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Zamir, Jahanara Syeda  Student: Class of MLS-ONL: 2019
email address: jzamir@asu.edu

Zandarski, Trey Anthony  Student Worker Iv; Student: Class of JD: 2020
office phone: 774/208-2526   email address: trey.zandarski@asu.edu

Zavala, Gustavo Quezada  Student: Class of MLS-ONL: 2020
email address: gqzavala@asu.edu

Zazueta, Juan Carlos  Student: Class of JD: 2022
email address: juan.c.zazueta@asu.edu

Zelms, Robert B.  
office phone: 480/223-8487   email address: rzelms@asu.edu

Zettler, Hugo F.  Adjunct Professor of Law
office phone: 480/965-6181   building/room: LAW 106
email address: hugo.zettler@asu.edu

Ziegler, Shawnee Rae  Operations Manager
office phone: 602/496-0573   building/room: 365BC
email address: shawnee.cloud@asu.edu

Zigman, Sam Jordan  Student: Class of MSLB: 2020
email address: szigman@asu.edu

Zimmer, Damian Micheal  Student: Class of LLM-Law: 2021
email address: dmzimme3@asu.edu

Zimmerman, Douglas Glenn  
email address: douglas.zimmerman@asu.edu

Zimmerman, Douglas Glenn  
email address: douglas.zimmerman@asu.edu

Zimmerman, Joshua R.  Faculty Assoc
office phone: -   building/room: - -
email address: joshua.r.zimmerman@asu.edu

Zolno, Mark   

Zweiback, Jacob Elliot  Student: Class of JD: 2021
email address: jacob.zweiback@asu.edu

Zweig, Jay Alan  Faculty Associate
email address: jay.zweig@asu.edu