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AIPLA Quarterly Journal
The AIPLA Quarterly Journal is published by the American Intellectual Property Law Association and is housed at the George Washington University Law School. The journal is edited by an Editorial Board of intellectual property experts and law students.
  • ASU E-Journals (on-campus use or remote access with ASURITE ID and password) 1972-2013
  • Westlaw (Westlaw password required) selected coverage begins with 1986 (vol.14)

American Journal of Bioethics
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The American Journal of Bioethics is a peer-reviewed journal discussing emerging issues in bioethics. Each quarterly issue focuses on articles accompanied by peer-commentaries, essays, book reviews, and comments in the field.
The Journal is available online as an ASU E-Journal.

American Journal of Law and Medicine
Published by the American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics and Boston University, this peer-reviewed journal “contains professional articles and case notes -- on themes in health law and policy, and on the legal, ethical, and economic aspects of medical practice, research, and education -- and health law court decisions and book reviews.”
Issues from 2004 to two years ago are available on their website. Also available at ASU High Density Library and online collections at K1 .M445, and on WestLaw and LexisAdvance (passwords required).

Annals of Health Law
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The Annals of Health Law contains articles of general interest in health law. The articles are deemed by the editors to contribute to health law in the areas of: teaching, practice, and public policy. Previous volumes have concentrated on issues in health law such as: corporate, regulatory, bioethical, pharmaceutical, patient rights, and advocacy. The Institute for Health Law, Loyola University of Chicago School of Law
  • HeinOnline (on-campus and off-campus with ASURITE) 1992-present
  • WestLaw (password required) Selected coverage begins with 1992, full coverage 1994-present
  • LexisAdvance (password required) 1995-present

Attorneys Textbook of Medicine - Lexis Advance
(1231Hits)  (Password required)
Attorneys Textbook of Medicine is a medical reference written specifically for the practicing attorney. It contains detailed information on hundreds of injuries and diseases, complete with diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and medical-legal annotations.

Baxter World Patent Law - Lexis
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Baxter World Patent Law describes the complete patent process, from filing to grant, for all industrialized nations. It covers all post-acceptance events, discusses patent terms, renewal fees, infringement and licensing for all nations and regional patent systems. It also details principal patent conventions and covers new legislation as enacted. Lexis password required.

Berkeley Technology Law Journal
(1064Hits)  (On-campus use. Remote access-ASU students & staff)
The Berkeley Technology Law Journal, formerly the High Technology Law Journal, is a student-run publication of the Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California at Berkeley. The Journal covers emerging issues of law in the areas of intellectual property, high-tech and biotech. The Journals Annual Review of Law and Technology is dedicated to student-written case notes and comments discussing the most important recent developments in IP, antitrust, cyberlaw, telecom, biotech and business law.

BNA Chemical Regulation Reporter
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Reports on the regulation of chemicals, pesticides, and hazardous materials transport.

Boston University Journal of Science and Technology Law
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The Boston University Journal of Science and Technology Law is a student-run journal that publishes scholarship from experts in the areas of biotechnology, computers and communications, intellectual property, technology transfer, and business law for technology-based companies.
  • Westlaw (Westlaw password required) Coverage from 1994 to present
  • HeinOnline (on campus or ASURITE) Coverage from 1995 to present

Chisum on Patents - Lexis
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Chisum on Patents has been called the authority on U.S. patent law. The treatise contains information on a wide variety of patent topics. Lexis password required.

European Patent Office Boards of Appeal - Lexis Advance
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This Lexis Advance database offers the European Patent Office Boards of Appeal’s decisions 1979-current. Lexis password required.

Food and Drug Law Journal
Published by the Food and Drug Law Institute

Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine
Published by Case Western Reserve University School of Law, this journal is student-edited and dedicated to advancing legal scholarship in the field of health law.
  • ASU E-Journal (on-campus or ASURITE)/
  • WestLaw (password required) selected coverage begins in 1991, full coverage 1993-present

Issues in Law and Medicine
Issues in Law & Medicine is a peer-reviewed journal published three times a year since 1985. This journal provides useful information on current legal and medical developments to assist health care professionals, educators, attorneys, and administrators regarding legal, ethical, and medical issues arising from health care decisions. Publisher: National Legal Center for the Medically Dependent and Disabled, Inc.
  • ASU E-Journal (on-campus or ASURITE) 1985-present
  • WestLaw (password required) 1985-present
  • LexisAdvance (password required) 1996- present

Journal of Health Care Law and Policy
The Journal of Health Care Law & Policy functions as a forum for discussions on critical issues in health law, health policy, and medicine. It is published by the University of Maryland School of Law

Journal of Law and Health
The Journal of Law and Health, a student run periodical by Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, publishes articles from all disciplines offering a perspective on the legal issues of medicine and health sciences.

Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics
The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics is peer-reviewed journal discussing research concerning the intersection of law, ethics, medicine, and health policy.

Journal of Legal Medicine
(1742Hits)  (On-campus use. Remote access-ASU students & staff)
The Journal of Legal Medicine, published quarterly by the American College of Legal Medicine since 1960, fosters research in legal medicine. This journal includes articles on legal medicine, health law, health policy, professional liability, and food and drug law, among other topics.
Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society
This journal provides scholarly articles discussing patents, trademarksm and copyrights.
  • ASU E-Journals (on-campus use or remote access with ASURITE ID and password) 1918-present
  • Westlaw (Westlaw password required) 1994-present

Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP)
(1168Hits)  (Password required)
This website provides a Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, consolidated laws and rules, and archived manuals. The Manual is available online, no password required.
The Manual is also available online via LexisNexis (LexisNexis password required): Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) and on HeinOnline (on-campus use or remote access with ASURITE ID and password)

New Scientist
News of advances in science and technology. Available on ASU E-Journals (on-campus or ASURITE) and on Westlaw (password required).

Patent Cases from Federal Courts - Lexis
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This Lexis database has selected coverage of patent cases from federal courts. Lexis password required.

Patent Law Administrative Materials - Lexis
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This Lexis database contains patent law administrative materials, including International Trade Commission and USPTO materials. Lexis password required.

Patent Office Rules and Practice - Lexis
(392Hits)  (Password required)
Patent Office Rules and Practice presents to the patent practitioner the definitive material involving practice before the United States Patent Office. Each rule is presented along with the controlling decisions and interpretations or with a cross-reference to the decisions and interpretations. All that is involved with respect to a particular rule is at hand. Lexis password required.

Pharma Law Weekly - Westlaw
(449Hits)  (Password required)
Pharma Law Weekly offers current reports from the pharmaceutical industry, including new drug development, clinical trials and research findings, with an emphasis on legal issues and legislation trends and analysis. Coverage begins in 2/2008. Westlaw password required

Pittsburgh Journal of Environmental and Public Health Law - LexisAdvance
(587Hits)  (Password required)
Pittsburgh Journal of Environmental and Public Health Law is a student-run academic journal covering the intersection of environmental and public health legal issues. Lexis password required.

Technology Review - Westlaw
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Technology Review published by Massachusetts Institute of Technology promotes the understanding of emerging technologies and their impact on business and society. Coverage from 1/1984-present. Westlaw password required.

U.S. Code Title 35 Patents
Title 35 of the United States Code governs patents.

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Decisions, Combined - Lexis
(388Hits)  (Password required)
This Lexis database contains decisions of the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences and the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks. Lexis password required.

Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law and Ethics
The Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics is a biannual journal published by Yale Law School, Yale School of Medicine, Yale School of Public Health, and Yale School of Nursing. This journal provides a forum for discussions across several disciplines on health policy, health law, and biomedical ethics.