Charles A. "Chuck" Blanchard

Currently a member of Brown & Bain, his practice primarily involves litigation for high-tech companies. Charles A. Blanchard has had a distinguished career in government service. Most recently, from 1999-01, he was General Counsel of the U.S. Army under President Clinton, where he was responsible for the overall supervision of the Army's 2,000 lawyers.

Mr. Blanchard was law clerk to the Hon. Harry T. Edwards in Washington, D.C., and then law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. From 1987-88 he served as Associate Independent Counsel for the Office of Independent Counsel James McKay.

Blanchard has served two consecutive terms in the Arizona Senate, from 1991-95, where he chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee and was Vice Chairman of the Senate Environmental Committee. From 1997-99 he was Chief Counsel for the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.


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