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Approaches to Safe Nanotechnology
From the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). This document discusses what is presently known about 1) nanoparticle toxicity, 2) process emissions and exposure assessment, 3) engineering controls, and 4) personal protective equipment. This document incorporates NIOSH’s latest research. The document summarizes NIOSHs thinking and recommendations, and it is a request to exchange information to ensure no worker suffers health or safety impairment as nanotechnology develops.
(3526Hits) provides current global information concerning the field of bioethics and other related fields.

BioPortal | BioPortail
"Canada is fast becoming a biotechnology hub, and the Canadian government has created this site as a clearinghouse of information both about biotechnology in general and about the various governmental strategies they have adopted in order to encourage development in this area. The materials on the site are divided into five sections: "BioGateway", "BioBasics", "BioStrategy", "BioRegulations", and "BioGov". Laypeople may wish to start their exploration of the site at the "BioBasics" section. Here they can learn about the various types of biotechnology and their applications in the environment, food production, and as a form of sustainable development. The "BioGateway" area is geared towards those persons who might want to know more about how the Canadian government is attempting to coordinate and encourage biotechnology across the nation. Its worth noting that visitors can also sign up for email updates on the site." Scout Report

BNA Biotech Watch
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This daily bulletin offers comprehensive regulatory and legal coverage of biotechnology issues. This database contains all issues published since April 23, 2001.

BNA Chemical Regulation Reporter
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Reports on the regulation of chemicals, pesticides, and hazardous materials transport.

BNA Daily Environment Report
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Comprehensive, current source for news on environmental laws, regulations, and policies. This database contains all issues published since September 20, 1994.

BNA Environmental Due Diligence Guide Report
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Covers changes, trends, and developments in the law of environmental due diligence. This database contains all issues published since October, 2001.

BNA Patent Trademark & Copyright Law Daily
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This daily newsletter provides information on important intellectual property cases, regulatory developments, and trends.

BNA Pharmaceutical Law & Industry Report
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Covers regulatory and litigation developments affecting the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

BNA State Environment Daily
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Covers major environmental legislative, regulatory, and judicial developments, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This database contains all issues published since January 2, 2001.

BNA World Intellectual Property Report
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World Intellectual Property Report provides monthly news and analysis of developments in the regulation and enforcement of intellectual property rights worldwide. This database contains all issues published since January, 1997.

Chemicals & Nanomaterials
This webpage is a blog authored by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) discussing chemical and nanotechnology.

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News: GEN
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News publishes both online and in print and includes short articles on current events, as well as technical articles on new technologies and techniques. Among the specific topics included are BioBusiness, Bioprocessing, and Drug Discovery.

Genomics & Genetics Weekly
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Available on ASU E-Journals. Covers research in the areas of functional genomics, gene expression, DNA cloning and repair, proteomics, and developments from the human genome project. Also available on Westlaw (password required).

My NCBI, National Center for Biotechnology Information
Once users register for a free account, My NCBI provides a method of searching multiple scientific databases and organizing the results of performed queries. This website allows users to choose which databases they search, and save results or entire searches in a clear and accessible format.

Nano Letters
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Nano Letters reports on critical research in nanoscience and nanotechnology theory and practice. The journal provides key elements of a study, experimental and preliminary studies, and theoretical results concerning physical, chemical, biological phenomena, and nanotechnology.

Nanodot: Nanotechnology News and Discussion
Nanodot is a blog from the Foresight Nanotech Institute. Foresight Institute is a think tank and public interest organization focused on future technologies.

Nanotechnology Law Blog
The Nanotechnology Law Blog discusses legal issues in nanotechnology and nanotechnology news. This blog is published by the law firm of Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.

Nanotechnology Law Report
Nanotechnology Law Report, created by Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLPs nanotechnology group, is a blog dedicated to providing up-to-date information and commentary on nanotechnology and the law.

Nanowerk is a portal of nanotechnology information containing news, RSS feeds, and other nanotechnology resources.

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Available on ASU E-Journals (on-campus or ASURITE).

Nature - News

Pharma Law Weekly - Westlaw
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Pharma Law Weekly offers current reports from the pharmaceutical industry, including new drug development, clinical trials and research findings, with an emphasis on legal issues and legislation trends and analysis. Coverage begins in 2/2008. Westlaw password required

Scientific American Magazine
Scientific American is a monthly magazine that reports on science, technology information, and policy for a general audience. The magazines website has news and commentary, newsletters, the 60-Second Science blog, podcasts and videos, community discussions, and more.
The magazine is available on ASU E-Journals (on-campus or ASURITE) 1846-present.