Richard Mahoney

Richard Mahoney is a Research Professor in the School of Life Sciences and in the Biodesign Institute of Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona. He is also Director, Vaccine Access for the Pediatric Dengue Vaccine Initiative at IVI. At ASU he works with Prof. Charles Arntzen on the development of plant-derived vaccines for which he conducts policy, IP, and regulatory work. As a consultant to the Rockefeller Foundation, he has played a leading role in the process that led to the formation of the Centre for Management of IP in Health R&D (MIHR). He has continued his consulting relationship with the Rockefeller Foundation and has focused on innovations of new health technologies and systems. Previously, he played a role in the work to establish and launch the International Vaccine Institute in Seoul, Korea. He was a member of the three-person start-up team and was responsible for institutional development. In this role he was responsible, among several other areas, for policy and economic studies, for relations with vaccine manufacturers and international agencies such as WHO and for management of IP. Prof. Mahoney has had a long career in public health and is known for his work in the International Task Force on Hepatitis B Immunization while with the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH). The International Task Force launched by Prof. Mahoney and Drs. Prince and Maynard, was the vehicle for a nearly decade long effort that was successful in launching the global use of hepatitis B vaccine in developing countries. He led the policy studies for the Task Force including evaluations of vaccine production and national and international policy formulation. Before co-founding and joining PATH, he was a Program Officer in Population with the Ford Foundation. He oversaw the development and implementation of IP management policies for the Ford Foundation, PATH, and IVI. He set up PATH’s operations in Asia with focus on Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. He lived in Asia for 10 years. Prof. Mahoney continues his writings on policy and economic research.