Securities Regulation I

SLN #: 82513
Course Prefix: LAW-640
Course Section: 001
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor(s): Harris

Course Description:
This course covers the basic concepts and problems in the regulation of securities transactions under the Securities Act of 1933, which is the primary federal statute governing rights, duties, and remedies in connection with the financing of business operations through the sale of securities. Topics covered will include the definition of a security and the exemptions from federal registration (crucial knowledge for the small business advisor), the registration process for public offerings, the contents of the prospectus, civil liabilities, and the applicability of the 1933 Act to secondary transactions (sales of securities by persons other than the issuing entity). In light of notable events in the capital markets in recent years, and because of the expansive scope of federal securities law and the draconian nature of the penalties imposed even for "innocent" violations, knowledge of this material is vital not only for business lawyers who advise large corporations but also those whose business clients are closely held. The course will not focus, however, on litigation strategy or technique. We will also examine the role of the state securities regulators and the self regulatory organizations.

Additional Information:
Credit Hours: 3
Grading Option: Letter Grade Only
Graduation Writing Requirement: No
Flexible Writing Requirement: No
Skills Requirement: No
Experiential Learning: No
Prerequisite: Business Organizations. Professor will consider on a case by case basis individuals who want to take Securities Regulation but who have not yet taken Business Organizations or are taking it concurrently.
Special Withdrawal Course: No
Final Exam Given: Yes
Final Exam Type: In-Class - Completely Secure
Participation Points: The instructor reserves the right to add or subtract from the final grade to the full limit permitted in the Statement of Student Policies on the basis of class participation, attendance, and preparation. Participation in the class discussion is expected.
Attendance Policy: Per Statement Of Student Policies
Additional Attendance Policy: Attendance and preparation are expected

* The law school has a policy that Is used To calculate credit hours. Please see the Statement of Student Policies.