Joan McGregor

Professor McGregor is an associate professor of philosophy and a Lincoln Associate Professor in Applied Ethics at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. She is Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Philosophy. McGregor is an adjunct professor in the College of Law, an affiliated faculty member in Women's Studies and for COLASS (interdisciplinary doctoral program).

Professor McGregor's research interests cover a variety of moral issues, including moral issues in the criminal law and criminal procedure, issues in feminist jurisprudence, as well as bioethics and environmental ethics. In recent years, she has published a number of articles on the moral aspects of the criminal law's treatment of rape, at this time she is working on a book length manuscript on rape. Other published works include articles on the nature of property rights in light of environmental ethical concerns, the nature of judicial discretion, and the nature of democracy and the problems of civility in modern liberal states. Last year, McGregor wrote three chapters and edited the entire manuscript of the background research for the Arizona Town Hall on "Values, Ethics, and Personal Responsibility."

Professor McGregor teaching interests include ethics, including applied ethics e.g., bioethics and environmental ethics, philosophy of law, and feminist jurisprudence (taught in the College of Law). Along with teaching at the university level, McGregor has for 12 years taught week long workshops for judges for the American Academy for Judicial Education on ethical decision making for judges. McGregor has created and presented a series of lectures for health care professionals on medical ethics. She sits on two Ethics Committees at valley hospitals.


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