Guy A. Cardineau

Emeritus Professor of Law

Guy Cardineau began his career in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology over 19 years ago as a Scientist at a small start-up company, Sungene Technologies, where he also served a short time as Manager of Market Development. He moved to Agrigenetics in 1989 to head Molecular Biology and then to Mycogen in 1993 as Director of Molecular Biology, eventually with responsibility also for Biochemistry.

In 1996 Professor Cardineau became Director, Technology Development, involved in strategic planning and implementation regarding Intellectual Property and the identification, evaluation and acquisition of technology directed toward future product development. Dow AgroSciences acquired Mycogen in 1998 and Professor Cardineau assumed the positions of Global Leader R&D, Output Agriculture Gene Discovery and Site Leader for the San Diego, Calif., Research Facility. In 2002, he became Global Leader for Science and Technology with responsibilities involved in strategic research planning.

Professor Cardineau left DAS in the fall of 2002 and co-founded proVacs, with Charles Arntzen, Richard Mahoney and Hugh Mason, as part of the Arizona Biodesign Institute at ASU. In 2003, he became a Research Professor at ASU with appointments in the Arizona Biodesign Institute, the Department of Plant Biology and the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law.

He is an author of several scientific papers and has been included in a number of Who’s Who listings as well as Men and Women of Science. He is a member of several scientific societies and, also, the Science Advisory Board for the County of San Diego, Calif. He is an inventor of over 30 issued and pending patent applications in the plant sciences, both U.S. and foreign filed, including broad enabling patents describing the earliest production of vaccines in transgenic plants.


A.B., Lafayette University

B.S., Auburn University

Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Alabama