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AIPLA Quarterly Journal
The AIPLA Quarterly Journal is published by the American Intellectual Property Law Association and is housed at the George Washington University Law School. The journal is edited by an Editorial Board of intellectual property experts and law students.
  • ASU E-Journals (on-campus use or remote access with ASURITE ID and password) 1972-2013
  • Westlaw (Westlaw password required) selected coverage begins with 1986 (vol.14)

American Journal of Law and Medicine
Published by the American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics and Boston University, this peer-reviewed journal “contains professional articles and case notes -- on themes in health law and policy, and on the legal, ethical, and economic aspects of medical practice, research, and education -- and health law court decisions and book reviews.”
Issues from 2004 to two years ago are available on their website. Also available at ASU High Density Library and online collections at K1 .M445, and on WestLaw and LexisAdvance (passwords required).

Annual Review of Genetics
(2511Hits)  (On-campus use. Remote access-ASU students & staff)
The Annual Review of Genetics is a journal published since 1967 that covers significant developments in the field of genetics. It is available online as an ASU E-Journal here Annual review of genetics [electronic resource].

Attorneys Medical Advisor - WestLaw
Attorneys Medical Advisor provides plain language explanations of medical issues relevant to attorneys.

Attorneys Medical Deskbook 4th - print
Attorneys Medical Deskbook, 4th edition, by Dan J. Tennenhouse, a complete medical almanac covering all aspects of a medical legal case. It is complete with client and expert witness interview forms, medical abbreviations, terminology, and a convenient drug finder.

Bioethics Journal
(2511Hits)  (On-campus use. Remote access-ASU students & staff)
Bioethics publishes articles on ethical questions raised by current issues. Issues are considered in light of ethical, legal, and policy concerns.

Biotech Business - Westlaw
(2745Hits)  (Password required)
Biotech Business provides detailed information on biotechnology products and companies. It reports which universities offer licensing of biotechnology research, which companies have entered licensing agreements, as well as the financial health of biotechnology companies and their expected growth or decline. 1988-present. Westlaw password required.

Biotech Business Week - Westlaw
(1873Hits)  (Password required)
Biotech Business Week provides news and information from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, with a focus on business trends and analysis. 2003-present. Westlaw password required.

Biotech Week - Westlaw
(1846Hits)  (Password required)
Biotech Week offers the latest news from the biotech & pharmaceutical industries, including financial & legal issues, FDA applications & approvals, new product releases, appointments, mergers & acquisitions, partnerships, collaborations & industry news. 2002 - present. Westlaw password required.

BNA Chemical Regulation Reporter
(6726Hits)  (Limited to Law buildings only. Remote access for Law affiliates.)
Reports on the regulation of chemicals, pesticides, and hazardous materials transport.

Boston University Journal of Science and Technology Law
(1516Hits)  (Password required)
The Boston University Journal of Science and Technology Law is a student-run journal that publishes scholarship from experts in the areas of biotechnology, computers and communications, intellectual property, technology transfer, and business law for technology-based companies.
  • Westlaw (Westlaw password required) Coverage from 1994 to present
  • HeinOnline (on campus or ASURITE) Coverage from 1995 to present

Environmental Engineering Science
(1410Hits)  (On-campus use. Remote access-ASU students & staff)
  • ASU E-Journal (on-campus or remote access for ASU students and staff) 1984-present

Environmental Science Deskbook - Westlaw
(266Hits)  (Password required)
The Environmental Science Deskbook is intended to serve as a resource for practitioners in environmental law. This book introduces readers to terminology and topics within environmental science, which is followed by the analysis of experts in their respective fields. Available on Westlaw (Westlaw password required).

Ethics & Medicine - WestLaw
Ethics & Medicine is an international bioethics journal which reasserts the Hippocratic consensus in medicine. Coverage is 2001-present.

European Patent Office Patents & Applications - WestLaw
(1838Hits)  (Password required)
This WestLaw database contains the full-text of all patents granted and patent applications published by the European Patent Office since 1980. Westlaw password required.

Food and Drug Law Journal
Published by the Food and Drug Law Institute

Food Engineering - Westlaw
(1593Hits)  (Password required)
Food Engineering is a trade journal discussing developments in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. This journal provides magazine-style articles on food safety, innovation, sustainability, and processing. 1998 to present. Westlaw password required.

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News: GEN
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News publishes both online and in print and includes short articles on current events, as well as technical articles on new technologies and techniques. Among the specific topics included are BioBusiness, Bioprocessing, and Drug Discovery.

Genetics (GENETICS)
(907Hits)  (Password required)
Westlaw 1992 -
Genetics is a peer-edited publication of the Genetics Society of America which aims to facilitate communication among scientists and professors who are involved in research and education relative to the study of special organisms.

Hastings Center Report
(1002Hits)  (On-campus use. Remote access-ASU students & staff)
The Hastings Center Report is a bi-monthly journal that promotes incisive and balanced inquiry into the ethical issues in health, medicine, and the environment. It includes essays, commentary, original scholarly articles, and occasional Special Reports. A leading journal in bioethics featuring original scholarship and commentary on issues in health, medicine, medical research, and biotechnology as they affect individuals, communities, and societies. The Report is available online as an ASU E-Journal.

Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine
Published by Case Western Reserve University School of Law, this journal is student-edited and dedicated to advancing legal scholarship in the field of health law.
  • ASU E-Journal (on-campus or ASURITE)/
  • WestLaw (password required) selected coverage begins in 1991, full coverage 1993-present

Intellectual Property and Technology Law Journal
The Intellectual Property and Technology Law Journal, edited by attorneys, helps IP professionals solve issues with “how-to” articles.
  • ASU E-Journals (on-campus use or remote access with ASURITE ID and password) October 2000-present
  • Westlaw (Westlaw password required) June 2006-present

Intellectual Property Journal - Westlaw
(1855Hits)  (Password required)
This Westlaw database has full-text articles from the Intellectual Property Journal, which covers matters relating to patents, trademarks, copyright, designs, trade secrets, and competitive torts. The focus of the material is primarily on Canadian law. Coverage begins with 1997. Westlaw password required.

Intellectual Property Law Reviews, Texts & Bar Journals combined - Westlaw
(2366Hits)  (Password required)
This Westlaw database contains documents from law reviews, texts, American Jurisprudence 2d, CLE course materials, bar journals and legal practice-oriented periodicals. Westlaw password required.

Issues in Law and Medicine
Issues in Law & Medicine is a peer-reviewed journal published three times a year since 1985. This journal provides useful information on current legal and medical developments to assist health care professionals, educators, attorneys, and administrators regarding legal, ethical, and medical issues arising from health care decisions. Publisher: National Legal Center for the Medically Dependent and Disabled, Inc.
  • ASU E-Journal (on-campus or ASURITE) 1985-present
  • WestLaw (password required) 1985-present
  • LexisAdvance (password required) 1996- present

Journal of Food Law and Policy
Published by the University of Arkansas School of Law, this journal “features articles on food safety and labeling, consumer interest in food policy, international food safety laws and regulations, the legal effects of food technology, traceability issues, and a wide variety of other dynamic issues affecting food law and policy."

Journal of Health Care Law and Policy
The Journal of Health Care Law & Policy functions as a forum for discussions on critical issues in health law, health policy, and medicine. It is published by the University of Maryland School of Law

Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law
This journal concentrates on the implementation of health policies and analyzes the relationships between governments and health care.

Journal of Law and Health
The Journal of Law and Health, a student run periodical by Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, publishes articles from all disciplines offering a perspective on the legal issues of medicine and health sciences.

Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics
The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics is peer-reviewed journal discussing research concerning the intersection of law, ethics, medicine, and health policy.

Journal of Legal Medicine
(1738Hits)  (On-campus use. Remote access-ASU students & staff)
The Journal of Legal Medicine, published quarterly by the American College of Legal Medicine since 1960, fosters research in legal medicine. This journal includes articles on legal medicine, health law, health policy, professional liability, and food and drug law, among other topics.
Journal of Medical Ethics
Published by the Society for the Study of Medical Ethics, this international peer-reviewed journal features original articles on ethical aspects of health care, as well as case conferences, book reviews, editorials, correspondence, news and notes.
Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society
This journal provides scholarly articles discussing patents, trademarksm and copyrights.
  • ASU E-Journals (on-campus use or remote access with ASURITE ID and password) 1918-present
  • Westlaw (Westlaw password required) 1994-present

Legislation to Watch - Health Policy Tracking Service on WestLaw
(1322Hits)  (Password required)
Health Policy Tracking Services Legislation to Watch allows users to stay on top of new public health legislation. This database includes information such as bill summaries and histories. Westlaw password required.

Nanotechnology Law & Business
This peer-reviewed journal contains articles addressing nanotechnology’s impact on the market of: legislative and regulatory initiatives, licensing and litigation, financing strategy, and patent prosecution, among others.
  • HeinOnline (on-campus or Remote access-ASU students & staff with ASURITE)
  • Westlaw  (Westlaw password required)

Nature Biotechnology
(676Hits)  (On-campus use. Remote access-ASU students & staff)
Available on ASU E-Journals (on-campus or ASURITE).

New England Journal of Medicine
The New England Journal of Medicine, published weekly, provides new medical research discoveries, articles, and opinions relating to clinical practice and biomedical science.

New Scientist
News of advances in science and technology. Available on ASU E-Journals (on-campus or ASURITE) and on Westlaw (password required).

Patent Cooperation Treaty Patents - WestLaw
(1772Hits)  (Password required)
This WestLaw database contains patent applications filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization since 1978. Westlaw password required.

Physicians Desk Reference (PDR)
The Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) is considered the standard prescription drug reference publication that can be found in virtually every physician’s office, hospital, and pharmacy in the United States. The PDR provides complete prescribing information, including a description of the drug, information on clinical pharmacology, indications and usage, contraindications, precautions, adverse reactions, drug abuse and dependence, overdosage, dosage and administration, how the drug is supplied, and all other FDA-required information. This material also contains images of drugs cross-referenced to drug summaries, and graphic images of chemical structures.
The current PDR can be downloaded for free as an ebook from the website.

Reports of United Kingdom Patent Cases - WestLaw
(1758Hits)  (Password required)
This WestLaw database contains decisions, judgments, and orders from the United Kingdom Patent Office and U.K. courts, beginning 1977. Westlaw password required.

Science, Technology and Human Values
Science, Technology, & Human Values is an international, peer-reviewed journal providing commentary and research analyses on development of science and technology.
Available online as an ASU E-Journal (on-campus or ASURITE) and on Westlaw

Scientific American Magazine
Scientific American is a monthly magazine that reports on science, technology information, and policy for a general audience. The magazines website has news and commentary, newsletters, the 60-Second Science blog, podcasts and videos, community discussions, and more.
The magazine is available on ASU E-Journals (on-campus or ASURITE) 1846-present.

Social Science & Medicine - WestLaw
(1698Hits)  (Password required)
Social Science & Medicine publishes research articles, reviews, commentaries, and position papers on health issues. The SOCSCIMED database on Westlaw provides journal coverage from 1989 to the present. Westlaw password required.

Trends in Biotechnology
(423Hits)  (On-campus use. Remote access-ASU students & staff)
Trends in Biotechnology is a prominent interdisciplinary publication that brings together original research from fields ranging from biochemical engineering to molecular genetics. This journal is intended to increase discussion across scientific fields and publish technology-related innovations for a broad scientific audience. Available as an ASU online journal (on-campus or remote access for ASU students and staff) 1983-present.

U.S. Patents - Full Text and Images 1790-1976 - Westlaw
(2447Hits)  (Password required)
This Westlaw database provides text and images of patents granted by the USPTO from 1790 – 1976. Westlaw password required.

U.S. Patents Full-Text - Westlaw
(2311Hits)  (Password required)
This Westlaw database includes full text of plant patents issued by the USPTO since 1976. Westlaw password required.

U.S. Plant Patents Full-Text - Westlaw
(2431Hits)  (Password required)
This Westlaw database includes complete text of plant patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office beginning with 1976. The full-text patents, along with all drawings, can be viewed in PDF via Westlaw password required.

United States Patent Materials - All - Westlaw
(2314Hits)  (Password required)
This Westlaw database provides the text of granted patents from 1976 and patent applications from March 2001. Westlaw password required.

World Intellectual Property Organization Awards - WestLaw
(1776Hits)  (Password required)
This WestLaw database provides information concerning arbitration settlement awards and other decisions from the World Intellectual Property Organization since 2000. Westlaw password required.

Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law and Ethics
The Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics is a biannual journal published by Yale Law School, Yale School of Medicine, Yale School of Public Health, and Yale School of Nursing. This journal provides a forum for discussions across several disciplines on health policy, health law, and biomedical ethics.