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Publications for Beth Difelice 

  • Indian Treaties: A Bibliography, 107 Law Libr. J. 241 (2015).
  • The Law of Extradition and Mutual Assistance, 36 Int'l J. Legal Info 183 (2008). (book review)
    K9 .N73725
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  • International Transitional Administration: The United Nations in East Timor, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Eastern Slavonia, and Kosovo - A Bibliography, 35 Int'l J. Legal Info 63 (2007).
    K9 .N73725
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  • The Bureau of National Affairs’ Pharmaceutical Law & Industry Report, 22 Legal Information Alert 13 (2003). (book review)
    K12 .E33254
  • Enhancing Reference Services Through Technology, 19 Legal Ref. Services Q. 133 (2001).
  • Interfacing Between Lawyers and Computers: An Architecture for Knowledge-Based Interfaces to Legal Databases (book review), 92 Law Libr. J. 474 (2000). (book review)
    K12 .A852
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  • Nebraska Practice Materials – A Selective Annotated Bibliography, 79 Neb. L. Rev. 118 (2000).
    K14 .E222
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  • A Practical Guide to Document Authentication (book review), 17 Legal Info. Alert 10 (1998). (book review)
  • Access State Information on Internet, Neb. State Bar News, June 1996, at 9.
  • Accessing Federal Legislation on Internet, Neb. State Bar News, Sept. 1996, at 12.

  • Beth DiFelice, Sally Wise, Rose Gavin & Mike Matis, Bankruptcy Resources Guide, in Nebraska “How To” Practice Manual (2nd ed., Law College Education Services 1998).