Religion & the Constitution

SLN #: 15553
Course Prefix: LAW-712
Course Section: 001
Credit Hours: 2
Instructor(s): Kader

Course Description:
An in depth study of the "establishment" and "free” exercise clauses of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution; their history, doctrinal evolution, and application to contemporary problems (including aid to parochial schools, prayer in school, Sunday laws, creation-science, etc.)

The class will not require, but offer substantial instruction in professional skills, for those students who wish to satisfy the professional skills graduation requirement. All students enrolled in the course will take the final examination, but it will account for only 1/2 of the final grade for those opting to take the skills component (which will account for the other 1/2).

For those students choosing to fulfill the professional skills requirement and the seminar writinig requirement in the course, they will be required to prepare an appellate brief and an oral argument based on the brief, grounded in a case currently in litigation raising legal issues covered in the course. The case upon which the brief and oral advocacy will be based will be chosen in consultation with the student. Both the brief and oral advocacy will be assessed and serve as the basis for 50% of the students final grade in the class (the other 50% being the final exam).

Additional Information:
Credit Hours: 2
Grading Option: Numeric Grade and ONE-Time Pass Option is Available, or Letter Grade Only
Graduation Writing Requirement: No
Flexible Writing Requirement: Yes, With Instructor's Approval
Skills Requirement: Yes
Experiential Learning: No
Final Exam Given: Yes
Final Exam Type: In-Class - Completely Secure
Participation Points: Yes, per college policy
Attendance Policy: Per Statement of Student Policies

* The law school has a policy that is used to calculate credit hours. Please see the Statement of Student Policies.