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2013 Spring - In-Person Courses (Begins: 1/10/2013, Ends: 4/18/2013)
SLine #PrefixCourse TitleSectionHoursProfessorTimeDaysRoom
LAW 791Research Cluster 1
12696LAW 785Externship 0011-12Barnes
12686LAW 781Independent Study 0011-3
12709LAW 771Jurimetrics Journal 0011-3Chodorow
12697LAW 770Law Journal 0011-3Hessick
13930LAW 735Writing TA 0012Herrera
12719LAW 785DC Externship 0029Askland
17830LAW 735Teaching Assistant 0022
12729LAW 785Legislative Externship 0036Bender
12700LAW 791Post-Conviction Clinic 0073Popko
14984LAW 791Truman Young Fellowship 0126Ames
15026LAW 791Gideon Fellowship 0136Ames
26524LAW 791Healthcare Entrepreneurship... 0284Shufeldt
LAW 000Block 5:00PM - 10:00PMMoTuWeThFr105
12731LAW 654Business Organizations 0013Gubler3:30PM - 4:55PMMoWe105
17740LAW 602Civil Procedure II 0014Bartels1:30PM - 3:25PMTuTh105
12707LAW 618Decedent's Estates 0013Becker8:30AM - 9:55AMTuTh105
12695LAW 605Evidence 0013Depianto1:30PM - 2:55PMMoWe105
13928LAW 629Employment Law 0013Tiffen8:30AM - 11:25AMMo105
26240LAW 605Evidence 0023Plunkett10:30AM - 11:55AMTuTh105
12726LAW 516Criminal Law 0033Sigler10:30AM - 11:55AMWeFr105
12733LAW 775Mediation Clinic 0016Hinshaw1:30PM - 3:25PMMoWe109
26508LAW 724Privacy 0012Coleman8:00AM - 9:55AMWe109
17747LAW 596Professional Legal Writing ... 0013Detwiller Digiacomo8:00AM - 9:55AMTu109
15099LAW 791Law and Psychology 0042Demaine10:00AM - 11:55AMTu109
12712LAW 691Patent Litigation 0062Halaby6:00PM - 7:55PMTu109
12724LAW 691Corp Governance & PR Seminar 0122Lynk10:00AM - 11:55AMFr109
17745LAW 791Victims in Criminal Procedure 0142Twist4:00PM - 5:55PMTh109
17866LAW 791Gender & Family Policy 0173Ellman1:30PM - 4:25PMTu109
12737LAW 791Appellate Judging 0183Hessick10:00AM - 11:55AMMo109
18055LAW 791Representing Vulnerable Pop... 0222Dahlstedt10:00AM - 11:55AMWe109
26478LAW 691The Moral Leader 0242Cabot10:00AM - 11:55AMTh109
26716LAW 791Creative Writing for Lawyers A041Stuart1:30PM - 3:25PMTh109
26518LAW 791Claims/Gov't Entities (2nd ... B021Gaughan5:30PM - 7:55PMMo109
26519LAW 791Criminal Sentencing Seminar... 0013Popko1:30PM - 3:25PMMo110
26506LAW 718Econ Dev in Indian Country 0012Dworkin6:00PM - 7:55PMMo110
14972LAW 649Scientific Evidence 0012Plunkett3:30PM - 5:25PMWe110
12687LAW 791Fact Investigation II 0032-3Bartels10:00AM - 11:55AMMoWe110
16211LAW 791Lisa Foundation Patent Law ... 0053Gross3:30PM - 5:25PMTu110
8:30AM - 10:25AMFr110
16212LAW 791Lisa Foundation Patent Law ... 0061Gross10:30AM - 11:25AMFr110
12713LAW 791Creative Writing for Lawyers 0091Feeney8:00AM - 9:55AMWe110
18023LAW 791Collab Pract of Law & Soc P... 0202Ogrady1:30PM - 3:25PMTh110
18184LAW 791First Amendment 0242Weinstein1:30PM - 3:25PMTu110
21909LAW 791Mediation & Settlement Advo... 0272Meyerson8:00AM - 9:55AMMo110
13940LAW 660Advanced Estate Planning 0012Becker1:30PM - 3:25PMTh111
17748LAW 704Federal Indian Law II 0013Clinton10:30AM - 11:55AMMoWe111
13932LAW 776Indian Legal Clinic 0016Ferguson-Bohnee9:00AM - 10:55AMFr111
13933LAW 777Innovation Advancement Lega... 0012Menkhus3:30PM - 5:25PMWe111
16255LAW 691Patent Preparation & Prosec... 0072Noblitt4:00PM - 5:55PMTu111
16213LAW 791Innovation Adv. Legal Clini... 0084Menkhus12:15PM - 1:15PMWe111
16256LAW 691Int'l Law of Trade 0113Abbott1:30PM - 2:55PMMoWe111
12728LAW 791Natural Law Seminar 0113White10:30AM - 11:55AMTuTh111
12730LAW 691Domestic Violence & the Law 0153Buel9:00AM - 10:25AMMoWe111
17871LAW 791Ruth V. McGregor Family Pro... 0196Buel1:30PM - 3:25PMTu111
26473LAW 691National Security Law 0212Gordon5:30PM - 7:25PMWe111
26476LAW 691Election Law 0232Liburdi8:00AM - 9:55AMTu111
26479LAW 691International Income Tax 0252Kirschenbaum5:30PM - 7:25PMTh111
26523LAW 791Healthcare Entrepreneurship... 0292Menkhus3:30PM - 5:25PMWe111
21919LAW 791Health Care Fraud (1st 6 we... A011Giancola5:30PM - 7:25PMMo111
12727LAW 658Arizona Constitutional Law 0013Bender10:30AM - 11:55AMTuTh114
17739LAW 664Intellectual Property 0013Fellmeth8:30AM - 9:55AMTuTh114
26469LAW 622Secured Transactions 0013Gilman5:00PM - 7:55PMMo114
16268LAW 715Sports Law 0013Jay6:00PM - 8:55PMTu114
26471LAW 656Real Estate & Business Valu... 0012Birnbaum8:30AM - 10:25AMFr114
12734LAW 522Constitutional Law I 0023Clinton1:30PM - 2:55PMMoWe114
12704LAW 516Criminal Law 0023Kader1:30PM - 2:55PMTuTh114
26241LAW 612Family Law 0023Ellman3:30PM - 4:55PMMoWe114
12736LAW 522Constitutional Law I 0033Gartner10:30AM - 11:55AMWeFr114
12708LAW 691Judicial Remedies 0033Hessick3:30PM - 4:55PMTuTh114
26590LAW 523Property 0044Larson8:00AM - 9:55AMMoWe114
16257LAW 691Entertainment Business Cont... 0143Mableson5:30PM - 8:25PMWe114
26525LAW 791Arizona vs. Federal Rules o... 0302Dallyn10:00AM - 11:55AMMo114
16205LAW 600Administrative Law 0013Feller3:30PM - 4:55PMMoWe116
12725LAW 604Criminal Procedure 0013Kader1:30PM - 2:55PMWeFr116
26482LAW 703Law, Science & Technology 0013Marchant10:30AM - 11:55AMTuTh116
12688LAW 523Property 0014Karjala3:00PM - 4:55PMTuTh116
26229LAW 600Administrative Law 0023Luff8:30AM - 9:55AMTuTh116
26588LAW 522Constitutional Law I 0043Ogrady10:30AM - 11:55AMWeFr116
21752LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0082Noreuil10:00AM - 11:55AMMo116
21753LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0092Noreuil10:00AM - 11:55AMMo116
12739LAW 625Constitutional Law II 0014Weinstein10:00AM - 11:55AMWeFr118
12723LAW 522Constitutional Law I 0013Bender1:30PM - 2:55PMMoWe118
12714LAW 606Federal Income Taxation 0014Chodorow10:00AM - 11:55AMTuTh118
12693LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0012Carter1:30PM - 3:25PMFr118
12689LAW 612Family Law 0013Pontrelli8:30AM - 9:55AMTuTh118
14981LAW 631Environmental Law 0013Wolf5:00PM - 6:25PMTuTh118
12699LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0022Carter1:30PM - 3:25PMFr118
16201LAW 523Property 0034Kramer3:00PM - 4:55PMTuTh118
26587LAW 516Criminal Law 0043Murphy1:30PM - 2:55PMTuTh118
12703LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0042Langenfeld10:00AM - 11:55AMMo118
12740LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0052Langenfeld10:00AM - 11:55AMMo118
12715LAW 691Federal Criminal Practice &... 0093Sands;Wilkinson3:30PM - 5:25PMMo118
26474LAW 691Class Actions 0222Carey5:30PM - 7:25PMWe118
12698LAW 774Criminal Practice Clinic 0016Zettler6:00PM - 8:25PMWeCourtroom (115)
13934LAW 778Immigration Law & Policy Cl... 0016Cruz10:00AM - 11:55AMMoWeCourtroom (115)
13932LAW 776Indian Legal Clinic 0016Ferguson-Bohnee3:30PM - 4:55PMMoWeCourtroom (115)
12735LAW 772Public Defender Clinic 0016Lowrance7:00PM - 8:55PMTuCourtroom (115)
12738LAW 773Civil Justice Clinic-Homeow... 0016Dauber10:00AM - 11:55AMTuThCourtroom (115)
12694LAW 738Trial Advocacy 0013Sands5:30PM - 8:25PMMoCourtroom (115)
12706LAW 638Professional Responsibility 0013Sturr;Stanton8:30AM - 11:25AMFrCourtroom (115)
16260LAW 721Education & the Law 0013Herf1:30PM - 3:25PMMoWeCourtroom (115)
26470LAW 655Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 0013Haines8:30AM - 9:55AMTuThCourtroom (115)
12741LAW 738Trial Advocacy 0023Cabot5:00PM - 7:55PMThCourtroom (115)
14982LAW 638Professional Responsibility 0033Dahlstedt1:30PM - 2:55PMTuThCourtroom (115)
17865LAW 791Applied Evidence in Trial A... 0164Dallyn3:00PM - 4:55PMTuThCourtroom (115)
16387LAW 691Prosecutorial Decision Maki... 0172Charlton8:00AM - 9:55AMWeCourtroom (115)
17743LAW 691E-Discovery and Digital Evi... 0182Holm5:00PM - 6:55PMTuCourtroom (115)
LAW 000Block 10:00AM - 11:55AMTuGreat Hall (113)
17746LAW 581US Law and Legal Analysis (... 0013Holsman TetreaultInternet
12721LAW 598Fundamentals of Contract La... 0013CheslerInternet
18448LAW 781Independent Study-Contract ... 0021CheslerInternet
23275LAW 316Intro to Corp Tax Law A013SageInternet
26346LAW 316Intro to Corp Tax Law B013SageInternet
21760LAW 494Business, Law & Society B013HerbertInternet
27072LAW 494Business, Law & Society B023HerbertInternet
16209LAW 691Biotechnology: Science, Law... 0013Marchant3:30PM - 4:55PMTuThL1-23
26466LAW 620Civil Rights Legislation 0013Calleros8:30AM - 9:55AMTuThL1-23
12690LAW 516Criminal Law 0013Hessick10:30AM - 11:55AMWeFrL1-23
14974LAW 768International Business Tran... 0014Fellmeth1:30PM - 3:25PMTuThL1-23
21734LAW 640Securities Regulation 0013Gubler10:30AM - 11:55AMTuThL1-23
12702LAW 523Property 0024Herrera8:30AM - 10:25AMMoWeL1-23
12705LAW 691Civil Pretrial Practice 0022Cohen5:30PM - 7:25PMWeL1-23
12720LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0062Holst1:30PM - 3:25PMMoL1-23
16202LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0072Holst1:30PM - 3:25PMMoL1-23
12711LAW 691Trademark and Unfair Compet... 0083Long6:00PM - 7:25PMTuThL1-23
12716LAW 791Neuroscience, Ethics & Law 0102Grey1:30PM - 3:25PMWeL1-23
13931LAW 736Adv Legal Research 0013Trotta10:00AM - 11:55AMTuLib Class (L102)
13934LAW 778Immigration Law & Policy Cl... 0016Cruz9:30AM - 11:25AMFrLib Class (L102)
12692LAW 791Utilities, Sustainability a... 0023Mayes3:30PM - 4:55PMMoWeLib Class (L102)
12701LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0032Chesler10:00AM - 11:55AMThLib Class (L102)
12710LAW 691Law, Accounting, and Finance 0042Friedman1:30PM - 3:25PMThLib Class (L102)
21706LAW 691Arizona Water Law 0132Feller;McGinnis1:30PM - 3:25PMTuLib Class (L102)
16339LAW 691Indian Law & Taxation 0162Irvine5:00PM - 6:55PMTuLib Class (L102)
26472LAW 691Contract Drafting/Negotiations 0202Chesler1:30PM - 3:25PMMoLib Class (L102)
18054LAW 791International Law of Armed ... 0213Bodansky3:30PM - 4:55PMTuThLib Class (L102)
12738LAW 773Civil Justice Clinic-Homeow... 0016Dauber9:00AM - 10:55AMFrLib Conf (L101)
17833LAW 791Foreign Relations Law 0152Gartner1:30PM - 3:25PMWeLib Conf (L101)
21718LAW 773Civil Justice Clinic-Workpl... 0026Karin9:00AM - 10:55AMFrLib-115
17737LAW 614International Contracts 0012Calleros1:30PM - 3:25PMMoLib-119
26507LAW 719International Indigenous Ri... 0012Tsosie3:30PM - 5:25PMThLib-119
12718LAW 733Negotiation 0013Hinshaw1:30PM - 2:55PMTuThLib-119
16207LAW 651Public Health Law and Ethics 0012Hodge Jr.3:30PM - 5:25PMTuLib-119
26468LAW 621Sales & Leases of Goods 0012Fitzgerald5:00PM - 6:55PMWeLib-119
21727LAW 603Conflict of Laws 0012Higdon6:00PM - 7:55PMThLib-119
12732LAW 638Professional Responsibility 0023Lynk3:30PM - 4:55PMMoWeLib-119
21718LAW 773Civil Justice Clinic-Workpl... 0026Karin10:00AM - 11:55AMTuThLib-119
16210LAW 691Construction Law 0052Holden6:00PM - 7:55PMTuLib-119
12717LAW 691Death Penalty 0103Baich5:30PM - 8:25PMMoLib-119
22106LAW 791Bankruptcy Litigation (1st ... A021Salerno;Kroop10:00AM - 11:55AMFrLib-119
12722LAW 705Arizona Media Law 0013Bodney6:00PM - 8:45PMThCRONK 256
25777LAW 294Law, Culture & Community 0013Herbert3:00PM - 4:15PMTuThMUR201
18069LAW 791Privacy, Gov't & Emerging T... 0233Askland6:30PM - 9:25PMWeDC
16208LAW 691Contemporary Issues in Trib... D012MorganOther
27205LAW 691Intro to Int'l Comparative Law D021Chamboredon9:00AM - 12:15PMIntersession
26522LAW 791Intro to Legislation & Admi... D032Askland9:00AM - 12:00PMMoTuWeThFrDC