14th Amendment

SLN #: 72946
Course Prefix: LAW-691
Course Section: 001
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor(s): Weinstein-Tull

Course Description:
The Fourteenth Amendment is at the core of the law’s most important and difficult problems: segregation, women’s rights, marriage equality, abortion, the right to privacy, the right to vote, and others. The Amendment, and the rights it confers, has shaped what it means to be American. In this class, we will study the law of the Fourteenth Amendment with an emphasis on equal protection, due process, and enforcement. We will also study the complicated ways in which the Amendment has interacted with evolving social movements, federalism, and states’ rights.

• If you take the survey course then you are welcome to take either or both of the separate courses (1st amendment & 14th amendment)
• If you take one of the separate courses then you should take the other separate course (if that course is not available then you can take the survey course)
• If you have taken both the separate courses then you may not take the survey course.

Additional Information:
Credit Hours: 3
Grading Option: Letter Grade Only
Graduation Writing Requirement: No
Flexible Writing Requirement: No
Skills Requirement: No
Experiential Learning: No
Special Withdrawal Course: No
Final Exam Given: Yes
Final Exam Type: In-Class - Completely Secure
Attendance Policy: Per Statement Of Student Policies

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