online
92877SDO 598Criminal Procedure-Masters B023RobertsOct-10-2018Nov-30-2018ASU Online
92878SDO 598Employment Discrimination-M... B033FriesOct-10-2018Nov-30-2018ASU Online
92867SDO 598Employment Law-Masters A033EdgellAug-16-2018Oct-05-2018ASU Online
92879SDO 598Energy Law & Policy-Masters B043MayesOct-10-2018Nov-30-2018ASU Online
92868SDO 598Environmental Law-Masters A043LarsonAug-16-2018Oct-05-2018ASU Online
92869SDO 598Fundamentals of Contract La... A053BurnetteAug-16-2018Oct-05-2018ASU Online
92895SDO 598Fundamentals of Contract La... 0043LopezAug-16-2018Nov-30-2018iCourse
92896SDO 598HR and Employment Law-Masters 0053EnglishAug-16-2018Nov-30-2018iCourse
92870SDO 598Immigration Law-Masters A063Lehm; CorcoranAug-16-2018Oct-05-2018ASU Online
92863SDO 592Independent Research - Masters 0011-3Aug-16-2018Nov-30-2018iCourse
92864SDO 592Independent Research - Masters 0021-3Aug-16-2018Nov-30-2018ASU Online
92897SDO 598Integrating Legal Principle... 0063KnightAug-16-2018Nov-30-2018iCourse
92871SDO 598Intellectual Property-Masters A073MenkhusAug-16-2018Oct-05-2018ASU Online
94388SDO 598Intellectual Property-Masters A133MenkhusAug-16-2018Oct-05-2018iCourse
92898SDO 598Mediation - Masters 0073Facciola; GennaAug-16-2018Nov-30-2018iCourse
92899SDO 598Negotiation - Masters 0083BridgesmithAug-16-2018Nov-30-2018iCourse
92880SDO 598Patent Law-Masters B053KappesOct-10-2018Nov-30-2018ASU Online
92881SDO 598Privacy-Masters B063AnstineOct-10-2018Nov-30-2018ASU Online
92883SDO 598Professional Writing & Comm... B073Bevier; BeckmanOct-10-2018Nov-30-2018ASU Online
92885SDO 598Property-Masters B093RuleOct-10-2018Nov-30-2018ASU Online
92886SDO 598Sports Career Planning/Busi... B103RenautOct-10-2018Nov-30-2018ASU Online
93209SDO 598Sports Facilities Mgt: Safe... B113AdelmanOct-10-2018Nov-30-2018ASU Online
92872SDO 598Sports Law-Masters A083JarvisAug-16-2018Oct-05-2018ASU Online
92901SDO 598Tort Law - Masters 0103HimmelsteinAug-16-2018Nov-30-2018iCourse
92902SDO 598US Law & Legal Analysis - M... 0113RoyalAug-16-2018Nov-30-2018iCourse
94044SDO 598US Law & Legal Analysis - M... 0123HerbertAug-16-2018Nov-30-2018iCourse
92873SDO 598US Law & Legal Analysis - M... A093WilliamsAug-16-2018Oct-05-2018ASU Online
92874SDO 598US Law & Legal Analysis - M... A103RobertsAug-15-2018Oct-05-2018ASU Online
93974SDO 598US Law & Legal Analysis - M... A113HerbertAug-16-2018Oct-05-2018ASU Online
94252SDO 598US Law & Legal Analysis - M... A123DormadyAug-16-2018Oct-05-2018ASU Online
94435SDO 598US Law & Legal Analysis - M... A143Holsman TetreaultASU Online