Bridging the Gap-Pathways to Success in Law School and the Profession

SLN #: 73060
Course Prefix: LAW-598
Course Section: 001
Credit Hours: 1
Instructor(s): Ogrady

Course Description:
Through weekly sessions, in either class-wide or smaller gatherings, issues concerning the study and practice of law will be explored under the guidance of the Dean, the Associate Dean, faculty members, and a range of speakers from the bench and bar. The goal of the seminar is to develop early in a law student's legal career a critical context for evaluating social and ethical issues and concerns that might otherwise be neglected in a curriculum that focuses seriatim on substantive legal doctrines and process. Issues of professionalism, legal ethics, and the lawyer's role in a diverse society will be stressed. Some of the sessions will include required readings, while other sessions will be devoted to issues of the mechanics of law school life. Many of the smaller gatherings will occur under the guidance of a faculty member whom that small group of students will be introduced to at orientation as a mentor. This is not a graded course but the successful completion of the course is required for graduation

Additional Information:
Credit Hours: 1
Grading Option: Pass/Fail Only
Graduation Writing Requirement: No
Flexible Writing Requirement: No
Skills Requirement: No
Experiential Learning: No
Final Exam Given: No
Attendance Policy: Per Statement of Student Policies
Additional Attendance Policy: Required

* The law school has a policy that is used to calculate credit hours. Please see the Statement of Student Policies.