Catherine Gage O'Grady
Professor of Law

Catherine O’Grady teaches Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Professional Responsibility, and an upper-class seminar on collaborative problem solving and decision making.  Professor O’Grady’s research focuses on constitutional law and the intersection of lawyering and social psychology principles.  For example, in a recent article, The Role of Speculation in Facial Challenges, Professor O’Grady offers a framework for analyzing constitutional facial challenges of novel state statutes before they go into effect in the state, and in another recent article, Wrongful Obedience in the Professional Practice of Law, Professor O'Grady applies social psychology principles on obedience to the professional work hierarchies in the practice of law.   Her current work in progress entitled Behavioral Legal Ethics, Moral Decision Making, and the New Attorney’s Professional Development analyzes the emerging field of behavioral legal ethics and the psychology of ethical decision making for the new attorney. 

For many years, Professor O’Grady appeared as a legal commentator on public television station KAET to speak about the U.S. Supreme Court.  She was Associate Dean for the College of Law from 2008 – 2011.  Before joining the faculty, Professor O’Grady clerked for William Canby on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and she practiced law with the Phoenix firm of Meyer, Hendricks, Victor, Osborn & Maledon

Selected Works

Wrongful Obedience and the Professional Practice of Law, 19 J. L. Bus. & Ethics 9 (2013).
Online Journal

The Role of Speculation in Facial Challenges, 53 Ariz. L. Rev. 867 (2011).
K1 .R5227

Cognitive Optimism and Professional Pessimism in the Large-Firm Practice of Law: The Optimistic Associate, 30 Law & Psychol. Rev. 23 (2006).
K12 .A834

Preparing Students for the Profession: Clinical Education, Collaborative Pedagogy, and the Realities of Practice for the New Lawyer, 4 Clinical L. Rev. 485 (1998).


Assistant: Gina Wilson

Curriculum Vitae

B.B.A., University of Michigan (1981)

J.D., Arizona State University (1987)