Comparative Dispute Resolution

SLN #: 71564
Course Prefix: LAW-791
Course Section: 004
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor(s): Dauber

Course Description:
This course will explore processes in which third-parties from various countries and cultures help people resolve disputes. Through readings, discussion, simulation exercises and outside research, students will critically examine the roles of lawyers and other advocates negotiating on behalf of principals; mediators and neutral third parties facilitating the negotiation process; arbitrators, judges and clerics tasked with adjudicating disputes; and tribal councils and international tribunals involved in managing conflict. Classes will be designed to give students the theoretical framework to understand and evaluate dispute resolution processes in various contexts, as well as the skills to participate in the processes effectively.

Additional Information:
Credit Hours: 3
Grading Option: Letter Grade Only
Written Assignment: yes
Graduation Writing Requirement: Yes, With Instructor's Approval*
Flexible Writing Requirement: Yes, With Instructor's Approval*
Skills Requirement: Yes*
Note: The graduate writing requirement cannot be combined with the flexible writing or skills requirement. The flexible writing requirement can also be used to fulfill the skills requirement if they are both marked above.
Experiential Learning: No
Special Withdrawal Course: No
Limited Enrollment Number: 24
Final Exam Given: no.
Mid Term Or Other Exam: no
Paper Or In-Class Presentation: yes; short paper (1,000 words) with in-class presentation will be due midway through the semester; longer paper (5,000 words) will be due at the end of the semester.
Participation Points: Yes; Participation in simulation exercises and class discussions will be an important component of the final grade.
Attendance Policy: Per Statement Of Student Policies

* The law school has a policy that Is used To calculate credit hours. Please see the Statement of Student Policies.