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2014 Fall - In-Person Courses(Session C: 8/21/2014 - 12/2/2014)
SLine #PrefixCourse TitleSectionHoursProfessorTimeDaysRoom
90288LAW 598Administrative Agencies & R... 0043Howell6:00PM - 8:55PMWe111
88069LAW 662ADR and Employment Law 0012Meyerson8:00AM - 9:55AMMoL1-23
71727LAW 791Adv Chapter 11 Bankruptcy P... 0012Salerno;Kroop10:00AM - 11:55AMMo111
74072LAW 736Adv Legal Research 0013Difelice10:00AM - 11:55AMTuLib Class (L102)
10:00AM - 10:55AMThLib Class (L102)
77859LAW 791Adv Research: LSI - Emergi... 0271Marchant
89728LAW 791Adv Research: LSI - Law & ... 0341Silver
79800LAW 791Adv Research: LSI - Person... 0281Marchant
79801LAW 791Adv Research: LSI - Sustai... 0291Mayes
71728LAW 791Advanced Torts 0022Grey10:00AM - 11:55AMMoLib Conf (L101)
89729LAW 791Amateur Sports Law 0353Smith;Webb4:00PM - 5:55PMWe118
79850LAW 601Antitrust 0013James3:30PM - 4:55PMMoWeLib-119
74894LAW 691Appellate Advocacy 0013Carter10:00AM - 11:55AMTh109
89582LAW 791Bar Prep 0332Noreuil1:30PM - 3:25PMFr114
88225LAW 652Bioethics & Law 0012Bowen6:00PM - 7:55PMTu114
71729LAW 791Biotech Licensing & Litigation 0042Burns4:00PM - 5:55PMMo110
71701LAW 691Biotechnology: Science, Law... 0023Marchant3:30PM - 4:55PMTuThL1-23
LAW 000Block - 1 10:00AM - 11:55AMMoGreat Hall (113)
90287LAW 598Business Entity Taxation (M... 0033Buns6:00PM - 8:55PMTu109
74895LAW 691Business Immigration 0032Duran5:00PM - 6:55PMMo111
71718LAW 654Business Organizations 0014Lynk1:30PM - 3:25PMMoWe116
83175LAW 480Business, Law & Society 0043Herbert6:00PM - 7:15PMWeCPCOM213
88279LAW 480Business, Law & Society 0053Barnard12:00PM - 1:15PMFrSCOB150
88346LAW 691Canadian Constitutional Law 0143Sikka7:15PM - 8:40PMMoWe114
88347LAW 691Canadian Professional Respo... 0152Stevens5:30PM - 7:25PMTu118
71698LAW 518Civil Procedure 0014Dauber10:00AM - 11:55AMTuTh114
71699LAW 518Civil Procedure 0024Miller10:00AM - 11:55AMWeFrL1-23
71700LAW 518Civil Procedure 0034Matsumura8:00AM - 9:55AMTuTh114
88415LAW 691Class Actions 0172Carey5:30PM - 7:25PMWe110
88071LAW 603Conflict of Laws 0012Higdon6:00PM - 7:55PMThLib-119
71711LAW 625Constitutional Law II 0014Weinstein10:00AM - 11:55AMMoWe114
82547LAW 661Constitutional Literacy 0011Gamble8:00AM - 8:55AMMo109
71692LAW 515Contracts 0014Bradshaw1:30PM - 3:25PMTuTh116
71693LAW 515Contracts 0024Calleros3:30PM - 5:25PMMoWeL1-23
71694LAW 515Contracts 0034Chesler10:00AM - 11:55AMWeFr116
88064LAW 515Contracts 0044Coordes8:00AM - 9:55AMWeFr116
74900LAW 646Copyright Law 0013Karjala3:30PM - 4:55PMTuTh105
71730LAW 791Creative Writing for Lawyers 0051Feeney8:15AM - 9:55AMWe110
71731LAW 791Creative Writing for Lawyers 0061Stuart10:00AM - 11:55AMWe109
79757LAW 791Creditor Remedies (1st 6 we... A011Spurlock;Anderson10:00AM - 12:00PMMo109
91282LAW 791Criminal Clinic Client Comp... 0393Ames
71724LAW 774Criminal Practice Clinic 0013Zettler6:00PM - 8:55PMWeCourtroom (115)
71706LAW 604Criminal Procedure 0013Kader10:30AM - 11:55AMMoWe105
71732LAW 791Criminal Sentencing Seminar... 0073Popko1:30PM - 3:25PMMo109
89420LAW 691Cross-border Investigations... D011HodgsonFall Break
76078LAW 785DC Externship 0029Kittrie
71709LAW 618Decedent's Estates 0013Becker8:30AM - 9:55AMTuTh105
71702LAW 691Domestic Violence & the Law 0043Buel10:30AM - 11:55AMTuTh118
88072LAW 718Econ Dev in Indian Country 0012Miller3:30PM - 5:25PMWe111
71703LAW 691eDiscovery and Digital Evid... 0052Holm5:00PM - 6:55PMMo116
83551LAW 631Environmental Law 0013Bradshaw8:30AM - 9:55AMTuTh118
71708LAW 611Estate and Gift Tax 0012Becker1:30PM - 3:25PMThLib-119
71707LAW 605Evidence 0013Buel1:30PM - 2:55PMTuTh105
76118LAW 791Executive Branch Regulatory... 0233Kittrie6:30PM - 9:30PMTuDC
71726LAW 785Externship 0011-12Barnes
83635LAW 612Family Law 0013Pontrelli3:30PM - 4:55PMMoWe105
77687LAW 667FDA Regulation 0012Feigal JR.;Morris;Shire6:00PM - 7:55PMMo105
85581LAW 613Federal Courts 0013Hurwitz;Nomkin4:30PM - 5:50PMTuThCRONK453
82623LAW 791Federal Advocacy for the Tr... D012ArtmanFall Break
71704LAW 691Federal Criminal Practice &... 0063Sands;Wilkinson3:30PM - 5:25PMMo118
77678LAW 606Federal Income Taxation 0014Chodorow10:00AM - 11:55AMTuTh105
71712LAW 632Federal Indian Law I 0013Tsosie3:30PM - 4:55PMTuTh118
88348LAW 691Foundations of Canadian Law 0163Sikka5:30PM - 6:55PMMoWe114
88065LAW 530Fundamentals of Contract La... 0013CurtinInternet
74898LAW 617Genetics and the Law 0013Marchant10:30AM - 11:55AMTuTh116
77738LAW 791Gideon Fellowship 0226Ames
71733LAW 791Government Relations 0082Harris10:00AM - 11:55AMTu111
74070LAW 650Health Law and Policy 0013Hodge JR.3:30PM - 4:55PMTuTh114
71734LAW 791Healthcare Entrepreneurship... 0092Coury4:30PM - 6:25PMMo109
71735LAW 791Healthcare Entrepreneurship... 0104Shufeldt
71736LAW 791High Technology Licensing 0112Noblitt3:30PM - 5:25PMWe110
90098LAW 791Homer's Iliad: Self & Society 0373Lynk7:30AM - 8:45AMTuTh110
90289LAW 598Human Resources Law (MLS & ... 0053Blommel6:00PM - 8:55PMTh118
79788LAW 706Immigration Law 0013Cruz1:30PM - 2:55PMTuThCourtroom (115)
79461LAW 778Immigration Law & Policy Cl... 0016Cruz10:00AM - 11:55AMMoWeFrCourtroom (115)
71725LAW 781Independent Study 0011-3
74069LAW 776Indian Legal Clinic 0016Ferguson-Bohnee1:30PM - 3:25PMMoWeCourtroom (115)
10:00AM - 11:55AMFr110
71705LAW 691Indian Legal Research 0071Difelice;Herrera9:00AM - 9:55AMWeLib Class (L102)
71737LAW 791Innovation Adv. Clinic (Cli... 0124Mohamed
74071LAW 777Innovation Adv.Clinic (Clas... 0012Coury4:30PM - 6:25PMMo109
79760LAW 791Insurance Bad Faith Litigat... B011Everroad3:55PM - 5:55PMWe109
79963LAW 598Integrating Legal Principle... 0023Menkhus;Lebowitz6:00PM - 8:55PMMo118
88070LAW 664Intellectual Property 0013Fellmeth3:30PM - 4:55PMMoWe116
79762LAW 791International Arbitration (... B021Nadeau3:55PM - 5:55PMWeCourtroom (115)
89853LAW 719International Indigenous Ri... 0012Tsosie10:00AM - 11:55AMWeLib-119
79796LAW 709Int'l Human Rights 0013Fellmeth10:30AM - 11:55AMMoWeLib Class (L102)
71721LAW 771Jurimetrics Journal 0011-3Fellmeth
79763LAW 791Jury Selection (2nd 6 weeks) B031Sandweg;Slack;Palumbo7:55AM - 9:55AMWeCourtroom (115)
71738LAW 791Juvenile Advocacy Clinic 0136Dahlstedt3:30PM - 5:25PMTuThLib Class (L102)
10:00AM - 11:55AMFr111
79765LAW 791Land Use Proceedings (2nd 6... B041Lagarde;Gross10:00AM - 12:00PMMo109
71740LAW 791Law and Democracy 0152Ferguson-Bohnee;Gartner10:00AM - 11:55AMMo110
71720LAW 770Law Journal 0011-3
81552LAW 210Law, Culture & Community 0013Herbert3:00PM - 4:15PMMoWeBAC216
71685LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0013Carter1:30PM - 3:25PMFrLib-119
71686LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0023Chesler1:30PM - 3:25PMMoL1-23
71687LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0033Holst10:00AM - 11:55AMTuLib-119
71688LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0043Holst1:30PM - 3:25PMTuLib-119
71689LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0053Herrera1:30PM - 3:25PMTh118
71690LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0063Herrera1:30PM - 3:25PMTu118
71691LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0073Langenfeld1:30PM - 3:25PMMoLib-119
74892LAW 519 Legal Method & Writing 0083Noreuil1:30PM - 3:25PMThL1-23
76164LAW 791Legislative Advocacy & the Law 0243Kittrie6:30PM - 9:30PMMoDC
71741LAW 791Lisa Foundation Patent Law ... 0163Gross3:30PM - 5:25PMTu109
8:00AM - 9:55AMFr109
79782LAW 791Litigation & Courtroom Tech... B051Wulkan;Francis7:55AM - 9:55AMTuCourtroom (115)
74897LAW 775Mediation Clinic 0015Hinshaw;Pate1:30PM - 3:25PMMoWe110
74902LAW 691Mergers & Acquisitions 0083Potenza;Gubler9:00AM - 11:55AMMo116
84112LAW 791Moot Court 0321
79962LAW 598Negotiating/Drafting Contra... 0011Smith;Mokwa5:00PM - 5:55PMTh118
74896LAW 733Negotiation 0013Wolf4:00PM - 6:55PMTuLib-119
74899LAW 645Patent Law 0013Karjala1:30PM - 2:55PMMoWe105
71742LAW 791Patent Licensing & Enforcement 0171Gross10:00AM - 10:55AMFr109
74925LAW 791PD Client Component 0034Roth
79758LAW 791Persuasive Speech (1st 6 we... A021Goodwin;Schay7:55AM - 9:55AMTuCourtroom (115)
76079LAW 791Post-Conviction Clinic 0183Popko3:30PM - 5:25PMTuTh111
79777LAW 657Private Property Rights 0013Birnbaum8:30AM - 11:25AMFr114
88067LAW 596Professional Legal Writing ... 0012Popko6:00PM - 7:55PMTu110
71713LAW 638Professional Responsibility 0013Lynk9:00AM - 10:25AMMoWe118
71714LAW 638Professional Responsibility 0023Winer10:30AM - 11:55AMWeFr118
71715LAW 638Professional Responsibility 0033Cohen5:30PM - 6:55PMTuThL1-23
82596LAW 791Prosecuting Trademark Appli... B061Claus7:55AM - 9:55AMTh109
71722LAW 772Public Defender Clinic 0012Lowrance7:00PM - 8:55PMTuCourtroom (115)
74909LAW 615Public Int'l Law 0013Bodansky8:30AM - 9:55AMTuTh116
77689LAW 691Separation of Powers 0092Bales3:30PM - 5:25PMMoCourtroom (115)
77690LAW 715Sports Law 0013Jay6:00PM - 8:55PMTu105
89775LAW 715Sports Law (MLS Students Only) 0022Jay;Smith4:00PM - 5:55PMTu116
79799LAW 691State and Local Tax 0103Scharff3:30PM - 4:55PMMoWeLib Class (L102)
76080LAW 791Tax Policy 0192Chodorow;Kyl1:30PM - 3:25PMWeFr109
76350LAW 735Teaching Assistant 0022
83647LAW 310The Global Legal Community 0013Herbert12:00PM - 1:15PMMoWeLSE106
83666LAW 691The Moral Leader 0112Cabot10:00AM - 11:55AMTu109
83745LAW 691Topics in Bankruptcy Law 0123Curley1:30PM - 4:25PMMo111
71695LAW 517Torts 0014Demaine1:30PM - 3:25PMMoWe114
71696LAW 517Torts 0024Grey1:30PM - 3:25PMTuTh114
71697LAW 517Torts 0034Kader3:30PM - 5:25PMMoWe114
79844LAW 517Torts 0044Winer1:30PM - 3:25PMWeFr118
88068LAW 691Trade Secrets & Restrictive... 0132Gibson6:00PM - 7:55PMWe116
71719LAW 738Trial Advocacy 0013Cabot5:00PM - 7:55PMThCourtroom (115)
82586LAW 738Trial Advocacy 0033Sands5:30PM - 8:25PMMoCourtroom (115)
77715LAW 791Truman Young Fellowship 0216Ames
76083LAW 581US Law and Legal Analysis (... 0013Holsman TetreaultInternet
88335LAW 791Utilities, Sustainability a... 0253Mayes1:30PM - 2:55PMMoWeLib Class (L102)
76081LAW 791Victims in Criminal Procedure 0202Twist4:00PM - 5:55PMTh110
71716LAW 643Water Law 0013Larson10:30AM - 11:55AMTuThL1-23
77778LAW 791Work-Life Law and Policy Cl... 0266Karin3:30PM - 5:25PMTuCourtroom (115)
3:30PM - 4:55PMThCourtroom (115)
10:00AM - 11:55AMFrLib Class (L102)
89581LAW 626Writing for Law Practice 0013Langenfeld10:00AM - 11:55AMTh110
74073LAW 735Writing TA 0012
2014 Fall - Online Courses
SLine #PrefixCourse TitleSectionHoursProfessorStartEndRoom
91216LAW 516Criminal Law (MLS Online Only) B013AsklandASU Online
91215LAW 530Fundamentals of Contract La... A013CheslerASU Online
91210LAW 523Property Law (MLS Online Only) B013RuleASU Online
91208LAW 581US Law and Legal Analysis (... A013Holsman TetreaultASU Online