Stanley D Friedman

Adjunct Professor of Law

Stan Friedman retired after 32 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PWC) during which time he was a practice partner, office partner in charge of the Dispute Analysis and Investigation practice, office managing partner (Audit, Tax and Consulting) and Chairman/CEO of two PricewaterhouseCoopers subsidiary companies with offices in San Francisco, New York, Phoenix, London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Rome, Tokyo and Sydney. He has traveled and worked extensively throughout the world. In addition to his other responsibilities and professional licenses, Friedman is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Systems Information Auditor (CISA), and Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and is licensed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) as a Private Investigator.

Friedman has extensive forensic experience in various aspects of fraud, theft and financial mismanagement. He has worked with both local law enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on cases of fraud and theft. Friedman has acted as a Special Master (Judge) in the Superior Court of Arizona, a Trustee and Examiner in the U. S. Bankruptcy Court and a Federal Examiner for the U. S. Federal District Court. As an officer of the U. S. Federal District Court, Friedman was empowered to utilize and direct local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. He has experience at providing evidence to both local and federal law enforcement. Additionally, Friedman has acted as a Professor for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy lecturing on evidence and expert witness testimony and has presented several lectures to the State Bar of Arizona on these topics as well as other financially based presentations. His experience includes numerous forensic reviews of fraud, theft and accounting mismanagement and the review and development of internal accounting and physical controls. Friedman has presented his finding to numerous Boards of Directors of both private and public companies and has provided expert witness testimony to triers of fact at the state and federal level. His credentials as an expert witness have been accepted at both the state and federal level.

Friedman has lectured at various Universities including Georgetown, Arizona State University, London School of Economics, New Mexico State University and the University of Phoenix. He earned his BA degree from California State University Northridge and his MBA from Pepperdine University.