Jonathan Rose

Emeritus Professor of Law
Faculty Fellow, Center for Law, Science & Innovation

After spending most of his career focusing on antitrust, regulation and legal ethics, Jonathan Rose changed direction. His primary scholarly interests now involve medieval and early modern English legal history, and his research focuses on the history and regulation of the legal profession and the operation of the medieval legal system. Professor Rose has also written on early defamation law, medieval prisons, and the historiography of legal history. His current project is a book on abusive litigation in medieval England.

Professor Rose, who joined the faculty in 1968 and was an Associate Dean from 1987-90, teaches Legal History, Antitrust, Contracts and Legal Ethics, and has received numerous teaching awards. He also is a Faculty Affiliate of the Arizona Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies at ASU. He is the author of numerous articles on legal history, antitrust, economic and occupational regulation, and legal ethics.

Professor Rose is a member of the Selden Society, the American Society of Legal History, the Medieval Academy of American, the European Society for Comparative Legal History. the American Law Institute, and the BNA Antitrust and Trade Regulation Report Advisory Board. He is a life member of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge and a frequent Visiting Professor to the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge.   Professor Rose has also served on numerous committees and boards, and as a consultant for various departments of the state of Arizona, including as a Special Assistant to Governor Bruce Babbitt

Selected Works

Laws, Lawyers, and Texts: Studies in Medieval Legal History in Honour of Paul Brand (Susanne Jenks, Jonathan Rose, Christopher Whittick eds., Brill, 2012).

English Legal History and Interdisciplinary Legal Studies, in Boundaries of the Law: Geography, Gender and Jurisdiction in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Anthony Musson, ed., Ashgate 2005).

Studying the Past: The Nature and Development of Legal History as an Academic Discipline, 31 J. Leg. Hist 101 (2010).

Of Ambidexters and Daffidowndillies: Defamation of Lawyers, Legal Ethics and Professional Reputation, 8 U. Chi. L. Sch. Roundtable 423 (2001).

Ambidextrous Lawyer: Conflict of Interest and the Medieval Legal Profession, 7 U. Chi. L. Sch. Roundtable 137 (2000).


Assistant: KC Gardiner-Johnson

Curriculum Vitae

B.A., University of Pennsylvania

LL.B., University of Minnesota (1963)