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2015 Spring - In-Person Courses(Session C: 1/12/2015 - 4/20/2015)
SLine #PrefixCourse TitleSectionHoursProfessorTimeDaysRoom
28416LAW 600Administrative Law 0013Larson1:30PM - 2:55PMWeFrL1-23
14266LAW 691Adv AZ Legal Research & Wri... 0012Holst1:30PM - 3:25PMTuTh109
12027LAW 791Adv Environmental Law Topics 0012Marchant;Shanker;Wolf4:00PM - 5:55PMTh109
12023LAW 791Adv Research: LSI - Emergi... 0021Marchant
13661LAW 791Adv Research: LSI - Law & ... 0031Silver
14268LAW 791Adv Research: LSI - Person... 0041Marchant
14269LAW 791Adv Research: LSI - Sustai... 0051Mayes
22762LAW 610Advanced Criminal Procedure 0013Sands3:30PM - 5:25PMMo118
12954LAW 660Advanced Estate Planning 0012Becker1:30PM - 3:25PMTh111
12061LAW 658Arizona Constitutional Law 0013Bender3:30PM - 4:55PMTuThLib Conf (L101)
12035LAW 791Arizona vs. Federal Rules o... 0062Dallyn1:30PM - 3:25PMTu111
16877LAW 791Attorneys' Fees, Costs and ... A011Ayers10:00AM - 12:00PMTuCourtroom (115)
28455LAW 791Banking Law and Regulation 0312Gilman3:30PM - 5:25PMMo109
LAW 598Bridging the Gap 110:00AM - 11:55AMTuGreat Hall (113)
12065LAW 654Business Organizations 0013Gubler3:30PM - 4:55PMTuTh105
20781LAW 480Business, Law & Society A023Herbert12:00PM - 1:15PMWeCPCOM213
30093LAW 480Business, Law & Society B013Barnard6:00PM - 7:15PMMoCPCOM213
18555LAW 691Canadian Administrative Law 0233Sikka5:30PM - 6:55PMMoWe114
12040LAW 691Canadian Criminal Law 0023Asper8:30AM - 9:55AMTuTh118
18549LAW 655Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 0013Coordes1:30PM - 2:55PMTuThLib Class (L102)
12043LAW 691Civil Pretrial Practice 0032Turk5:30PM - 7:25PMWe105
15123LAW 602Civil Procedure II 0014Lynk3:30PM - 5:25PMMoWe114
29158LAW 394Civil Rights and Wrongs 0033Herbert6:00PM - 7:15PMMo105
30251LAW 394Civil Rights and Wrongs 0043Herbert4:30PM - 5:45PMMoLib Class (L102)
28654LAW 791Civil Rights Law and History 0363Heriot6:30PM - 9:30PMWeDC
28417LAW 620Civil Rights Legislation 0013Calleros8:30AM - 9:55AMMoWe118
18580LAW 791Claims Against Governmental... B011Gaughan5:30PM - 7:30PMMo118
28549LAW 791Colloquium in Transnational... 0351Bodansky;Rothenberg11:00AM - 12:55PMFr110
30099LAW 691Comparative Torts D021Klar1:30PM - 5:30PMMoTuWeSpring Break
12057LAW 522Constitutional Law I 0013Bender10:30AM - 11:55AMWeFr114
12068LAW 522Constitutional Law I 0023Clinton3:30PM - 4:55PMMoWe105
12070LAW 522Constitutional Law I 0033Gartner10:30AM - 11:55AMMo114
10:30AM - 11:55AMWeL1-23
12073LAW 625Constitutional Law II 0014Tsosie10:00AM - 11:55AMMoWe105
14267LAW 691Construction Law 0052Holden6:00PM - 7:55PMTuLib-119
14265LAW 691Contemporary Issues in Trib... D012MorganNE
12047LAW 691Contract Drafting & Negotia... 0063Chesler10:00AM - 11:55AMTuL1-23
14292LAW 691Corporate Governance Law 0072Lynk10:00AM - 11:55AMMo110
14270LAW 791Creative Writing for Lawyers 0071Stuart10:00AM - 11:55AMWe110
12048LAW 791Criminal Clinic Client Comp... 0083
12026LAW 516Criminal Law 0013Saks1:30PM - 2:55PMTuTh114
12039LAW 516Criminal Law 0023Sigler1:30PM - 2:55PMTuTh105
12033LAW 774Criminal Practice Clinic 0013Vick6:00PM - 7:55PMWeCourtroom (115)
12059LAW 604Criminal Procedure 0013Askland10:30AM - 11:55AMTuTh105
28428LAW 725Critical Race Theory 0012Tsosie1:30PM - 3:25PMTuLib-119
28436LAW 737Cults & Alt Religions 0012Demaine1:30PM - 3:25PMWe109
12046LAW 691Cyberspace Law 0083Clinton10:30AM - 11:55AMMoWeLib-119
12050LAW 691Death Penalty 0093Baich5:30PM - 8:25PMMoLib-119
12042LAW 618Decedent's Estates 0013Becker8:30AM - 9:55AMTuTh105
14295LAW 721Education & the Law 0013Herf1:30PM - 2:55PMMoWeCourtroom (115)
29111LAW 691Effective Meeting Management 0271Feeney8:30AM - 9:55AMWe110
12948LAW 629Employment Law 0013Tiffen8:30AM - 11:25AMFr105
12052LAW 691Energy Law & Policy 0103Rule10:30AM - 11:55AMTuTh116
14293LAW 691Entertainment Business Cont... 0113Mableson5:30PM - 8:25PMWe111
12030LAW 605Evidence 0013Plunkett1:30PM - 2:55PMMoWe105
12031LAW 785Externship 0011-12Barnes
12063LAW 785Externship (3L Bar) 0021-3Barnes
12025LAW 612Family Law 0013Ellman3:30PM - 4:55PMMoWe116
12049LAW 606Federal Income Taxation 0014Scharff1:30PM - 3:25PMTuThL1-23
15129LAW 704Federal Indian Law II 0013Miller10:30AM - 11:55AMTuThLib-119
12051LAW 791First Amendment 0092Weinstein10:00AM - 11:55AMTh110
12062LAW 791Foreign Relations Law 0102Gartner8:00AM - 9:55AMMoLib Conf (L101)
23973LAW 394Foundations of American Bus... B013Herbert12:00PM - 1:15PMWeCPCOM213
19441LAW 530Fundamentals of Contract La... 0013CurtinInternet
13591LAW 791Gideon Fellowship 0116
16954LAW 791Health Care Fraud Investiga... A021Giancola5:30PM - 7:30PMMo118
13622LAW 791Healthcare Entrepreneurship... 0122Coury4:30PM - 6:25PMMo110
15127LAW 791Healthcare Entrepreneurship... 0134Shufeldt
15201LAW 791HealthTechnologies, Innovat... 0142Marchant;Schneider5:30PM - 7:25PMTu118
15211LAW 791Human Trafficking Seminar 0152Buel10:00AM - 11:55AMTu118
12952LAW 778Immigration Law & Policy Cl... 0013Cruz10:00AM - 11:55AMMoWeFrCourtroom (115)
28957LAW 791Immigration Law & Policy Cl... 0411-3Cruz
12022LAW 781Independent Study 0011-3
12058LAW 691Indian Law & Taxation 0122Irvine3:30PM - 5:25PMTuLib-119
12950LAW 776Indian Legal Clinic 0016Ferguson-Bohnee3:30PM - 5:25PMMoWeCourtroom (115)
10:00AM - 11:55AMFrLib Conf (L101)
28774LAW 791Infractions/Compliance in I... 0392Smith;Webb4:00PM - 5:55PMWeL1-23
15212LAW 791Innovation Adv. Clinic Clie... 0164Mohamed
12951LAW 777Innovation Adv.Clinic Class... 0012Coury4:30PM - 6:25PMMo110
28443LAW 768International Business Tran... 0014Fellmeth10:00AM - 11:55AMTuThLib Class (L102)
15122LAW 614International Contracts 0012Calleros1:30PM - 3:25PMWe118
12071LAW 791Int'l Environmental Law 0173Bodansky8:30AM - 9:55AMMoWe116
28655LAW 791Int'l Human Rights in Practice 0372Sikka3:30PM - 5:25PMWe118
16811LAW 691Int'l Institutions & 21st C... 0133Abbott1:30PM - 2:55PMMoWeLib-119
14294LAW 691Introduction to English Leg... 0143Rose10:30AM - 11:55AMMoWe109
12064LAW 691Judicial Remedies 0153Campbell7:00PM - 8:25PMMoWe114
12044LAW 771Jurimetrics Journal 0011-3Fellmeth
15215LAW 791Juvenile Advocacy Clinic 0186Dahlstedt1:30PM - 3:25PMTuCourtroom (115)
3:00PM - 4:55PMWe111
1:30PM - 3:25PMThCourtroom (115)
22765LAW 636Land Use Planning 0012Gammage;Artigue1:30PM - 3:25PMThLib-119
15320LAW 791Law & Literature 0192Murphy3:30PM - 5:25PMWe110
15331LAW 791Law and Psychology 0202Demaine10:00AM - 11:55AMTh109
12032LAW 770Law Journal 0011-3Gubler
20778LAW 210Law, Culture & Community 0013Herbert9:00AM - 10:15AMTuThSCOB210
20829LAW 210Law, Culture & Community 0023Herbert;Fox12:00PM - 1:15PMMoCPCOM213
18559LAW 703Law, Science & Technology 0013Marchant1:30PM - 2:55PMTuTh116
12028LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0012Langenfeld10:00AM - 11:55AMTh118
12034LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0022Langenfeld10:00AM - 11:55AMTh118
12036LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0032Holst10:00AM - 11:55AMMo111
12038LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0042Carter10:00AM - 11:55AMThL1-23
12074LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0052Carter10:00AM - 11:55AMThL1-23
12054LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0062Chesler1:30PM - 3:25PMMoL1-23
14261LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0072Noreuil10:00AM - 11:55AMFr118
28415LAW 524Legal Advocacy 0082Noreuil10:00AM - 11:55AMFr118
12055LAW 598Legal Analysis 0013Barnes8:30AM - 9:55AMTuTh110
18581LAW 791Legislation in Modern State D002HeriotDC
15332LAW 791Lisa Foundation Patent Law ... 0213Gross3:30PM - 5:25PMTu109
8:00AM - 9:55AMFr109
12056LAW 705Media Law 0013Bodney6:00PM - 8:45PMThCronk/ 8 256
15339LAW 791Mediation & Settlement Advo... 0222Meyerson8:00AM - 9:55AMMo110
12067LAW 775Mediation Clinic 0015Hinshaw1:30PM - 3:25PMMoWeLib Class (L102)
28454LAW 791Medical Malpractice Seminar... 0302Saks1:30PM - 3:25PMMo109
15399LAW 791Moot Court Teams 0231-2
14350LAW 691National Security Law 0162Gordon5:30PM - 7:25PMWeLib Class (L102)
12053LAW 733Negotiation 0013Hinshaw9:00AM - 11:55AMFrL1-23
15487LAW 791Neuroscience, Law & Ethics 0242Grey;Robert10:00AM - 11:55AMWe111
22820LAW 791Patent Licensing & Enforcement 0251Gross10:00AM - 10:55AMFr109
14376LAW 691Patent Litigation 0173Halaby6:00PM - 8:55PMTu110
15125LAW 691Patent Preparation & Prosec... 0182Noblitt3:30PM - 5:25PMWe109
28940LAW 791Post Conviction Clinic Clie... 0401-4Puzauskas
18582LAW 791Post-Conviction Clinic 0272Puzauskas3:30PM - 5:25PMTuThLib Class (L102)
18577LAW 724Privacy 0012Coleman8:30AM - 10:25AMWe109
18583LAW 791Privacy, Gov't & Emerging T... 0282Gidari1:30PM - 3:25PMMo110
18658LAW 791Professional Liability Liti... A031Rayes;Tryon5:00PM - 7:00PMTh118
12041LAW 638Professional Responsibility 0013Buel3:30PM - 4:55PMTuThL1-23
12066LAW 638Professional Responsibility 0023Sturr8:30AM - 11:25AMFrLib-119
13589LAW 638Professional Responsibility 0033Williams8:30AM - 9:55AMMoWe105
28772LAW 691Professional Sports Law 0253Smith;Gibson4:00PM - 5:55PMTu114
12024LAW 523Property 0014Kramer1:30PM - 3:25PMMoWe116
12037LAW 523Property 0024Karjala1:30PM - 3:25PMWeFr114
14260LAW 523Property 0034Larson8:30AM - 10:25AMWeFr114
28943LAW 691Prosecutorial Ethics & Deci... 0262Charlton5:30PM - 7:25PMWe118
12069LAW 772Public Defender Clinic 0012Lowrance7:00PM - 8:55PMTuCourtroom (115)
16873LAW 791Public Defender Clinic Clie... 0264Roth
14264LAW 651Public Health Law and Ethics 0012Hodge JR.3:30PM - 5:25PMMo111
18550LAW 656Real Estate & Business Valu... 0012Birnbaum8:30AM - 10:25AMFr116
28449LAW 791Real Estate Foreclosure A041Wilk4:00PM - 6:00PMTu111
22790LAW 791Real Estate Litigation B021Henry;Parker5:30PM - 7:45PMWe110
17048LAW 791Reproduction, Reproductive ... 0293Matsumura3:30PM - 4:55PMTuTh110
22799LAW 691Research Methods in Int'l Law 0191Difelice10:00AM - 10:55AMMoLib Class (L102)
28773LAW 791Risk Management in Venues 0382Adelman4:00PM - 5:55PMTh114
18547LAW 621Sales & Leases of Goods 0012Fitzgerald5:00PM - 6:55PMWeLib-119
13582LAW 649Scientific Evidence 0012Plunkett10:00AM - 11:55AMTu109
18548LAW 622Secured Transactions 0013Coordes8:30AM - 9:55AMTuTh116
22772LAW 622Secured Transactions 0023Rule3:30PM - 4:55PMTuTh116
16820LAW 640Securities Regulation 0013Gubler10:30AM - 11:55AMMoWe118
28419LAW 630Special Topics in Employmen... 0012Kramer1:30PM - 3:25PMTu110
14302LAW 715Sports Law 0013Jay6:00PM - 8:55PMTu105
22784LAW 785Sports Law Externship 0031-9Smith
24350LAW 598Strategic Career Planning (... 0021Smith;Mokwa6:00PM - 6:55PMTu114
28567LAW 598Strategic Fundraising (MLS ... 0032Harris9:00AM - 10:55AMWeAthletics
22771LAW 745Supreme Court 0012Weinstein10:00AM - 11:55AMTu110
18551LAW 691Taxation of Business Entities 0204Chodorow1:30PM - 3:25PMTuTh118
15199LAW 735Teaching Assistant 0022
28444LAW 780The Litigation Experience 0014Verdier;Beauchamp8:30AM - 9:55AMMoCourtroom (115)
9:30AM - 11:55AMTh111
28445LAW 780The Litigation Experience 0024Flood;Booker8:30AM - 9:55AMMoCourtroom (115)
3:30PM - 5:55PMTh111
28446LAW 780The Litigation Experience 0034Zweig;Harrison8:30AM - 9:55AMMoCourtroom (115)
6:00PM - 8:25PMTh110
28447LAW 780The Litigation Experience 0044Zimmerman;McKee8:30AM - 9:55AMMoCourtroom (115)
8:00AM - 10:25AMFr110
18557LAW 691The Moral Leader 0242Cabot10:00AM - 11:55AMThCourtroom (115)
26368LAW 394The U.S. Legal System 0023Herbert;Ivan12:00PM - 1:15PMFrCPCOM213
18553LAW 691Trademark and Unfair Compet... 0223Long6:00PM - 7:55PMMoWe109
18552LAW 691Transition to Law Practice ... 0212Stinson;Sylvester10:00AM - 11:55AMTuTh114
12029LAW 738Trial Advocacy 0013Sands5:30PM - 8:25PMMoCourtroom (115)
12075LAW 738Trial Advocacy 0023Dallyn8:30AM - 9:55AMTuThCourtroom (115)
28456LAW 791Truman Young Fellowship 0326
15128LAW 581US Law and Legal Analysis (... 0013Holsman TetreaultInternet
28457LAW 791Victims in Criminal Procedure 0332Twist4:00PM - 5:55PMThLib-119
28458LAW 791Work-Life Law and Policy Cl... 0346Karin3:30PM - 5:25PMTuCourtroom (115)
3:30PM - 5:25PMWeLib Class (L102)
3:30PM - 5:25PMThCourtroom (115)
12949LAW 735Writing TA 0012Langenfeld
2015 Spring - Online Courses
SLine #PrefixCourse TitleSectionHoursProfessorStartEndRoom
28735LAW 598Administrative Agencies & R... B013HowellASU Online
28989LAW 654Business Organizations (MLS... A013MenkhusASU Online
28733LAW 598Tort Law (MLS Online Only) A013HimmelsteinASU Online
28736LAW 598US Constitutional Law (MLS ... B023SilverASU Online
28547LAW 581US Law and Legal Analysis (... A013WilliamsASU Online