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Inglesby, Kaitlin Erin  Student: Class of MSLB: 2018
email address: kinglesb@asu.edu

Inglima, Alexander   Student: Class of MLS: 2020
email address: ainglima@asu.edu

Instine, Hunter R  Student: Class of JD: 2019
email address: hinstine@asu.edu

Irvin, Aaron   Student: Class of MLS: 2018
email address: airvin3@asu.edu

Irvine, Thomas   
email address: tirvine@polsinelli.com

Ito, Daisuke   
email address: daisuke.ito@asu.edu

Ito, Robert Christopher  Student: Class of JD: 2020
email address: robert.ito@asu.edu

Ivan, Alex David  Student Worker Iv
email address: alex.ivan@asu.edu

Ivens-Anderson, Ansel C  Student: Class of JD: 2018
email address: ansel.ivens-anderson@asu.edu

Ivy, Celia J  Appleone Temporary Employee
office phone: 480-727-9274   building/room: LAW 229
email address: celia.ivy@asu.edu